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Today, AutoCAD is used by CAD users to create 2D drawings and diagrams, and by architects to design building, vehicle and product prototypes. It has become an important part of the processes of manufacturing, construction, planning and marketing. With the advent of paperless office environments, AutoCAD is increasingly used to manage paper-based designs. The software has also become increasingly important to architecture, interior design, engineering and the construction industry.

In 1982, a small group of Autodesk software developers started to work on a system that would allow users to draw and edit a 2D drawing on their personal computers. Unlike the previous practice where each user drew on a separate graphics terminal, users would be able to work on a single drawing file in the context of a desktop. This idea has now grown into AutoCAD. AutoCAD is used in architecture, engineering, construction, marketing, management, planning, manufacturing and many other fields. It is used by professionals in a wide range of fields, from architecture to transportation, from computer software engineering to jewelry design, from automotive design to semiconductor layout design, from retail to writing.


AutoCAD’s origins lie in the 1980s, before AutoCAD. In the mid-1980s, Autodesk developed a range of desktop CAD software and began selling them under the name “Dynamix”. The product line consisted of a series of three CAD programs: CADD, RADD and MADD. CADD, designed for architects, engineers and industrial designers, ran on IBM PC-compatible computers and was designed for interactivity. It provided a range of tools for converting engineering drawings into computer files, and using them to create printed and electronic specifications. CADD’s rapid prototyping capabilities allowed users to create “quick” models of a building or machine to be tested for dimensional accuracy before any full-scale tooling or machining was undertaken.

Over time, Autodesk broadened the market for CADD to include many non-engineering fields. With this new audience came a new name: Autocad, the first public release of the software was in December 1982 on a DEC PDP-10 minicomputer.

AutoCAD was first sold to the architecture, engineering and construction industry in 1991. In August 1991, Autodesk shipped the first versions of AutoCAD with a floppy disk drive. Autodesk shipped the first version of AutoCAD with two floppy drives

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It is also capable of exporting objects of any type that can be found in the file, and also being able to control the flow of drawing using the API.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

AutoCAD can incorporate printed feedback into the current drawing session. AutoCAD can read, import and apply various types of paper-based and digital feedback from printed paper or PDF documents. The new Import Sheet Markup (ISM) commands enable the designer to import, sort, and apply paper feedback, which can be in the form of paper marks, images or comments on the drawing.

ISM for paper-based feedback (Left) and the Import Sheet for electronic feedback (Right).

ISM and Import Sheet are designed to work together, so they can be used together or as a standalone set of commands for paper feedback. The Import Sheet is designed for electronic documents, such as an internal AutoCAD Review or PDF feedback tool. It displays and applies edits on the drawing for a single document or file. ISM is designed for importing, editing and applying paper-based feedback for single documents or files.

ISM as a standalone tool: Import sheet markup for paper-based feedback.

Extending the benefits of AutoLISP:

With the additions in AutoLISP, it is easier to incorporate 3D models into your CAD drawings. The new Send to Layout option lets you incorporate 3D models into your drawings, which is a great tool for designers of interior spaces.

If you use a graphics tablet, you can now use the same tool to be more effective in the drafting process. The new tool is called “Drafting in the Region” tool and the video below demonstrates how it works.

This tool is also useful for creating technical drawings and specifications in AutoCAD.

Other UI enhancements:

The ribbon has been redesigned to make it easier to use, resulting in smaller ribbon tabs, which reduces the chance that your ribbon might be accidentally pressed.

The ribbon now includes three tabs: Help, Insert and Customize. The default ribbon layout is Help, Insert and Customize. Help and Insert have different icons in the toolbar, so they are easily distinguishable.

If you use the default ribbon layout (Help, Insert and Customize), the help and insert ribbon tabs now have icons.

The command line parameters have been updated to be more consistent in formatting.

The new command line parameters: Info and List.

UI performance improvements:

The UI is now easier to use and more responsive.

Previous releases focused on improving the existing UI. The new release focuses on improving

System Requirements:

For information about system requirements and technical specifications for the Linux version of Microsoft Office, refer to the System Requirements for Microsoft Office for Linux and UNIX Web sites.
The Microsoft Office system requirements and technical specifications are compatible with the release of Microsoft Office 2003, available as both a CD-ROM or download, and the subsequent service packs and patches.
Operating system requirements are based on 2.4 GHz Intel or AMD processors, with support for Pentium M processors. We recommend that you use the latest versions of Microsoft Office available.
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