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John Walsh (artist)

John Walsh (1782 – May 1834) was an English painter of landscapes and marine scenes.

Early life
Walsh was born in Suffolk in 1782. His artistic training began with a governess to whom he was introduced by his father; but, when the governess moved on, he was brought up by an uncle with whom he resided.

Walsh was for some years a pupil of John Clamp, a landscape painter who was also a somewhat celebrated author. He then exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1803 to 1811; and from 1811 to 1818 at the Suffolk Street Gallery in London. He was, however, more or less dependent upon the patronage of patrons. His works were in general of the second quality.

Walsh’s works were of importance in their day, and are prized by collectors.


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Django Settings – Don’t allow users to change their own, as well as other users’ settings

As I understand, Django lets users to change their own settings, but I don’t really want that to happen. For example, there are 2 users called Jane Doe and Steve Doe. Jane Doe needs to change her own MySQL connection settings, while Steve Doe needs to change his own Apache settings. I don’t want them to change each other’s settings.
How can I make sure that users can’t change each other’s settings?


You could create a management command that would automatically backup and restore user’s settings.
from django.core.management.commands.shell import CustomShellCommand
from django.core.management.utils import get_python_shell
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