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Ausblick 3 Lehrerhandbuch Free Dowland


Ausblick 3 eignet sich sowohl für die lehrer und die klassen als auch für die Studierenden. Alle vorliegenden Bande sind .
Jeder Band umfasst ein Kursbuch (mit eingelegter Audio-CD mit Sprechübungen), ein Arbeitsbuch, 3 Audio-CDs und ein Lehrerhandbuch. Ein Band enthält Material für .

Mockito: what are the differences between two annotations?

What is the difference between:
public void tester() {

void tester() {

Is the former annotation useful only if you’re testing a method of one class? If so, what’s the point of it?


The former is for interfaces, the latter for classes.
You can use the latter to mock a method and test it, when your mock will be used as a member of a mock instance and you’ll be able to check the invocations performed by the mock as you would normally expect it to be the case when testing the class that uses it. For example, you’ll be able to call tester() in your test, check that it got called, then check the actual invocation performed by the mock as well (accessing the mocked method args).

Duplicate Top Twitter Accounts

How to Make a Twitter Account as a Copying Tool

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How to Make a Twitter Account as a Copying Tool

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