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AutoCAD 2021 24.0 Crack + Free Download [April-2022]

Common uses of AutoCAD

Academic – Designing and editing math, science, architecture, and engineering projects

– Designing and editing math, science, architecture, and engineering projects Architecture – Construction and demolition

– Construction and demolition Entertainment – DVD and Blu-ray authoring, animation, and rendering, among others

– DVD and Blu-ray authoring, animation, and rendering, among others Engineering – Ship, plane, and building design and drafting

– Ship, plane, and building design and drafting Landscaping – Site planning, design, and development

– Site planning, design, and development Mechanical – Drafting, design, and assembly of mechanical parts

– Drafting, design, and assembly of mechanical parts Photographic – Photographic and computer-assisted imaging

– Photographic and computer-assisted imaging Publishing – Computer-aided typesetting, book design, and graphics editing

– Computer-aided typesetting, book design, and graphics editing Retail – Shop floor design and store planning

– Shop floor design and store planning Residential – Design and construction of houses, apartments, and single-family homes

– Design and construction of houses, apartments, and single-family homes Transport – Designing and building of roadways, railways, and rail cars

How does AutoCAD work?

AutoCAD is a vector-based program that uses bitmap graphics instead of pixels. This makes it possible to do tasks that can’t be performed by regular bitmap graphics programs. For example, lines, circles, arcs, polygons, and text can be drawn in any direction and aligned at any angle. The underlying graphics system is independent of the operating system, and all computers running AutoCAD can share data.

What is a drawing?

A drawing is a collection of objects and their connections. Objects are geometric shapes, like circles, lines, rectangles, and polygons. Objects can be grouped into layers (collections of objects) and sublayers (groups of layers). Objects are placed on the drawing canvas, where they are connected together. They can be rotated, moved, and scaled. When they are saved to the computer’s hard drive, the objects are saved in the form of an object database.

What is an object?

An object is a single, distinct component of a drawing that is placed on the drawing canvas and connected to other objects. For example, a line is an

AutoCAD 2021 24.0 Crack Torrent (Activation Code)

Autodesk’s 3ds Max and 3ds Max Studio used to include a plugin architecture and have scripting language 3ds Max Script. This was a scripting language which was released as free software under the GNU General Public License. Autodesk discontinued the 3ds Max scripting language, and discontinued 3ds Max and 3ds Max Studio in 2010.

Excel and third-party analysis
With Excel it is possible to extract, analyze and manage data. It is also possible to analyze and control the system via a scripting language. The Windows counterpart of Excel is called Microsoft Office Excel.

Third-party analysis applications include: Microsoft Analysis Services, QTP, G-code, RapidWork, Rapid4D, and RapidMath.

Other software
AutoCAD is integrated into SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes’ flagship product, in the form of the SOLIDWORKS-AutoCAD Extension for SolidWorks.

CAD software by other firms supports the same automation techniques as AutoCAD and other related programs. A somewhat lesser known technique is to use internal feature sets.

The Netscape Enterprise Server includes a command line version of AutoCAD.

Third-party software supporting AutoCAD has also been developed, especially in the form of AutoCAD Add-ons. Most of these add-ons can be installed on any supported CAD application.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

AI 2D:


2D software-precision 3D modeling is enabled in 2D software. There are many AI-powered 2D features in AutoCAD that you can now use without having to go back to the 3D modeling interface. (video: 1:33 min.)

Spline Curves:

Your drawing content is no longer limited to straight lines. With Spline Curves, you can draw natural and graceful curves in both 2D and 3D.

3D Sketching:

3D Sketching is a new feature for those who want to explore 3D for creative ideas without having to jump into complex 3D modeling software. Sketch your ideas in 3D, then adjust your 3D objects as needed in 2D.


The DrawingTools toolbox has been rebuilt to focus on improved drawing experience. The DrawingTools tab is easier to customize, and you can now access the Drawing Tools from any toolbox in the ribbon.

Powerful New Features and Tools:


Draft Tool:

A new Draft Tool allows you to easily turn one or more selected 2D edges into polygons.

2D Dimensions:

AutoCAD Professional 2019 added new features for setting and printing 2D dimensions. The Draft Tools panel has been redesigned to include 2D dimensioning tools, like the Draft Tool.

Drafting Tools:

A new set of Draft Tools for 2D drawing includes the Tape Measure and the 3D Ruler tools. In addition, the new Draft Tools panel has been redesigned with a new overall look that improves readability and better integrates with AutoCAD’s other tool windows.

3D Dimensioning:

AutoCAD Professional 2019 introduced several new 3D dimensioning tools. The new 2D Dimensioning tools include the Tape Measure and 3D Ruler.

Drafting Tools:

A new 3D Dimensioning tools includes the Tape Measure and 3D Ruler.

Table Tools:

Now you can create dynamic tables and place them anywhere on your layout.

Dynamic Tables:

Just click anywhere in the drawing area and you can create a new table, with useful options such as creating tables based on an existing shape.

Data Management:

New Data Management Options are available for tables and layers.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 64bit/32bit ( 32 or 64 bit, WOS is only 32 bit)
2.00GB free space on the hard drive
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 650 or ATI Radeon HD 7850 or greater.
Hardware/Software Requirements:
Oculus Rift DK2: Developer Kit 2
Universe Sandbox also allows you to use Oculus Rift DK2 with the Windows version of Universe Sandbox.


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