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EASendMail Service Crack+ With License Key Download [32|64bit] [Latest]

Send an e-mail by using SMTP Server
You can specify your own SMTP Server Address, Port Number, Username and Password.
Resetting SMTP Server Data:
If the SMTP Server is set up on your own Server and the EASendMail.Net Component & ANSMTP SMTP Component was not set up by the default values, you can reset those properties.

System Requirements

Windows Version: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x86, Windows 2000 x86, Windows 95 x86, Windows 95 x64, Windows 98 x86, Windows 98 x64, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 4.5, Windows NT 6.0 x86, Windows NT 6.0 x64, Windows NT 6.1, Windows NT 6.1 x64

Click on “Downloads” tab on the left side of the page to download EASendMail.Net Components and EASendMail Demo (Demo file)

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EASendMail Service Download [32|64bit] [Latest]

Server: smtp.microsoft.com
Empathy Username: [email protected]
Empathy Password: password
EASendMail.Net Email Settings:
Host: EASendMailService
Port: 587
Account Name: EASendMailWebService
SMTP Server: smtp.microsoft.com
SMTPSecure: tls

EASendMail Service Settings:
Path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Mail\

Host: smtp.microsoft.com
Port: 25
Account Name: ANSMTP WebService

EASendMail Service Free Download

EASendMail service provides SMTP based E-Mail delivery. E-Mail messages are accepted from a message source, accepted and delivered to the specified recipients via SMTP. For more information on configuring the service please follow the instructions in SMTP Component.
Component dependency:
EASendMail.Net [TearDown]
The component is included in the deployment as a pre-requisite, thus make sure it is installed and available to run.
EASendMail Component:
The component is an extension based component. To obtain the component, select ‘Repository’ from the component menu and navigate to the EASendMail.Net component that can be found in source code.
What’s New
* Change the component name from ‘EASendMail.Net’ to ‘EASendMail’ * Fix for issue of SMTP component * Issue in the new email configuration in EASendMail.Net MMC * Bug fixes.

EASendMail is a very small.NET component that sends and receives E-mail and HTML-mail with SMTP & POP3.
The advantage of this component is that it can replace the Microsoft EASendMail and the Microsoft ASP EASendMail if you want to control the E-mail from your own framework.
The most important features:
– Sending and receiving E-mail with SMTP, POP3, imap, POP3S etc.
– The sending of E-mails with different encoding (Default UTF-8 for the E-mail, UTF-16 & UTF-32 for the HTML-mail).
– Sending of E-mails from your own framework, or from a ASP page.
– Sending of E-mails via any Framework- or ASP-Page.
– Optional- Compose E-mails with signature and text from your own framework, or from a ASP-Page.
– Optional- Sending of E-mails with HTML-mail and images.
The use of this component is very simple. All you have to do is to add the EASendMail component in the required Assemblies folder and specify the source of the E-mails you want to send. Furthermore all you have to do to send an E-mail is to call the EASendMail.Send().
One of the biggest advantages of this component is that it can be used with any framework/ ASP, as well as using.NET Framework and.NET Standard.
Some functions are

What’s New in the EASendMail Service?

EASendMail is a free, fast and secure email delivery service.
By using EASendMail you will be able to test the development of email-related applications easily.
By using EASendMail or by developing with the EASendMail.Net Component and ANSMTP SMTP component, you can:
Using the same application on your development PC and on your users (internet).
Preview and send emails without using a web browser.
Preview and send emails without using a desktop email client.
Make your users happy.
Using EASendMail you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits of the service.
Secure SMTP connection with SSL Encryption
To make your EASendMail application really fast and secure, we use a secure SMTP connection which is encrypted with SSL Encryption.
The EASendMail.Net Component and ANSMTP SMTP component use an embedded logic to perform the SMTP connection.
EASendMail.Net Component:
The EASendMail.Net Component is an easy to use component.
You can use all the properties of the component.
Make some changes in the local.config file.
You can choose between the following modes of operation.
[Mode_1] [Mode_2] [Mode_3]
SMTP Server:[default] default Get a proper SMTP server address for the EASendMail.
SMTP Port:[default] default Default port for the EASendMail.
Get Email Address From Username
If the EASendMail Component don’t connect to the specified SMTP server, then you can use this function to automatically get email address.
For example, to automatically get the email address of a user from his username.
You can use the username as a parameter for the GetEAmail method.
For more information on the EASendMail.Net Component, click here.
ANSMTP SMTP Component:
If you need the ANSMTP Component, this component only change the SMTP connection settings.
Make some changes in the local.config file.
For more information on the ANSMTP Component, click here.
* * *
[Based on the requirements of the creator of the components, the free version, the EASendMail.Net Component and ANSMTP Component are more limited than the respective commercial versions.]
EASendMail is a free,


System Requirements:

The game supports all systems known to date:
Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Mac OS (10.9, 10.10)
Linux OS (Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 8.1)
Linux ARM (i.e. Raspberry Pi)
And more…
Please check our website for the latest details and screenshots of the game.
Added Polish and Russian localization for the game.
Added Polish and Russian translations for


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