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In 2005, Autodesk introduced an Internet Protocol (IP) based, cloud-based version of AutoCAD known as AutoCAD LT. In 2010, AutoCAD LT was renamed to AutoCAD and it is marketed as a free, cloud-based version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT is compatible with AutoCAD since AutoCAD 2017. With AutoCAD LT, users can access data files and drawing content stored in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office files, and draw and annotate on that data in real time.

This article describes some of the basic functions and operations of AutoCAD. For more information, see our AutoCAD Help section.

Types of Commands in AutoCAD

AutoCAD is available in several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. AutoCAD users with the relevant language skills can enter or draw commands and draw paths in the default version of AutoCAD.

Key commands are commands to the system, and may be unavailable in certain language versions of AutoCAD. Key commands, such as ALT-ENTER and EDIT-OPEN, can be used with any command. A user may never need to use a key command, but the key commands are included in AutoCAD for the sake of future reference.

Localized versions of AutoCAD are available to cater to regional needs and needs of diverse user groups.

Creating Commands

You can use the Create command to create your own commands, using either key commands or localized commands.

To create a command from scratch:

On the menu bar, click View, and then click Commands.

Click the Create a command from scratch icon.

In the Select commands from list box, click the Add button to add the selected command to the list box.

In the Command field, type a name for the command.

In the menu bar, click the Edit button.

In the menu bar, click the Cmdline tab.

In the Command line, enter the parameters for the command, separated by spaces.

Click OK.

To create a command using a command template:

On the menu bar, click View, and then click Commands.

Click the Create a command icon.

In the Select commands from list box, click the Add button to

AutoCAD PC/Windows [Updated]

Direct Modeling, which is used to create and edit parts and assembly drawings and models.
Dynamic Input, which allows AutoCAD to import and export model information
Adding, editing, and deleting parts, assemblies, and model information
Hierarchical drawings, which allows a parent to contain children.

Version history

AutoCAD 2000

In 1999, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2000, the first version of AutoCAD to be developed for Windows NT/2000, and thus supported 64-bit.

In addition to being the first version of AutoCAD to be Windows NT/2000 compatible, it is also the first version of AutoCAD to support an array of applications built into the software (at the time of the release of AutoCAD 2000, the only other such feature was the ability to view engineering drawings created with the Autodesk P&ID application).

AutoCAD 2000 introduced many new features, including a new Ribbon interface, procedural macros (also called “macros” by the user), and the ability to save certain parts of an assembly drawing as individual files. The ability to “apply” a global change to several documents at once was also introduced with AutoCAD 2000.

AutoCAD 2000 was followed by AutoCAD 2002, which included many new features such as the user interface and database enhancements introduced with the AutoCAD 2001 release.

AutoCAD 2004
AutoCAD 2004 introduced the ability to change both the page and zoom levels of a document at once, both when viewing a project in a single window or when switching to a window while the project is displayed. Additional improvements included the ability to display a perspective in a window, track links between drawings (either just with the link tool, or with links between layer properties), project management features, and the ability to copy and paste objects to and from a variety of other applications and Microsoft Word.

AutoCAD 2004 also introduced color-managed drawings, which required an external color management application to work correctly.

AutoCAD 2005
AutoCAD 2005 introduced multiple file import, allowing the user to import drawings and data from numerous file formats (including some non-AutoCAD file formats) into a single AutoCAD file. Other improvements included the addition of the ability to display/modify a drawing’s text with a mouse, the ability to create flexible layers that can be maintained on a case-by-case basis, and the introduction of a Layer

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

This update addresses feedback that users have sent us through the software. We have been incorporating feedback for more than 20 years in order to improve AutoCAD and we’re excited to share some of the changes and improvements with you today.

Markup Import and Markup Assist:

Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps. (video: 1:15 min.)

As you know, since the release of AutoCAD in 1995, we have included paper from a variety of sources in order to help you communicate. So we didn’t want to stop there. In recent years, we have added a number of features to AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT that allow you to import paper, and other materials, into your design directly from a scanner. We’ve added tools to mark up drawings, as well as allowing you to edit and re-edit your markups. In this release, we are introducing a new feature called Markup Assist that will save you time and trouble by creating markups for you, and incorporating feedback, automatically.

We hope you enjoy the new features we’ve made available to you.

What’s new in AutoCAD:


Create and annotate a single drawing with up to four different views in a single drawing, without needing separate drawings.

This feature, which has been available since AutoCAD 2016, allows you to view multiple views of a drawing at once. No longer will you need to create multiple drawings with different views. This time saving feature has been expanded to allow you to annotate a single drawing, and quickly switch views, and back. The feature also supports the ability to open multiple drawings at once.

Multi-Views allows you to annotate a single drawing with up to four different views in a single drawing, without needing separate drawings.

Windows & Windows taskbar:

Use the new Windows taskbar to maximize your workflow. Now you can move your windows to the right, customize the spacing of the taskbar, and change the color of the taskbar.

The taskbar is available in the Windows taskbar options and the Windows 10 taskbar options.

Use the new Windows taskbar to maximize your workflow. Now you can move your windows to the right, customize the

System Requirements:

Oculus Rift + Touch (Or HTC Vive Focus) or high-end PC with an NVIDIA graphics card.
Playing on your own PC
Please use SteamVR to set up the environment for comfortable and enjoyable VR experience.
When you start the game, you will be brought into a help menu that will guide you through the setup process.
At the end of the setup, you will be ready to go.
Please make sure that you have the latest version of SteamVR installed.
If you are using a Windows 7 or newer operating


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