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FIFA and EA Sports have been working closely with the video game industry’s best and brightest to deliver the most authentic soccer gameplay to date. To accomplish this goal, EA Sports Senior Designer Sean “Jargo” Ferguson and FIFA’s lead gameplay engineer Dan O’Mahony are joining hands with other key members of the game development team in London to better understand player motions, movement and actions in real life as accurately as possible.

“In recent years, we have created an engine that can become a tool to tell a story with graphics,” said Alexandre “Pixie” Colson, Senior Gameplay Designer at EA Sports. “We want our game to be an instrument of story-telling. What the player sees and experiences in the game is in direct relation to what the player will see in real life.”

As part of EA’s commitment to deliver its most authentic game experience to date, the dedicated team at EA Tiburon has worked with the world’s best real-life soccer players and professional coaches to deliver a game that will become the new standard in entertainment and entertainment sports. That focus on authenticity has been at the heart of everything the team has done since the opening of EA Tiburon.

“Each year, we set the bar higher in authenticity with our gameplay,” said EA Sports Senior Designer Sean “Jargo” Ferguson. “When it comes to player authenticity, one of the most valuable tools that players have is the ability to simulate how the player moves. The best comparison is us watching a player on the pitch and trying to create an animation to match how that player moves. We’ve been able to spend the last two years working together with our players to really make FIFA the game of the summer of 2022.”


FIFA 22 is built on EA SPORTS CRYENGINE®. In a CRYENGINE-powered title, players need to react and react fast. Each minute, second, and millisecond of in-game action is governed by a data pipeline that translates the player’s movements into on-screen behaviour with continuous streaming updates that ensure a smooth on-screen experience.

The application of machine learning to the engine has allowed for the creation of a technology-based approach for defining the physics of the in-game environment and objects. This approach is focused on tight integration and rapid optimization


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player.
  • Choose your environment and upgrade your stadium as you progress.
  • Improve your abilities as both a manager and a player.
  • Play online with friends and other players.
  • Create your club with your name on the stadium, kits, team, and more.
  • Save, share, and more.


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FIFA brings to life the beauty of the game and the passion of the sport with authentic footballers, football stadiums, and football environments where any chance can lead to glory. FIFA 22 is the newest entry in a successful series that takes you from the heights of the biggest matches to the scores of the small ones. It’s a game you’ll want to play with friends and colleagues, and enjoy with your family.


All-New Online Experience: FIFA 19 online was the definitive place to challenge friends and foes. FIFA 22 takes this experience to the next level with new features including streamlined gameplay, expanded international friendlies and cool social experiences.

FIFA 20 Online: New features include player progression for better overall gameplay, new achievements for all online modes, and a faster and simpler way to connect with friends and rivals.

The Journey to Gold: Play your favorite club challenge mode and make a run at Europe’s top leagues, and compete in the Club World Cup, a brand-new mode where only the world’s best clubs will reign supreme.

Real-World Teams: Track and play with more than 180 of the world’s top players, and play as your favorite clubs in the most realistic simulation of the greatest football league in the world.

Ultimate Team: Customise your Ultimate Team to become the best in the world. Make trades and set formation to achieve the ultimate combination of talent and skill.

New Connected Competitions: FIFA is the only game to let you play offline in FIFA UCL or Club World Cup – while they are connected to the online universe, you’ll also be able to have an offline experience as a club.

Brand-New Coaching Experience: Choose from new AI assistant coaches who can guide your team through the entire season while you’re away. Delegate your assistants in matches and watch as they work their magic from the sideline.

Player and Team Physiology: Take control of player behaviour and get under the skin of the most realistic game in the series. Play different roles on the pitch to see how the players respond to the game, and re-analyze every decision your team makes.

New Visuals: Look closer at the game in new and improved ways. Simpler graphics will make for a more efficient online experience and real-world players will be rendered more realistically.

New Commentary: Hear the greatest football commentary team in history, led by legendary broadcaster Geoff Robins.

Football Intelligence: Enjoy a new


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New ways to build your Ultimate Team and establish yourself as a footballing icon in FUT. Now you can discover new players and bring them into your favourite teams by crafting your very own tactic. You can also power up and improve players in game using coins and cards. New FIFA Ultimate Team Card Packs, which reward you for your in-game achievements, also feature a new Fanboost mode – work together with friends or choose your rewards from a wide variety of rewards, such as coins, stickers, and squad players. FIFA Ultimate Team is an All-In-One Ultimate gaming experience that incorporates all the action and excitement of a football game into a single epic experience.

Improve your game and the game of others with VAR in FIFA Football 19.
• Completely new and improved system to detect offside, throw-ins and direct free-kicks. The new VAR moves the decision on when to use it out of the referee’s hands and into an independent system. So no more “wonder goal” and no more “apparent goals”. VAR also means you’ll have more confidence when you play and more fun.
• Referees are better informed and can receive training from the independent VAR panel. The VAR panel works faster and more intuitively compared to previous FIFA versions.
• An auto-correct on throw-ins will highlight the problem area.
• Keep an eye on all key moments during the game via interactive videos
• Enhanced video content with more detailed refereeing.

✓ New unique features within gameplay

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