Jul 2022
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Using this information, gameplay mechanics will be enhanced to make the most of an enhanced AI engine that will ensure every touch and move is authentic and true to life. Using the data collected from the most intense, high-intensity football game that has ever been played on the pitch, developers have been able to evolve the physics of players’ movement, tackle accuracy and tackle power. We can also expect to see reaction time in players that is more responsive than ever before. Players will deal with a whole host of animations that once only took seconds will now take the player’s entire football action to complete; be that reacting to a pass or booting the ball into the back of the net.

HyperMotion Technology will also provide added authenticity to all dribbles, passes, and shooting controls. Just like their real-life counterparts, the motions of players will feel more natural, as they will have a more authentic touch as they move in real-life. They will be able to re-orient themselves and regain balance after an off-balance tackle, apply more power to a pass, and, more importantly, execute a perfect shot that will often come off as if it’s been taken by a real player.

FIFA Soccer 2019, the most realistic football videogame on the market, introduced “Physically Based Control” (PBC). With this technology, the player’s controlling your player’s movements better than before, using your touchpad and buttons to make your player do what you want with the stick.

Also, with PBC, it becomes much easier to learn to play FIFA with your controller or a pro player.

To add to the increased realism, pro players from the last 15 years will be added to the FIFA 22 roster. With players like Michael Ballack, Frank Lampard, Patrick Vieira and Andy Cole, the game becomes even more interesting.

We can expect to see a more realistic AI, enhanced physics, the introduction of the “Swinging Cupholder” and the use of proper pitch controls as well. These additions will make the game feel much more genuine and realistic.

As you can see, this year’s installment in the FIFA series will be one of the biggest in the series’ history and features a very exciting roster of football superstars and international icons.

The real-world football that gamers will be


Features Key:

  • The new “Ultimate Team mode” gives you the power to pull players out of thin air. You’ll be able to borrow the spells of 49 of the world’s top players for a limited time. You’ll also be able to use an endless barrage of new-and-improved cards for your squad.
  • New player narrative service provides more in-depth player biographies and goes far beyond current in-game traditions.
  • FIFA UCL, the existing championship mode returns and with an expanded Pro Clubs and new international tournaments.
  • MUT RV’s new broadcast and camera angles provide more content and depth in the match view. Add further authenticity by game-recording those great shots and sharing them via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Complete Autosave improvements, player movement and display improvement, improved AI, ball physics and responsive club physics.
  • New animation engine that brings more flexibility, life and challenge into player animation, including joint and rib-cage interaction.
  • New standout animation, new celebrations, new player celebrations, new team-mate celebrations, new coach celebrations, trophy celebrations, new interview celebrations, and more.
  • Expanded intensity of gameplay for better Authentic Movement and unprecedented live gravity.


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Players are in control of teams on the world’s biggest sporting stage: the FIFA World Cup™. The best gamers in the world compete for the ultimate prize of becoming FIFA World Cup™ Champions.


FIFA 20 introduced brand-new gameplay features, like creating a superteam, PES 2018 introduced cutting-edge innovations like True Player AI, and PES 2019 will be powered by FIFA 20 innovations. From the Bundesliga to the AFC Champions League, FIFA World Cup™ 2019 delivers the biggest game of the year across everything from team and player controls to stadiums and gameplay modes.


As one of the world’s best FIFA players, you’ll take your talents online and dominate your friends across local or online multiplayer modes for up to 32 players!


Over the course of two months, up to 32 players will compete online to become FIFA World Cup™ Champions. Playing with your friends and trying out modes with them is always an unforgettable moment.


Create a new career as your very own legend with multiple cards that affect the match-day experience in the game. Each card is tailored to your personal play style, giving you the ability to take on multiple roles in the game.


Introducing the My FIFA and My Player 2.0 touchpoints. From customizing your player to giving your team access to the depth of play from other players, the new 2.0 touchpoints make your FIFA experience personal, fun and tailored to your needs.


FIFA 20 features a new control scheme designed to enhance player control, including more reactive ball physics. What’s more, every touch in the game will affect your play style. It’s time to dominate the pitch.


Crush through online matches and tournaments in the new and improved in-game tournament system. Also, develop your all-new squad in the All-Stars mode with your friends.


In the PES Football 2019 Demo, be prepared for a new format, both visually and tactically, of the famed UEFA Champions League.


Players, teams, and more are available to unlock in PES


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When your journey through the game ends, go back and play more with a new card collection, comprising of the most complete set of FIFA and career cards ever. Win matches, complete challenges and climb the Leaderboards in an experience that allows you to collect, manage, and play with your favourite players and teams, like never before. The team is your club.

FUT Draft – So, it’s your first season in the Premier League, and you’re absolutely stoked. But here’s the thing. You only have £10m to spend, which looks like a lot for a club of your stature. However, with the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft mode, you can stock up on the best players from across the world, all using your football budget. With help from EA Sports’ Championship Manager and Fifa series veterans, you’ll soon find yourself assembling a squad that will make your team unstoppable.

EA SPORTS Football Ultimate Team –
FUT mode is a game of finesse, but now with this feature, we have the ability to be more physical. With this FIFA Ultimate Team mode, your squad is not just a bunch of fitness freaks, any more. In this Ultimate Team mode, you can also kick, head, elbow and bodycheck your opponents. Get physical, and drag your opponents to the ground.

Matchday – Play as the manager of any club in the world and treat yourself to the full scope of managerial duties. Optimise the pitch and reward or punish players through roster changes, transfer activities and salary spending. Pick the best formation based on the opposition, and then set your tactics and substitutions, ultimately ensuring the best results for your club.

Interactive Training (I.T.) – Use I.T. and watch FIFA 22 deliver a whole new FIFA experience in the Training area. Watch, interact, and coach your team like never before. Discover four unique training zones, including Inside the Box, Outside the Box, Nutrition and Learn to Play, giving you the power to design and customise training content to raise your game.

Play Styles – FIFA 22 allows you to express yourself through several striking game styles, all with unique features and visual flourishes. Customise your gameplay with three new authentic motion game styles; Volleyball, Rugby and more. With Move Like This, the foundations of gameplay have been shaken by a new set of tools for delivering crisp, agile animation. This new technology will give players the ability to control the direction


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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