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Can a double effective temperature be in different units?

I made a crystallization calorimeter for my chemistry class and we used (verified by a professional) that a calorimeter has an “effective temperature” of $1\ ^\circ \mathrm C$ to be able to accurately calculate the heat of crystallization. We want to verify that the temperature of our calorimeter is actually $1\ ^\circ \mathrm C$, so we can be even more accurate.
We then buy an infrared laser thermometer (for cooling). It outputs a temperature in degrees $F$. My question is: Is there a chance that my temperature sensor has a multiple “effective temperatures”? For example, if the temperature sensor says $45\ ^\circ \mathrm F$; is this the same as saying “it has an effective temperature of $45\ ^\circ \mathrm C$”?


no, it is not the same. At a fixed energy, a microcalorimeter measures the amount of heat released by the system when heating it. A calorimeter does this by comparing the temperature change of the system with a reference (or main) calorimeter. The output signal (voltage) produced by the calorimeter is proportional to the amount of heat ($\Delta Q$) which is released by the system (i.e. the calorimeter measures the $\Delta Q/\Delta T$ ratio) :

Since $\Delta Q=m\Delta T$ (where $m$ is the heat capacity of the system) the calorimeter can be calibrated to give the temperature change $\Delta T$.
Note: the shape of the plot is dependent on the specific calorimeter (more or less sensitive to low values of $\Delta T$ for small values of $\Delta Q$, etc) but the general shape of the relationship between temperature and heat capacity is given above.
Now, different calorimeters use different reference calorimeters, and those reference calorimeters also need to be calibrated. You now have calibrated calorimeters:

However, they still all measure $\Delta Q$. This is the difference between the heat capacity of the calibrated calorimeters (measured in the calibration/refinement process) and that of the calorimeter used to measure

I googled up. But it is not relevant. Thanks for help.


Your main problem is that you are not using the updated code from (0.6.11).
Looking at the code, it appears that you were using the older version of mixer.exe, which now uses the File I/O API to read the samples from the file. The File I/O API is not thread-safe, so using this in a multi-threaded application can create corrupt data. This issue has been reported to Microsoft and fixed in later versions of Windows.
The newer version of mixer.exe implements a sample cache instead. The cache can be reloaded any time by using the IsSampleCacheValid() function.
It also includes a loader that loads the sound file into memory at program load time, then loads the data into the cache when the sample is needed.

You don’t need the latest version of Exact Audio Copy to restore an audio file.
You don’t need the latest version of WinRAR to extract a compressed file.
You don’t need the latest version of Windows Media Encoder to put files into the Multimedia Stream Container Format.

You really only need the latest version of WinRAR and RAR.EXE to extract or put an audio file into the Multimedia Stream Container Format. It seems your MP3 library only contains the tools to create the files, but not the tools to extract the files.


get $_GET from jquery ajax into php

I’m trying to send a value from jquery ajax to php so that I can do some calculations and display results.
I’ve found the code to extract the value from jquery:
type: “GET”,
url: “process_the_value.php”,
data: { getvalue: $(“#getvalue”).val() },
dataType: “json”,
success: function(data) {
// do something

And also found the code to extract the value from php:
$getvalue = $_GET[‘getvalue’];

So I want to combine them.
Right now my php is something


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