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Anti DeepFreeze V 07rar

Anti Deep Freeze is designed to help protect your information. You can use it at the same time as your anti-virus. This can protect your privacy at all times while you’re using your computer.

If your machine freezes, Anti Deep Freeze will help you recover your work. It can also save you valuable time by freeing your computer of system lockups. All of your protected data will remain safe. Don’t hesitate to use anti deep freeze.

Anti Deep Freeze is an easy to use anti-virus that provides all of the features of most anti-virus applications. You need to download a free copy of anti deep freeze, upload to the server, and then register with your email address.

The PRO version offers you the ability to add / remove / update your virus and spam definitions.

ASUS-Soft is a free, fast, reliable and easy-to-use portable anti-malware tool. It can be used to remove malware, clean registry entries, fix infected files, scan for adware and browser hijacker, and so on.

It is an invaluable asset to your protection against malware; especially with:

�Registry cleaning�

�Patching �

�Detection and removal of infected files�

�Scanning various folders�

�System repair�

�Searching for malware�

�Scanning for spyware/adware�

�Scanning for malwares�

�Scanning for adwares�

�Scanning for trojans, worms and keyloggers�

�Scanning for rogue programs�

�Scanning for spyware and adware�


�File shredder�

�Cloner and stealer�

�Detection and removal of rogue toolbars�

�Scanning toolbars�

�Scanning cookies�

�Scanning shortcuts�

�Scanning Windows Components�

�Scanning GDATA�

�Scanning SFP�

�Scanning MSI�

�Scanning EXE�

�Scanning MSV�

�Scanning HTA�

�Search your PC�

�Log your PC�s activities�

�Store PC�s activities�

�Computer Browser�

�Identify USBs�



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Jan 19, 2019. Anti DeepFreeze v.3.5.5 contains: *Protects your. FREE; Anti DeepFreeze could be downloaded…..
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