Jun 2022
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Bus Simulator 2012 V.1.2.4 English Patch


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Genealogy Musings from beyond the grave

I am thrilled to be working with my Mom, my Grandmother and with the many other relatives throughout the world who shared their photographs with me. I have every photograph that belonged to my Grandmother, as well as the ones from my mother and Dad. They are so precious to me, and I look forward to hearing the stories behind them.

Genealogy can be a mystery, but as we work to break down those mysteries, as we put the pieces together that connect us to those we never knew, we can grow stronger for it.

The best way to know what you didn’t know was to be proactive about learning it. I have very little to connect me to my Grandparents, but my Mom was more than happy to share her memories with me, and we were able to work together to fill in the blanks.

I have lots of stories, a few of which we will share in a coming post. I enjoy Genealogy, and I look forward to learning about my Grandparents and others I may never have known about. I like sharing the stories, and I hope they can touch others.

Thank you to all who spent time making photographs and sharing those times with us. To those who still have photos to share, I am still waiting, but I am grateful to hear from you.Measurement of intracellular nutrient-energy metabolism.
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