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Cornellbox allows you to build Cornell box scenes in 3D Studio Max in just a couple of seconds.
No more worries, no more product deadlines that can not be met due to missing test cases, and you will never run out of test scenes for your freshly shiny new render plug-in.







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Cornellbox uses a simple actor-viewer-actor pipeline to build the system. You place 3D Studio Max scenes in a scene window, that you open with the application. The scenes are rendered with the active 3D Studio Max viewport as the background. A 3D Studio Max scene window can have up to five background renderers, a capable of rendering your 3D Studio Max scenes. The scenes are rendered as a bakeout for the background renderer or renderers you set up. After rendering, you can close the scene window again. The scenes are placed in a dedicated Cornellbox scene folder, in which scene folders contain a subfolder for each scene. The scene window title is saved for use in future scenes.
Cornellbox Features:
You can select the location of the Cornellbox scene folder in the 3D Studio Max preferences dialog. The Cornellbox scene folder is chosen by default.
The rendering quality of Cornellbox 3D Studio Max scenes depends on the quality of the background renderer. Cornellbox 3D Studio Max scenes are built with background renderers, that should be used to render your scenes. Cornellbox consists of several background renderers that can be set up in the Cornellbox preferences dialog.
You can use the location of a Cornellbox scene folder as the background renderer location in 3D Studio Max.
There are many choices in the preferences dialog, if you wish to set the rendering quality of Cornellbox 3D Studio Max scenes. As an example, you can set the overall rendering quality in terms of the number of 3D Studio Max views per second that your scenes will be rendered. The details of the preferences dialog can be found in the Cornellbox manual.
The Cornellbox scene folders include a setting for the quality of the scene rendering. By default, the folder is rendered with the highest possible quality.
Cornellbox is the first renderer to use native multi-core computers efficiently, allowing you to render all of the rendered scenes in the scene folder simultaneously.
Cornellbox describes the number of 3D Studio Max views as the number of rendering passes.
Cornellbox Description:
If you wish to use Cornellbox in your CAD/CAM software, you need to buy the Cornellbox Real-Time Render plug-in from the Daz Studio Marketplace. Read more about the Cornellbox Real-Time Render plug-in on the Daz Studio Marketplace page.

The typical

Cornellbox With License Code PC/Windows

Cornell Boxes or Cornell Boxes are 3D models with the special property that they can be moved and rotated around each other.
You can create a volume, box, sphere, or cylinder and place it.
Cornellbox allows you to create these scenes and store the files inside the plug-in.

The plug-in includes a scene editor with many scenes ready to create and build. You can make your scenes exactly how you want and experiment to find the best solution.
The full feature list is displayed at the top of the screen and includes:

Create 3D scenes with easy to use scene editors
Export scenes to a 3D Studio Max scene file
Add scenes to a project and store the scenes files inside the plug-in
Import scenes from a 3D Studio Max scene file
Create and place your own 3D scenes
Export scene files to 3D Studio Max scene files
Control scenes in 3D Studio Max
Use the 3D Studio Max viewport to view your scenes
Export scenes to a collada file
Add scenes to your scene project
Add scenes to your scene project and insert your scenes
Switch back and forth between scene editor and 3D Studio Max
Crop and rotate your scenes
Restore the scale and orientation of your scenes after a saving and closing of the scene editor

Cornellbox is capable of creating a wide range of scenes. Simply drag and drop a scene to create the scene. You can import other models or scene files that you have already created.
Place your scene in your scene project and control it with 3D Studio Max. Use all of the familiar tools that we have known for so many years.
Cornellbox is a plug-in with many features and capabilities that you can easily use.

My feature requirements are:

a scene editor that allows me to create several scenes that can be stored inside the plug-in
a scene editor with scenes that I can easily add to a scene project and control with the scene editor
that my scene views can be exported to a 3D Studio Max scene file

My problem:

I was unable to find such a plug-in that meets my requirements in the easiest way possible


Today, Cornellbox is retired and not available any longer on the X3D website. The assets can still be downloaded via X3D.

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Cornellbox (Final 2022)

Creation of diferent sizes and textures for all your surfaces and control of materials in the same sequence of construction of your scene with the highest degree of access to the scene.Can be used for you pose this room for the walls of the living room or for the face of the posters of the walls are walls, floors, ceilings, floors, roofs, walls, windows, doors and for everything that comes in your scene of your test case.

Cornellbox also includes special colors such as different types of light and also of the environment will be created textures such as grass and trees, and will also allow you to create very specific gradients, gradients, feathers, transition and reflections in many different areas of your scene.
Cornellbox has a very easy installation and even has a lot of pre-defined shortcuts, so that you can create several scenes that in just a few clicks.

What is New in this Release:


– Texture – New and improved 3D:

– Ability to import 3D models into the scene to be able to control the material or adjust it better.

– Ability to import 3D models in 3D Studio Max.

– Ability to create all the surfaces of your scene at once in the desired colors and textures.

– Stability improvement.

– Ability to change the environment and lighting of your scene with ease.

– You can have as many objects as you want in the scene.

– You can have multiple rooms, window, door, etc. in the scene, one after another, in the same order they appear in the scene.

– You can rotate the rotation of your scene to move all the objects in the scene in the desired direction.

– You can create different objects in the scene one after another, and then collapse them so that you are able to rearrange your scene in order to get a different arrangement.

– New and improved 2D:

– All new and improved material system with a lot of possibilities for customizing your material settings in 2D.

– You can also change colors, opacity and more…

– Clean the cache and delete temporary files

– Based on Marcsantos v1.1

– Ability to export scene in the format.xsi

– Stable update!

– Stability improvement

– Ability to save and render the scene directly in the cache for improving performance during

What’s New in the?

Cornellbox is a totally new type of renderer plug-in for 3D Studio Max. It allows you to create, edit, and render Cornell box scenes (Cornell box) in 3D Studio Max. But instead of producing 3D models with 3D studio max, you can edit and render the scenes inside a 3D viewport. There are no 3D models to be created. You can edit and render directly inside your 3D viewport.
Cornellbox Features:
No 3D models to be created, only editable scenes
Efficiently and accurately renders the Cornell box scene 
Simple, configurable and editable scene file format (.cbs,.cbsx)
N-particle support for unidirectional brushing and subdivision surface
Orientation based shadowing for fixed light sources
Lazarus Component for easy access to the scene’s nodes and the scene’s transform nodes
Sorting and automation of nodes
Render plug-in for 3D Studio Max 
Full scene and node automation
Automatic index files for 3D Studio Max
Optional creation of 3D Studio Max model files for the rendered Cornell box scenes
Optional creation of 3D Studio Max part files and parts
Real-time rendering
Export to 3D Studio Max
Real-time interactive rendering
Support for various scene formats
Automatic index file generation
Cornell box scenes with more than 20 nodes and 200 subdivisions are supported
New node and node relink for efficient editing
Cornellbox Documentation:
One year free maintenance
New plugins for 3D Studio Max 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 
Extended support for 3D Studio Max 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017
Supports additional scene formats
Scene and node relinking for rapid editing
Automatic index file generation
WYSIWYG interface for easy access to the scene’s nodes
WYSIWYG interface for easy access to the scene’s transform nodes
Fully customizable inspector/wizard
Supports “bare-bones” scenario.
Bare-bones scenario in which no 3D Studio Max models are needed
Bare-bones scenario in which no 3D Studio Max models need to be produced
Supports transparent scene viewers
Supports custom viewports for the

System Requirements:

The minimum requirements are a Broadband connection with an available hard disk space of 2GB.
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So, first


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