Jun 2022
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Eye Saver Free Download

Eye Saver is a useful computer optimization software that can eliminate the digital eye strain, especially if you are working in front of a computer for a long period of time.
It does so by filtering out the blue light from the display and making the colors on the screen warmer for easier vision.
Additionally, it reduces the screen flickering effect, which is also an inducement for eye strain and headaches.
Despite being a simple and easy to use utility, it is a convenient program that allows you to improve your eye sight.
Moreover, you can easily configure the program for different profiles, which makes it a good solution for when you are using the computer for gaming, reading, watching movies or doing other activities.
Additionally, you will also be able to easily schedule Eye Saver to activate every time you start a particular activity.
Furthermore, you can configure its settings to dim the entire or only the edges of the screen in order to avoid the unnecessary light.
Furthermore, you can also enable the overlay and trim effects that help you to reduce the glare on the screen.
By default, it also saves the color and light settings, so you can easily switch between them.
Thanks to the Minimize to Tray option, you will be able to keep it on top of the computer screen even after you close it.
Overall, Eye Saver is a reliable tool that can be used to enhance the eye sight of PC users.
As you can see, Eye Saver is a very basic and simple utility that has only a few features, but they are all worth mentioning. So, the good news is that this app is cheap, easy to install and you can configure it for all different activities.
Then, you will have a convenient way to make sure you don’t get any eye strain. This means that you will be able to enjoy more time in front of the computer by getting rid of the inconvenience of computer screen glare and eye strain, which in turn can lead to unnecessary headaches and even eye diseases.
So, if you are suffering from computer screen eye strain and headaches, you should give it a try and see if it will be worth adding to your PC.
The app Eye Saver is provided to you by iSoftwaresoft and it is the sole property of iSoftwaresoft. You can freely use this app on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
However, you have to keep in mind that you are not the owner of this app, so you cannot ask for

Eye Saver Crack + Free Download PC/Windows [Updated]

Set screen brightness, ambient light and color preferences. Change display settings. Manage widgets in home screen. Configure profiles. Customize the lock screen.
Eye Saver has received average reviews from both critics and users. However, both types of users agree on one thing, namely that this is an essential tool for anyone who spends too much time in front of a computer screen.

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What’s New in the Eye Saver?

Eye Saver is a free software tool for decreasing eye strain, headaches, and
dimming out the blue light emitted by computer monitors.This simple tool
prevents blue light from entering your eyes.With the Eye Saver you can
activate the brightness of the displayed desktop, the monitor backlight,
and the correction of certain color settings.Furthermore you can apply
additional screen effects such as rotating the screen or dimming the
edges of the display.You can also use this software to analyze the color
settings of your monitor.
The eye strain is caused by a sudden change in the brightness or the
angle of the light entering your eyes. When you have a computer monitor
for a longer period of time, your eyes are constantly strained. Eye Saver
prevents the light entering your eyes by decreasing the brightness of the
screen.The blue light emitted by a computer screen enters your eyes and
hurts them. Currently, most computer screens emit a light that is harmful
for your eyes. Eye Saver helps you to protect your eyes by reducing the
amount of blue light that enters your eyes.The screen effects:
* Increase the screen’s brightness.
* Rotate the screen.
* Dim the screen.
* Dim the screen’s edges.
* Dim the light of the backlight.
* Show the color saturation.
The settings can be saved under customizable profiles, so they can be
switched between.The program starts automatically when a computer is
* Option to automatically activate the program when starting your
computer (configurable under the program settings).
* Save and restore all color settings (configurable under the program
When you change the settings, the Eye Saver will try to save the settings
automatically. If you don’t want to be asked about each setting, you
should deactivate the “Automatically save settings” function (in the
program settings).You can also save all settings as profiles (configurable
under the program settings).
* You can set how often the program should be automatically activated
(configurable under the program settings).
* You can schedule the program to activate at a specific time (configurable
under the program settings).
How to use Eye Saver:
1. Click on “Start”
2. Click on “Control Panel”
3. Click on “Appearance and Personalization”
4. Click on “Screen”
5. Click

System Requirements:

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