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Don’t let “Simple” fool you, this client may not be for the average user. It is simple in the sense of development, not ease of use. The idea is to have a client that is purely text controlled. There will be no dialog boxes for options. Everything will be controlled by text commands. Assjirc uses PircBot for everything relating to the protocol.
Give Assjirc a try to see what it can actually do for you!









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Assjirc (Assist the IRC Junkie) is a free and simple IRC client written in Python. It is designed for IRC junkies and IRC newbies alike. It is targeted for the command line and runs in the Terminal window. I am a graduate of the CS program at Clemson University, and I am currently taking a break from studying in order to program a bit and help other people with their problems. Assjirc was made as a hobby with no actual purpose other than to give people who like IRC but find the current clients to be too complicated the chance to actually be able to use IRC. Assjirc is a simple program that can actually be useful to people who are just getting started with IRC.


Assjirc can connect to IRC servers of almost all protocols. You can find the list of all supported protocols here. There are also some small features in Assjirc, they are described below.

Command Syntax

Assjirc uses a built-in parser. This is not the most efficient implementation of IRC, but it is the simplest. The implementation of the syntax of the client follows the CTCP standard protocol. However, other IRC protocols are not supported, but as Assjirc doesn’t need to know the protocols the parser is decoupled from the protocol. All commands are sent to the server via PircBot.

Server and Channel Filtering

The client supports filtering the server and channel list. The commands are bound to a function and these functions are called from within the main loop of the application.

User Filtering

Users can be filtered as well. There is a built-in function that will add users to the list and then remove them from it at any time. These functions are also bound to specific commands and are used inside the main loop.

Text to Speech

Assjirc’s text to speech function will speak the given text to the user. If the command is preceded by a colon (:), then a moded voice will be used. There are two modes: regular and wav. The wav mode can support up to 4 voices, which is great because I have four default voices on my system. The regular mode will use a single voice, but the file it loads will have many sentences in it, so it will end up saving a ton of RAM.

The text to speech function will only be available when the server is local, as there is no other way for the

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To bypass the keymacro editor, you can pass a raw keymacro, such as “!aiii” or “!aiid”. This is to be used in combination with a mapping
MAP “!aiii” “D-P1-R1”
MAP “!aiid” “D-P1-R1”

This is used to map a keyboard event to another keymacro. You can create a new file (or write one to overwrite an existing one) using the AutoItKeyMacro.txt syntax:

PircBot to use







Assjirc Download

Assjirc is a small free and fast IRC bot made in C# and WPF. This bot is designed to be easy to use and modify, but you must know a little about C# and WPF to be able to do so.

To use the bot you simply start it up and give it a couple of commands, the bot will then be able to automatically take care of the rest, you just have to make sure you fill in everything the bot needs to do.

How to Compile:
Assjirc uses a project type called WPF app, this compiles the code into a runnable program. To compile the project just simply right click on the project and select “Build”.

To use the bot you just have to put it in the same directory as the program is in. The bot starts up as soon as the program starts, you don’t need to start it manually or any other setup in order to get the bot to work.

Assjirc can be used as a console application, as a WPF application or as a Windows Service.
To install the program just simply download the zip file. Unzip it, then run the executable. That’s it. You can find the installation instructions in the readme.txt
If you want to install the program to be a Windows Service you need to use the setup.exe provided in the installation file. If you install the Windows Service to the default location then that location is automatically added to the Path variable so you don’t have to add it manually in the system variables.

If you want to install the program to be a Console Application just double click the setup.exe to start the installation.

To run the bot just open up a command prompt and execute the.exe file. You don’t need to install anything or have any kind of configuration file, all the bot needs is the bot.exe in the same folder as the program is located in.

The bot can be configured in the.ini file. This is located in the program directory. You can create new sections in the file or edit existing ones. When you edit existing ones you can also add new ones. The general format of the.ini file is:

Section Name = Section Settings

This is a very simple configuration file, all the important settings are located in the first section.

Configuration Files:
If you want to use a configuration file

What’s New In Assjirc?

This client was created to add a little variety to your regular Assjirc sessions. This client has a few basic features that can be used to make your existing Assjirc sessions more fun, but it does not have all the same features that Assjirc has. This Client is for those of you that like to add to the original Assjirc, but only want the most basic features of Assjirc.

Assjirc Installation:

Assjirc can be installed on the Raspberry Pi using the PiSock client. Assjirc can also be downloaded from the official site.

Assjirc Linux Installation:

Assjirc can be installed on any Linux distro that uses the standard configuration files. Assjirc will attempt to configure itself automatically.

Assjirc Features:

Open your browser and go to your standard Assjirc web site. On the home page of Assjirc, you will find a button that says “Modify your Assjirc Settings”. Clicking this will take you to a page with the standard Assjirc settings. You will need to make some changes to these settings depending on what you want Assjirc to do.

Next to the “Modify your Assjirc Settings” button is a screen that says “Restart Assjirc”. Clicking this will restart your client. This will allow you to save any custom settings you have made.

Assjirc Settings:

The settings that you can use to customize Assjirc are located in the Client Settings Tab. The Client Settings Tab should look something like this when Assjirc is running:

The first thing you will want to do is change the screen that displays when you press the “Unlock” button. The “Unlock” screen allows the user to make their Assjirc settings permanent. To change this, go to Settings -> Customization -> Unlock Screen and select a new image.

Once you have made your changes, click on the Save button.

Assjirc Security Settings:

To customize Assjirc for security purposes, click on Settings -> Security Settings. Under these settings you will have to enable and configure the required security features. I highly suggest you read through the options available to you. Assjirc will automatically turn on the services if they are not already enabled. If you want to disable a service, click on the Off button, then click on the red X button to turn the service back on. You can customize the following:

Customization Settings:

The customization options are located in Settings -> Customization. Click on Customization to open this page. This page has options for each of the default settings that Assjirc can perform. You can use these options to modify your client if you are having any issues with any of the other settings. You can also use these options to customize your client with all of

System Requirements For Assjirc:

OS: Windows 10 64 bit.
CPU: 3.0 GHz quad core with 4GB of RAM (6GB is recommended).
AMD: Radeon Pro 460 or better.
NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 1060 or better.
System RAM: 8GB.
Video RAM: 2GB.
DirectX: 11.
Video Card Size: 1GB.
Storage: 11GB available space.
DVD Speed: 4x.
Sound Card: Supports


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