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Debenu PDF Tools Pro Free X64

PDF Files Conversion Tool – PDF TO TEXT
Make PDF Documents a Text

Install PDF Tools Pro To view pdf files, which is the easiest way is to convert the pdf file into other formats such as word or image file. PDF Tools Pro can extract text or images from PDF files.
Its main features include:

Support Many Formats – PDF TO TEXT:
Easy and Fast PDF Converting: This software allows users to convert PDF files to text format such as Word, HTML, RTF, TXT or PPT with plenty of converting options and easy-to-use interface.PDF TO TEXTCreates perfect output when converting PDF to TXT files and saves the source PDF as a text file for backup.

Create PDF from Text – PDF TO TEXT:
Convert PDFs to TXT files and convert documents like a text file. Easily convert PDF files to TXT files and create PDF files from text files.

Convert PDF Files into Images – PDF TO IMAGE:
Convert PDF files to high-quality TIFF, JPG and PNG images. PDF Tools Pro supports many common image formats.

How to Convert PDF files into Word or Images?
This software is the easiest way to convert PDF files into Word, Image or TIFF format.

It supports batch conversion with conversion speed is optimized.

You can select to extract text or images from PDF files.

PDF Tools Pro works in batch conversion.

Extract Text from PDF Files
This software can extract the text from PDF files and save it as text file. It supports many common text formats like HTML, RTF, TXT, DOC, TEX, CSV, PPT, etc.

Convert PDF Files to HTML
Convert PDF files into HTML format.

Make PDF Files a Web Page
You can make PDF files as Web page directly. All the files will be saved as HTML files.

Makes PDF Files as a template
Users can create PDF files as template to make other PDF files with different content.

This tool can handle the different versions of PDF files.

It is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8/8.1/8.2/10.

Support with all PDF files
This software has wide compatibility with many PDF files.

PDF Tools Pro features:
Convert PDF files into images
Convert PDF files to images.

Debenu PDF Tools Pro Crack+

KEYMACRO is a powerful document creation tool for the Macintosh computer.
Keymacro records mouse clicks, activates built-in utilities, runs shell commands, and even sends keystrokes to other applications. You can save time by automating repetitive actions, and make the keyboard your friend again.
With Keymacro, you can:
– Record mouse clicks and press/hold mouse buttons and hold down Shift for a simulated click.
– Keystroke copy/paste, cut/paste, format, move or display selection.
– Control other applications with Keymacro’s simple command line language.
– Provide command-line text arguments for other applications.
– Combine Keymacro commands with Unix shell commands for greater power.
– Execute applications by pressing a hotkey, keystroke or link.
– Set Keymacro hotkeys in the user’s menu bar.
– Set Keymacro hotkeys on other programs, such as AppleWorks and Microsoft Word.
– Automatically run shell commands and save their output.
– Create single- or double-click macros that record your mouse clicks, insert and format text, and execute shell commands.
– Create single or multiple dialog boxes that record your mouse clicks, confirm user input, and run shell commands.
– Handle complex file types. Keymacro captures and records the mouse clicks of any file or program.
Keymacro also includes a Text Extraction Tool, or TEI, to extract text from PDF files. Text Extraction Tool supports Unicode files and conversions from other file types. You can extract text from the entire document or a portion of a page.
Keymacro 6 allows you to paste the text to other applications using the same command line language used to create macros. It also supports AppleWorks TM’s new Graphics Command Language (GCL) to create graphics, combining the power of your mouse and keyboard with GCL to create documents and presentations.
Keymacro 6 is compatible with Macintosh OS 9.1 and above, including the Macintosh II, Performa, G3, G4 and X.
System Requirements:
Macintosh with System 7.5 or later
A serial number for the computer’s hardware and software (CD-ROM) and Keymacro software
How to get the full Keymacro 6.5.1:
If you are the first person to purchase this product, please call 1-800-677-7266 (USA and Canada), or email support@keymac

Debenu PDF Tools Pro Crack X64 [Latest]

Debenu PDF Tools Pro is a comprehensive yet very easy to use software solution aimed at providing you with the proper tools in working and handling PDF files with ease.
The program is quite intuitive, all its features and functions being within reach. You can use Debenu PDF Tools Pro by launching it normally or you can right-click a PDF and open it using this application, as it integrates into your Windows context menu.
This advanced utility allows you not only to open and view PDF files, but also copy the pages or apply a signature onto the surface of the file. Similarly, you can convert PDFs to text or image files, adjust the containing pages (for instance insert, extract or delete a page, crop or rotate it).
Debenu PDF Tools Pro provides you with countless components and functions, including ‘Split and Merge’ with advanced options, ‘Stamps’ ( in the form of pictures, text or another PDF) and applying ‘Bookmarks’ (by page or content). Moreover, you can add any ‘Attachment’ you want, as it supports all formats, or work with ‘Forms’, by extracting ‘Form Field Data’ to CSV or flatting ‘Form Fields’.
Other options include the ability to ‘Extract’ elements from the PDF, such as ‘Embedded Fonts’ or ‘Images to File’. Also, you can apply a variety of signatures, as a security measure, namely ‘Webcam’, ‘Digital’ or ‘Image’; you can type the signature or draw it. Debenu PDF Tools Pro enables you to password-protect your files, letting you choose the encryption level then set the access and usage permissions.
Debenu PDF Tools Pro is an advanced and reliable application that can assist you in performing a variety of editing operations on your PDFs, like splitting, merging, watermarking, converting or extracting pages from the files, significantly simplifying your work and increasing your productivity.
Download: Debenu PDF Tools Pro


Debenu PDF Tools Pro – Essential Desktop Security
The world’s leading independent non-proprietary security software, valued by tens of thousands of users worldwide. Protect your PC or mobile device against the most common threats, and manage your system security and privacy settings.
Debenu PDF Tools Pro allows you to easily choose the level of system security you need and customize your security settings, so that only the features you want are enabled.


What’s New in the?

Debenu PDF Tools Pro provides you with the perfect solution for working and handling PDFs by granting you the freedom to open, edit, extract and print them without running into various problems.
Here are some of the most important features of this software:

System Requirements:

5.1Gb RAM
0.8Gb VRAM
60Mhz Cpus
Windows 7 64bit or newer
OS: Windows XP SP3 or later
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or newer
Intel HD4000 or AMD HD3000 or newer
2x S-Video compatible VGA
2x 6-pin VGA card (may be ATI)
2x DVI-D compatible VGA (may be ATI


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