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BioProfe SOLUTION Crack Full Product Key

BioProfe SOLUTION 2022 Crack is a complex and efficient software utility developed to provide teachers and educators with the possibility of designing their own exercises and exams from scratch, even allowing them to correct solved versions from their students. Clear-cut and intuitive usage The program is made up of two components, namely BioProfe Creator and BioProfe Corrector, each one with a fairly self-explanatory role, enabling users to work with the one they want, depending on their current needs. BioProfe SOLUTION is fairly accessible for novices, but can satisfy the requirements of more advanced individuals as well. Much of its GUI poses minimal difficulty in handling, allowing users to begin creating tests right away. A practical exam creator and corrector binom For starters, users will need to create the exams and exercises they wish to administer to students. This can be done by clicking the ‘New’ button in the ribbon or selecting the corresponding function from the ‘Exercise’ menu. Next, users can ‘Add Block’, opting for one of the three different types: ‘Text’, ‘Formula’ or ‘Graphic’. In the case of ‘Text’ blocks, users can input text, single or multiple choice questions. When adding ‘Formula’ elements, users can select the proper symbols from a comprehensive table of ‘Mathematical Elements’, ‘Known’ and ‘Unknown Values’. As for ‘Graphic’ blocks, users can manually draw the object, but unfortunately, they cannot import a locally stored image. Moreover, users can encrypt the they create with a password of their own making, to ensure no one accesses it without their consent. The generated BIO format file can be sent to students, enabling them to take the test, then return them to the teacher, who will then grade it using BioProfe Corrector. A handy duo for test design and grading To sum it up, BioProfe Corrector is a useful and reliable application that education professionals can resort to for designing and administering exams, then grading the returned papers. It saves a lot of time and spares teachers of constantly having to carry around stacks of papers.


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BioProfe SOLUTION Free X64 (2022)

CREATE Your Own Exams
Create and administer tests for schools in the same way you would run them. Fill in your test content, add blocks and see how it all works with the student.
Receive Results
The student sends their results to your email, so you can receive the scores and the replies with ease.
Your personal account keeps you in touch with the software and lets you see scores from all students you give an exam to.
Correct answers for a
Correct answers for a student, with automatic grading.
Easy PDF Documents
Download the PDF documents and make a score list without hassle.
Fix broken exams
Fix broken errors for a student, with automatic correction.
Unique technology in BioProfe Creator
BioProfe SOLUTION is a unique technology that allows creating and grading one-to-one exams for colleges, universities and any other entity.
Allows designing your own tests and having the answers identified automatically, so your students don’t need to hand them in.
Plenty of unlimited exams, which are your property, that you will grant to users and students.
Generates a score list in a PDF document without letting you lose anything.
Administer tests on PC
Interact with students, colleges and other schools. It can be done without leaving your desk.
Grading and correction
Grading is available in the form of a Grade List.
Correct answers are identified automatically and correct answers without them are highlighted.
Preset scores are available.
The student returns the answer and corrects it automatically.
The tests can be exported in PDF.
Export and Print
Export of grades, scores and examinations in PDF format.
Import and export
BIOPROFE Creator contains import and export functions, allowing you to design, grade, print and export the tests from your computer to your heart’s content.
A single IDE for test and school administration
BIOPROFE Creator is a unique, efficient and effective application which combines two of the most useful and demanded areas of professional education.
The application provides an interface for students, teachers and students to create exams, exercises and lectures for test purposes, enabling them to design their own exercises and exams from scratch.
In addition, it provides a management system for schools, enabling them to administer tests to students and collect results from them.
When designing exams and correcting answers, BIOPRO

BioProfe SOLUTION Crack Activation Download [32|64bit]

BioProfe SOLUTION is a complex and efficient software utility developed to provide teachers and educators with the possibility of designing their own exercises and exams from scratch, even allowing them to correct solved versions from their students.
Clear-cut and intuitive usage
The program is made up of two components, namely BioProfe Creator and BioProfe Corrector, each one with a fairly self-explanatory role, enabling users to work with the one they want, depending on their current needs.
BioProfe Creator
BioProfe Creator facilitates the test design process with a modern and user-friendly interface. The program is made up of three sections: Design, Grade and Statistics.
For those using the most convenient and intuitive of them, this will probably be the most important part to focus on. As mentioned above, this is the section in which one creates the exams.
Here, users have a range of interesting aspects to take into consideration, such as the number of questions, the type of questions and the points assigned to them. During creation, one can easily select from a vast list of answer options, and create using any of the three available types: ‘Text’, ‘Formula’ or ‘Graphic’.
The number of questions can range from as few as three to as many as hundreds, which makes it easy for students to adapt to and master whatever is being taught. Moreover, students can be given marks from as little as 0 to a maximum of 100, while teachers can optionally include percentages in the answers.
Exam and block design variations
In addition, there are two different types of blocks (known as ‘Exam’ and ‘Block’), each one with its own aesthetic and usage. ‘Exams’ are the ones that make it possible for teachers to administer and grade the created test. There is no limit to the number of exams an individual student can take, but a maximum of 10 of them is set beforehand.
‘Blocks’ are the ones designed for students. Each of them is represented by a grid, where the rows can display single or multiple-choice questions. Moreover, they can be fully customised before being exported to their users’ computers. From here, students can take and return the exam, without the teacher being able to access their answers.
Once the process is over, users will be able to ‘Save as’ and ‘Open’ BIO files containing the data

What’s New In BioProfe SOLUTION?

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See all changes in this release:
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– Optional Admin Control
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– New Shiny Icon!
– More Theme Options
– New Features! (New to this Version)
– Views/Graphs/Tables
– Explore new methods for managing your classes with FruitBasket
– Share your class schedules
– Print schedules
– View your classes on a Google Calendar
– Set reminders
– Automatically assign grades for each assignment
– Importing/Exporting of Grades for Past Students
– Import/Export of Grades for Students

System Requirements:

OS: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Hard Disk: 2.0GB free space
Internet: Internet connection required for game installation
Additional Notes: Can be installed on a Mac OS X 10.6.8 machine.
Processor: Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz
Memory: 8GB RAM



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