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Disc Archiver Crack Activator Download (April-2022)

Disc Archiver Crack Keygen is a utility that is designed to save and restore files from discs. The application allows you to quickly and easily backup your data on archive discs, then restore it at a later time.
The program can handle multiple files and folders at the same time, so you can backup, for instance, your projects, and let the program keep them safe and sound, even when you are out. At a later time, you can easily extract any file on the backup disc and quickly access it.
Disc Archiver allows you to automate a large part of the backup and recovery process. The automation technology allows you to quickly and safely backup your data. In addition, the program also allows you to burn it onto discs. The process of data archiving and disc burning is automated by the program. Moreover, the application can calculate the required disc space and separate the data in a smart manner, so you need to use the minimum number of discs.
The program handles multiple files and folders at a time, and, once you launch the program, it immediately begins to analyze your disc, determine the type of content, and calculate the required space on the disc.
Data recovery
You can use Disc Archiver to also restore the data you archived and backed up on discs. The application can read the disc you insert and copy the data according to your indications: you may copy all the data in the selected folder or use the index file.
If you enabled the file indexing option when creating the backup disc, you may use it at this point, to automatically restore the data in its original location. Moreover, the existing files can be overwritten or renamed.
Repeat backup or recovery
Disc Archiver can save each session and display it in a designated table. The searching engine can help you identify the proper entry, then you may easily run it again, with the same parameters. Moreover, the application supports working with disc auto-loading devices, so you can skip manually supplying blank discs.
NOTE: You need to request an activation code, using a valid email address.

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Disc Archiver X64

Create archive discs.
Advanced searching.
Backup or recovery of data.
Auto data loading.
Compare files.
Copy selected files.
Create backup.
Copy to clipboard.
Create image file.
Create image file with index.
Create index file.
Create backup with index.
Create backup with index and compare.
Create image with index.
Create image with index and compare.
Create text file.
Create text file with index.
Create text file with index and compare.
Delete images.
Display in table.
Diff file.
Find and replace files.
Find next.
Find next without replacement.
Find next in directory.
Find next in directory.
Find previous.
Find previous without replacement.
Find previous in directory.
Find previous in directory.
Find text.
Find text in directory.
Find text in directory.
Format disc.
Get properties of file.
Insert image.
Insert image with index.
Insert image with index and compare.
Insert text.
Insert text with index.
Insert text with index and compare.
Load image.
Load image with index.
Load image with index and compare.
Load image.
Load image with index.
Load image with index and compare.
Load text.
Load text with index.
Load text with index and compare.
Load text.
Load text with index.
Load text with index and compare.
Move files.
Multi-language interface.
Overwrite files.
Preview files.
Preview index file.
Print disc image.
Prompt the user.
Rename files.
Rename text file.
Search by file properties.
Search by file properties.
Search by file size.
Search by file size.
Search by file time.
Search by file time.
Search by file extension.
Search by file extension.
Search by file name.
Search by file name.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file name with size.
Search by file

Disc Archiver Crack + [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]

Create archive discs in the flash disk
Create a backup copy on optical disks
Read disc data and copy its files
Delete archived data
Burn a backup copy to disc
Export archive data to file
Search and copy data
Automate the disc burning process
Create an index file on each disc

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What’s New in the Disc Archiver?

Disc Archiver is a professional data backup and recovery tool that is able to help you protect your valuable data from a possible disaster. Use the program to effectively backup your files and images to encrypted archives on multiple discs, protect them using the password and burn the discs.
1. Backup your data to discs
The program provides an easy-to-use interface, with simple and intuitive tabs. First, choose where you want to store the backup data.
Next, choose the operating system and the data type. Then, you may select the folders to be backed up and opt to create a backup for all the users. In the latter case, the selected folders may be backed up on individual discs, as well as an entire disc.
To back up the selected data to discs, you need to provide a filename and select the folder where the backup data should be stored.
2. Recover your data
If you lose your discs, you need to recover the backed-up data to an empty disc. This process is quite easy to perform and does not require a lot of time.
The program may automatically extract and copy the backup data according to the selected data.
2.1. Recover backup data automatically
To recover the backed-up data, you need to insert the disc, where the data is stored, into the device. Next, the program is notified and the data is extracted and copied.
In the latter case, the existing files are overwritten or renamed.
2.2. Recover backup data manually
If you lose your discs, and the program is unable to automatically restore the backed-up data, you may still use it manually. Just insert a blank disc into the disc drive and follow the instructions displayed on the program’s screen.
The program allows you to choose the folder where the backed-up data should be extracted and then choose where the data should be copied. Then, you may decide whether you want to overwrite or rename the existing files.
In the latter case, the program automatically creates a backup file of the extracted data, in the.DB format, and then moves it to the destination folder.
3. Disc Archiver features
+ Easy-to-use backup and recovery options
+ Support of USB devices
+ Database interface
+ Intelligent data archiving
+ Protect your data using passwords
+ Supports disk auto-loading devices
+ Supports multi-user accounts
+ Automatic backup and recovery options

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– Support for files, folders, and documents, as well

System Requirements For Disc Archiver:

Mac OS X 10.6.2 or newer (10.7 or newer recommended)
1024 MB of RAM
1 GB of hard drive space
DirectX 9.0c
Internet Explorer 9.0c
Important: The free trial version of the game is approximately 7 GB in size. It will not be available to download in the Mac App Store after January 1, 2014.
2. Purchase the game from the Mac App Store (Note: a low resolution icon is displayed on the Mac App Store when you first


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