Jun 2022
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eggsucker 2.0 crackBRENTWOOD, Tenn. – The Tennessee Tech women’s cross country team placed fifth out of six teams at the Southern Conference Championships at Tennessee Wesleyan College.

The Golden Eagles finished fifth with 81 points out of a possible 120, finishing ahead of second-place Western Carolina (95) and sixth-place Tennessee State (82). The Lady Toppers led the way with 19 points followed by John B. Wilson (16) and Penn State (13) with 13 and 11 points respectively.

“First place was a fantastic way to end the season. Western Carolina (ninth) and Penn State (11th) had the best overall scoring at the conference meet while we did well to have a fourth place team finish with a regular season overall of 93 points,” said head coach Mark Hopkins. “I think this season is great for us and I look forward to what lies ahead in the future.”

All four Tech runners finished the race, including freshman Brandy Brewer, who finished second in a time of 25:21.7. Junior Heather McCord, freshman Amanda Hackett and senior Melissa Hurst each finished fourth for the Golden Eagles, while Gabby Kirk ended up sixth in a time of 26:11.0. The group total of 41 points placed Tech sixth in the conference.

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Mar 30, 2020
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Category:File sharing softwareAnother Grand Old Day pt.2

Following on from my last post, I wanted to take some more time to reflect on what we’ve learned over the week. As you’ll remember, we set out with a simple purpose for the week – ‘embrace more of the world.’

We began with a trip to the market and ended with getting stuck on the tube and missing the final leg of our journey back to office. And we encountered so many local businesses along the way. It really brought the world to us in our local area.

I really liked the atmosphere of the market place. Whilst it was bustling with customers, it was also quiet and peaceful – and I loved the sense of community. The feeling of not being able to stop and chat. The hustle of shopping, the bustle of waiting and then the realization that you’re missing the




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