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CrankWheel Screen Sharing provides a handy tool for anyone working in sales, marketing, tech support or advisory (consulting) jobs. In just a few words, this extension provides you with one of the most comprehensive yet straightforward ways to share your screen activity with any user on the other end (customer, advisor, and whatnot).
Before we go into the inner workings, we would like to point out right off the bat why this app is awesome. The main highlight of this extension stems from its unique accessibility. You don’t need to undergo complicated installation, configuration, and pairing processes.
Convenient for both your customers and yourself
Instead, you simply need Chrome on your computer, a CrankWheel account (or you can log in using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google credentials) and Internet access, that’s all. You can invite your customers to join via instantly generated links that can be shared via SMS or e-mail, in the middle of a chat over the computer or the phone.
For your customers, things are even more convenient, as they can use literally any device (Windows PCs, Macs, Android phones, iOS devices) and any web browser to view the live feed from you.
Three intuitive screen sharing modes
It’s also easy to install and just as simple to get along with. By clicking its icon from the right side of Chrome’s address bar, you are met by a standalone, resizable window that offers you three appropriately-named sharing options: Browser tab, Program Window, and Full Screen.
Another party piece is the fact that CrankWheel Screen Sharing allows you to visualize exactly what and if your customer sees via a smart live preview, neatly integrated into the aforementioned (resizable) window. This makes it very well suited even for slow Internet connections.
Marketing and help desk teams, as well as technical advisors, will most surely love this tool
To conclude, CrankWheel Screen Sharing is one of the most attractive Chrome extensions we have come across for a while now. It’s absolutely great for anyone offering technical support or for remote teams, and it’s also very well suited for users working in online sales and marketing.
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CrankWheel Screen Sharing For Chrome Crack [32|64bit]

Screen sharing has never been so easy for individual users! CrankWheel now makes screen sharing for individual users simple and easy. Create custom Chrome profiles and invite users to view the shared screen without having to install anything. In just a few seconds, they can even share their browser tabs with you. Here is how it works: With CrankWheel, you can share a live desktop or any other image, which can be used as a background for any browser or an indicator for any background application.
See my screen! Here is how it works: CrankWheel is designed to allow you to share a live desktop or any other image, which can be used as a background for any browser or an indicator for any background application.
CrankWheel Screen Sharing for Chrome Pros and Cons: Pros Cons Screen sharing has never been so easy for individual users!

How to Use CrankWheel Screen Sharing for Business:
CrankWheel Screen Sharing for Business is best for business professionals who are looking for a helpful and easy way to send pictures and documents to clients and team members. Here are some of the things you get with CrankWheel Screend Sharing for Business:
Easy to use and install: CrankWheel allows you to create custom Chrome profiles with a few clicks and share your screen with any user who has the link or phone number. Your screen and background are shared in the browser window. You can also choose a colour and canvas size for the screen sharing.
Your personal link: Access CrankWheel from your Chromebook, iOS device, or computer and you will have a link to share your screen. It works very well with a drop down menu or mobile phone, and includes an option for SMS sending. Your customers can login with a standard username and password, or set up a free CrankWheel account.
Private links: CrankWheel Screend Sharing for Business includes private links which require a code. These links can only be used once by the sender and recipient. If you choose this option, make sure that your recipients have CrankWheel installed, and can take the email with the link.
Share images: If you are sharing a screen for something like a sale, it is easy to share photos with a click. With CrankWheel, you can share any image, background or desktop wallpaper. You can even use an image of the customer, team or project

CrankWheel Screen Sharing For Chrome

CrankWheel is a feature-rich screen sharing tool for remote teams. It allows members of your remote team to collaborate on documents and tasks with an integrated whiteboard and team chat.
Try it for free
At just$4.95 for personal use, CrankWheel is the best of its kind. Compared to every other screen sharing tool you’ve used, this app is a no brainer!
It’s free for personal use
But, if you really enjoy using it, consider buying it at a reasonable price ($9.95/month for team use, $14.95/month for enterprise use).
Trippin’ like a pro! Take your screen sharing skills to the next level with these exclusive features:
* Share your screen activity in real-time with your remote team
* See the shared screen activity on your desktop
* Present whiteboard and chat features on your desktop
* Share your desktop from a single browser window
* Browse and edit your files from anywhere
What’s New:
– Don’t worry about not being able to initiate a team share due to policy restrictions. Now you can use your account on any Chrome browser to connect to any team share.
– Fixed sync issue with Chrome for Windows 8.1.
– Fixed a bug that caused device screens to be inappropriately presented on some
devices and browsers.
– Now you can share the same instance of a shared workspace with multiple teams.
– Now you can click to toggle visibility of shared files in the shared space.
– You can now share screens with up to 4 teams at once.
– Smarter sync between devices.
– Sync now works with all teams, even if they are on a different instance of a workspace.
– Fixed an issue where users would be kicked out of the shared workspace after they joined.
– Fixed a bug that caused only one team to be associated with a shared workspace.
– Fixed a bug in sync detection. Sync should now work on any machine including Windows 8.1.
– Added a new “Remote Team Login” feature to allow other members of the team to join your
– Updated the FAQ to explain that you can configure your share to show the individual’s
screen or your screen.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the navigator bar from displaying properly on all browsers.

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