FAQs – All

Virtual Office
Q: Is it possible to use my existing company phone number continuously?
A: Yes. We offer a dedicated phone number to you, and you can forward your existing company phone number to this dedicated phone number. When our receptionist received the call from your line, we will answer call in your company name.
Q: How long is the contract period for virtual office?
A: The minimum contract period can be one month and auto-renew until your further notice. But there will be a privilege for 12 months contract.
Q: Can I get my number first before the service start?
A: As our numbers live in a large bank, if you want to reserve the number, you have to activate the account at the same time.
Serviced Office
Q: When can I move in serviced office after the payment?
A: You can move in any time after the registration and payment. Also, our assistant are welcome to assist you to solve any problem regarding the office. Please do not hesitate to seek for our help.
Q: In general, how many people can accommodate into Premier Serviced Offices?
A: Premier Serviced Office can accommodate five person. Also, we can provide options and arrange a nearby office to support your business development.
Q: How long is the contract period for serviced office?
A: Premier Serviced Office contract is flexible. The minimum lease term is 1 month, and maximum lease term is 24 months. And there will be an additional privilege if you sign contract for 6 months or above.
Meeting Room
Q: What is the charges for conference room?
A: We provide flexible booking schedule for meeting room rental, charge per 15 minutes. We also provide daily and monthly plan. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
Q: When should I reserve the meeting room?
A: You should reserve at least 1 working day. You can reserve it in person, by phone, by email or through our website. We will send you a confirmation shortly if there is available.
Q: Do your Centre provide food and beverages services?
A: We can help you to arrange catering or make the restaurant reservation.
Company Formation
Q: How to apply for company registration?
A: We provide one-stop service through our team of professionals, and we has extensive experience in our accounting services established for many years.
Once you planned your company name, we will help you to handle the registration procedures of opening the company.
Q: What is the bank account opening procedure?
A: You can open the company bank account once received the full company kit. Basically, the bank would require you to provide some company doc, HKID/Passport and address proof of all director & shareholders. And it take around 1-3weeks generally. All depend on different bank policy and company type.
In addition, we can assist you to open the company bank account, which help you saving your valuable time.
Q: How long does it take to incorporate Hong Kong Limited??
A: It take around 12 working days after signing all government document.
Professional Service
Q: What benefit can I get from cloud technology?
A: For today’s advance technology, it is a trend to rely on cloud service for numerous supporting files during business trip. You are able to download and review your company documents anytime, anywhere and don’t need to worry about data loss problem.
Also, hard disk capacity can be increased upon request, we can provide the file management and other cloud applications. For more details, please feel free to contact us.
Q: How long does it take to effective the customize domain e-mail after application?
A: The customize domain e-mail can effective within half working day after your application.
Q: About the E-filing Service, how long does it take to get back the documents form store?
A: The documents will be delivered within the office hour of the following working day. (With one day prior notice, order cut off time: 15:00)
Live Receptionist
Q: What greeting will my clients hear?
A: You can decide what personalized greeting our live receptionist say when they greet your clients. Also, your clients can hear an automatic warm greeting first which recorded by you or Premier Assistant when they call your company phone number.
Q: How does the voicemail system work?
A: Voicemail system is included in all phone service plan. You or Premier Assistant can record a main greeting for your voicemail box. If your clients leave a voice message, you will receive the voicemail sound file with date, time, and phone number of the call stamped by email immediately. Also, you can dial to the voicemail system to listen it.
Q: How does the calls work after office hours?
A: Our Live Receptionist phone answering service is available from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm (Exclude Hong Kong Public Holiday). After office hours, our automated system can forward the calls to you directly, or transfer the calls into voicemail system.
Q: How to apply for your services?
A: You can apply for our service in person, by email or fax. Once we received the application form with required document and the payment, the service can immediate effect.
Q: What payment methods can be used?
A: For the first payment, we accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and online payment. After that, you can also set up a Direct Debit for monthly payment.
Q: What should I do if I am not going to renew contract?
A: You have to give us the early notice before the contract end. The notice period is depend of different services and contract term, it need around 2 weeks to 1 month notice generally.