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multithread.sleep and checking whether a process is alive

I would like to write a simple class that would check if a process is alive, similar to Java’s ProcessLivenessListener
I have a problem to figure out how to implement it.
If I have this example
myProcess.isAlive(); // not working
myProcess.isAlive(); // it worked

I need to process A1 and wait for process B to end, then return all the results.
I have a brute force method with a counter and a lot of if to check if I have the correct results, but I’m looking for something more efficient.


This can be achieved using the java.util.concurrent API.
If you declare a runnable task you can call
myProcess.waitFor(long); https://fedbook.net/index.php/2022/06/06/enchanted-gift-cards-free-april-2022/


Apr 7, 2022
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Which books should we read?

Which books should we read? is a good question that is rarely discussed, and books that we read are the most important in our life.
And the most important point in our life is that we read books to increase our knowledge.
So, according to this idea, which books should we read? is a good question, and it’s time to answer the question in this article.
Because you are what you read. Reading a book can change your life.
There are thousands of books in this world.
But which books are the most important in our lives?

1.The best book is the Bible which is the Book which contains the life of every book. the Bible has made many great figures, and made the world great and healthy.

2.Philosophy is a science that uses pure thought and reasoning to understand human nature, and the universe. This science is a foundation and the foundation of all modern sciences.

3.The Muslim religion is a religion that belongs to the Sunni




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