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You can always save your work in Photoshop’s native.PSD file format, but you can also save it as a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIF file. This enables you to use Photoshop for both print and the Web.

The Photoshop shortcut menu, which appears when you right-click, gives you access to most of the features you’ll use most often. Or, if you double-click a selected area, you jump straight to a tool’s exacting controls. For example, if you double-click a layer in the Layers panel, you jump to the Layers dialog box, where you can change layer visibility and perform various layer-related tasks.

## Plug-Ins and Filter Drawers

Plug-ins are the little programs you add to Photoshop that give it more capability and functionality than you might think you could have at first. Most of the commercial plug-ins cost money, but you can find plenty of free ones at the Adobe site (Photoshop.com/Downloads). A Photoshop _drawer_ is a dialog box containing a tool’s features. For example, a Draw Tool, which is used for drawing, is called a _Drawing Tool_, and such a tool appears in the Drawer of the Layers dialog box (Figure 2-21). You can also add draw tools to other dialog boxes in Photoshop, such as the Tools panel.

The Drawer appears to the right of the Toolbox. It’s a set of tabs that are always visible at the top of your screen (Figure 2-21). The tab names are the names of the tools you can add to your programs. Most of the tools are placeholders for tools you’ll add to your program later. If you find the type of tool you want, just type its name in the box that appears; Photoshop adds the name to the list.

Figure 2-21. The Drawer looks like this

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Because you know you’re going to be creating a lot of images, Photoshop Elements comes packed with many useful image editing tools, allowing you to make crops and modifications to your images, quickly crop and transform them, transform images into video, or add tons of neat stickers.

Sketch Stickers Icons

Stickers are popular these days, especially with the rise of the Discord protocol. But as popular as they have become, stickers aren’t always available in stickers design apps and many people find that they have to make them themselves. Today, we’re going to go over how to create stickers in Photoshop Elements.

We’re going to be using three techniques:

The airbrush tool

Creative brushes

Gradient brushes

What You Need:

The process can either take place in a sketching application like Sketch or any basic graphics application like Photoshop Elements.

There are a few steps required:

Open a new, blank document.

Using the pencil tool, draw a figure.

Using the airbrush tool, paint a stamp over the outline of the sketch you just created.



Open a new, blank Photoshop Elements document. Draw a simple sketch in the document using any standard image-editing program, such as Sketch or the one that comes built-in to Photoshop Elements. After you sketch your initial design, click on the airbrush tool in Photoshop Elements. Click the pencil tool and start drawing a simple design. When you’re happy with your sketch, erase your pencil strokes in Photoshop Elements, and use the airbrush to put a stamp on it.



Open a new, blank Photoshop Elements document. Draw a simple sketch in the document using any standard image-editing program, such as Sketch or the one that comes built-in to Photoshop Elements. After you sketch your initial design, click on the airbrush tool in Photoshop Elements. Click on the font tool and drag a font of your choosing into the document, making sure it matches your sketch. Click the pencil tool and start drawing a simple design. When you’re happy with your sketch, erase your pencil strokes in Photoshop Elements, and use the airbrush to put a stamp on it.

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Réflexion and reflection in systems biology.
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05 Apr 200 Localization and Translation: How Difficult Is the Road to Outreach?

You may have heard us saying that we’ve started a new initiative to get more of our events, news, and related content into languages that our audience speaks. We’re also delighted that these localizers, translators, and content editors are working with us to help our content reach their audiences.

However, localization and translation are hard, and often difficult as well. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the challenges and provide some resources for getting into the game.

Troubleshooting Locally Sourced Content

Translation is the act of translating a document or digital file from one language to another, and localization is the act of translating it into a specific culture.

Translation is a deep subject and can be broken down into several disciplines:

Writing a recipe in English can be different than writing a recipe in German.

Writing a story in English requires a different vocabulary than it does in Dutch.

Localization isn’t simply the act of translating the content into a new language. The process goes way beyond that and includes creating art assets, introducing cultural flavors, and modifying logos.

At least that’s what we’ve found after the first two years of this project. Not everyone is doing localization well and the first thing we have to do is identify the common troubles we’ve encountered.

Audience Knowledge vs. Editorial Knowledge

It can be difficult to communicate accurately, when the audiences that you work with may have differing backgrounds and may only understand what you do, albeit in their language. This can be as difficult as your own audience’s varying levels of English and your content’s varied points of view.

Working closely with your co-located localization and translation resource can be vital to the success of the project. A translator that has editorial experience can more accurately target your content. However, translating your editorial content can be done as well.

The key is to have an understanding of the best method and tools to use to produce the content. As a rule of thumb, we try to at least have one of our content creators involved in the translation. This gives them a fresh, outside perspective and allows them to translate the content as they speak.

Picking the Right Technology

Before embarking on a project, we try to have a broad understanding of what technologies

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1 – 2 players
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