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Blu-ray discs allow you to store and play high-quality video content, but they can be difficult to create, especially for users who lack video editing experience.
4Media Blu Ray Creator is a relatively straightforward application that aims to simplify this task, making it easily accessible even for novices. It supports a wide array of source formats and features some basic video editing tools.
However, only a small number of menu templates are included, and the program supports a limited degree of customization.
Supports numerous input formats
Whether you wish to convert clips recorded with various camcorders or videos downloaded from the Internet, they usually use multiple forms of encoding.
4Media Blu Ray Creator can process a wide array of file types, including MP4, MTS, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MKV and WMV.
Each file can be resized separately, which is particularly useful when processing videos obtained from multiple sources.
Edit clips before burning them
4Media Blu Ray Creator enables you to perform a range of simple video editing operations. You can cut individual selections from your clips, add multiple types of visual effects, crop specific areas and add text or image-based watermarks.
Additionally, you can add custom subtitles and modify their position and delay, as well as replace the embedded audio track.
Design menus and modify output settings
When it comes to the built-in menu templates, 4Media Blu Ray Creator is rather disappointing. The included designs are limited in number and differ little from one another. You can insert a custom background picture and choose whether or not movie title and duration should be displayed, but no other customization options are available.
The application enables you to modify various format settings, such as video size, quality and frame rate.
Overall, 4Media Blu Ray Creator is a simple piece of software that can help you create Blu-ray content and burn it to discs. It is especially suited for novices but offers a limited array of menu templates.


Download →→→ https://geags.com/2n1xji

Download →→→ https://geags.com/2n1xji






4Media Blu Ray Creator Crack + License Key Full Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

4Media Blu Ray Creator Full Crack is the ideal media-dedicated software that enables you to burn or rip Blu-ray discs, as well as convert Blu-ray to video formats and create ISO images.

Supported Blu-ray Disc Formats:

BD-J (BD for Java)




BD-ROM-J (BD-ROM for Java)














DVD-RW Dual Layer

HD-DVD Dual Layer

BD-RE Dual Layer


For using 4Media Blu Ray Creator Torrent Download:

1. Make sure you have a Blu-ray drive in your computer
2. Download the full version or registered version

Key Features

1. No need to learn how to use video editing software. 4Media Blu Ray Creator has an intuitive interface, and no technical knowledge is required.

2. Compatible with Windows 8.1/10/8
3. Resize your videos before converting and burning them
4. Supports all video formats supported by 4Media Blu Ray Creator
5. Supports all media formats supported by 4Media Blu Ray Creator


4Media Blu Ray Creator is a great app, I can say that. Yes, you have to create a menu first, and if you need a lot of templates, I think there are some sites out there that you can download more to create your own menu.

Once you are done with the menu creation, just click on the burn button and start burning Blu-ray or put the iso on a USB drive and burn it to a DVD.

There are a lot of options and you can also adjust many things when you burn the discs.

It is the best app for burning Blu-ray that I have found, and it should be available for most of the most popular operating systems (such as Windows 7/8/10/8.1).


1. It’s easy to

4Media Blu Ray Creator Crack Registration Code Free Download For Windows

Expertly convert your video to a format that complies with the current Blu-ray standard.
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Key Features:
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4Media Blu Ray Creator

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What’s New In?

4Media Blu Ray Creator is a free Blu-ray authoring software. It can help you easily create professional looking Blu-ray video. With a few simple steps, you can burn your favorite movies, videos, TV series or any other files to Blu-ray disc.
Note: With certain DRM protection, all the formats of files may be covered by password, please contact 4Media Blu Ray Creator Technical Support team and export video with password.
4Media Blu Ray Creator Screenshots:

From there, I then went to the settings (after the videos were imported onto the writer) and clicked on the drop down that contained input formats and changed that setting to MP4.

I got a shot of a kernel panic then a black screen upon rebooting and that was it. So there’s your fix for the video issue. I always get this kernel panic when I try to burn a video and then reboot.

Last edited by nirdodha; 04-04-2018 at 01:23 AM..
Reason: Also fixed the video issue.

To get the kernel panic fix, you’ll need to remove the.mp4 extension from the input files. If you don’t have a text editor, try using a search engine to find a website that teaches you how to download a free one. If you need to stay in the Windows GUI, then try using Microsoft Notepad. I’m using Notepad++ here.

It may sound strange but I tried to modify one of the input files to.m2ts and ended up with the same output with a different error code.

I think the problem is that 4Media Blu Ray Creator assumes all input formats to be the same. While I understand their reasoning, the problem is that the moment they try to go to change their video player’s default format, it will break the autofill process.

Since the issue happened to me even with a random.m2ts file, I don’t think it’s a format thing. It may be a software thing.

In other words, it’s better to import.avi files instead of converting your files and then importing them. Just change your Video Player’s default format to.avi. This may fix the issue you’re experiencing.

I read some forums and they said that I should convert my files, but I just imported them as they were. I have still not burned any Blu Ray discs yet, since I got my burner as a gift (nice gift).

System Requirements:

CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6470 or Nvidia GTX 660
HDD: 300 MB available space
Mac or Windows: OS X or Windows 7
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible with Windows
Recommended: 2 GB RAM, AMD HD6970 or Nvidia GTX680
Unzip the torrent.
Play the game.
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