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We would like to thank Alex Evans (@ASevansSports) for his very generous time with us to demonstrate the new physics/reactions engine at BES’s headquarters, and for providing us with some additional footage to share.

Real Soccer Motion Captured

Beyond being a whole lot of fun to watch, a demo of what the original motion capture would look like if done in real-life was a sobering moment of realization, if a bit of a shock to the system. (If you’re a FIFA or FUT player, you’ll be familiar with this format.)

In the video, Evans begins with a young boy playing a quick, pick-up match against a “ghost” player. In an instant, an opponent tackling him has him in midair, ready to go. The engine has him right where it wants to have him.

Let’s take a look at some of the more subtle and more interesting gameplay changes that have been implemented based on the motion capture’s physics engine. There are two main types of changes in the demo video that we wanted to highlight.

Difficult Decisions at the Right Time

One of the more interesting additions to the game is that the engine will take advantage of the motion capture data to inform your decisions. For example, in the scenario where your winger has just run through the middle of your team to release pressure on the centre-backs, but he’s a little wide, the motion capture data might suggest that you need to move the cross over to the nearer-side of your winger, or to cut the angle to make it easier to create a passing situation.

While you’re in possession of the ball, the physics engine will use all of the motion capture data to highlight the best way to progress the ball. For example, if the opposite winger is coming in and there is a defender near-by, you’ll see a message telling you to look at passing to the winger who is in good position to receive the ball.

Additionally, the engine will take the defender’s performance into account during the motion capture recording, too. If you are defending set up, you will receive warnings and feedback about how you are playing, where you are standing and what type of contact you are receiving from your opponent. This will inform you as to whether or not


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 key features include:
    – New player types, including offensive midfielders and new goalkeepers.
  • The best game in history is taking its biggest leap forward yet. Featuring more detailed stadiums, blockbuster Ultimate Team updates, striking player expressions and more brilliant ways to experience the beautiful game.
  • The biggest, most authentic FIFA ever is available with its 1080p, Dynamic Refresh Reflections, ultra-smooth gameplay and the beautiful, everything you love about FIFA returns.


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FIFA is the world’s biggest videogame franchise, a global sporting phenomenon with more than 250 million players and a passion and knowledge base that spans more than a century. Every FIFA game is built around a cornerstone of authentic football play where the ball moves and players run using real physics and free-flowing skill.

Whether you’re a FIFA pro on your favorite console or PC, a football aficionado, or just a casual sports fan, FIFA allows you to be more involved in the world’s most popular sport by playing it.

Where can I get more information?

Read more about the FIFA franchise and associated products at www.easports.com/fifa.

Pre-order details

Pre-order FIFA 22 and enjoy a range of benefits including in-game bonus items, exclusive cover artwork and priority access to FIFA Ultimate Team™ your way – the ultimate way to build and manage your own Ultimate Team™.

Be the first to play FIFA on the new FIFA 21 console system, available from 22 June. Pre-order FIFA 21 now.

Terms and conditions

For all product information, including pre-order or pre-order bonus details, please visit www.easports.com/fifa.

Brand guidelines: All FIFA trademarks and logos are the property of EA Digital Sports, LLC. EA SPORT is the official authorised licensee of the FIFA trademarks and logos.

EA SPORTS is a registered trademark of EA SPORT, LLC. All third party marks are the property of their respective owners.

For more information, please contact Press queries, EA SPORTS, 1 Centennial Place, Sixth Floor, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8AH, UK, tel: +44 (0) 20 4343 6500, or visit: www.easports.com/fifa.

Powered by Football™: The official videogame of the Fifa world cup® The official videogame of the Fifa world cup®Q:

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Brand new to FIFA 22, Ultimate Team gives fans more ways to compete by introducing an augmented version of Fantasy Football to FIFA. Whether you’re the one taking on challenges, or if you’re creating your own, you’ll be able to bring your custom squads to contests with the chance to win real prizes. And once you’ve paid attention to the stats of your players and how they perform under pressure, you can start to build a dedicated collection of players that you can manage in both a real-world and fantasy football style.

Simulation Mode – In FIFA, you’ll play the game like you were really there, competing in real matches. Not only will you master the skills and tactics of the game, you’ll now have the opportunity to also add a first-hand sense of the atmosphere and danger of the pitch to your gameplay, with a range of new sensors to accurately convey the next generation of intelligent gameplay.

Build your Ultimate Team with FIFA 20 Card Packs containing items from Ultimate Team, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 and FIFA Ultimate Team. Buy any of the available FIFA 20 card packs to play in both FIFA 20 and Ultimate Team on a platform that will allow you to unlock a variety of items, including new player ratings, branded player signatures, player attributes, squad tatics and more!

​The FIFA 20 FIFA Ultimate Team™ Collectors Edition gives you everything you need to enjoy the experience of Ultimate Team as well as Ultimate Team Seasons. You’ll find the game box and contents in a slipcase with red and blue background on top of a slick black slipcase background. This slipcase can be used to gift the FIFA 20 Fifa Ultimate Team™ Collectors Edition, or to take it home with you.

+ First three months of Season Tickets will be completely free for players who join the FIFA Ultimate Team community. Free FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons = Free content

Capture the Moment – An all new live camera on the ball for the first time in FIFA, letting you experience the drama of a match as if you were actually there.

The Journey – A new generation of soccer, showcasing the world’s best athletes in stunning 4K and Ultra HD.

The Game – See the ball like never before with FIFA 20’s intuitive gameplay.

Collect – Build the ultimate collection of soccer stars with the FIFA 20 FIFA Ultimate Team™ Collectors Edition.

You are now a Member of a


What’s new:

  • Dynamic 3-D World.
  • Change-of-pace playstyles. Dynamic Motions system.
  • Midfielders use intelligence to help set up play.
  • Intelligent Player AI.
  • Booby Traps from new teams like Espanyol, Schweinsteiger. (Which is a long-winded way of saying: Luis Suarez, Liverpool.)
  • 5-star ratings for advanced tactics. Sustainers, deep-lying midfielders, wingers.


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FIFA is the all-time world leader in professional football video games. FIFA series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide since its launch in 1994.

Can I Get It?

FIFA 22 is available starting today (April 18th) on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC and will also be available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles (with FIFA 19) in early May 2019.

Can I play online?

Yes. Start playing right now on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC with every player in the world, available in all countries.

What’s New?

An Evolving You.

We asked fans to share their FIFA dreams via FIFA Dreams, and the fan-voted winners will make an appearance in FIFA 22.

We’ve reengineered the sprint, improving the timing and predictability of player movement. This will make playing more dynamic and reactive.



The Good


An Evolving You.

An improved sprint mechanic.

Meaningful World Cup Moments

Not only do we bring you a brand new World Cup, but we’re also bringing new World Cup Moments. Meaningful moments that are written by the players themselves.

Unprecedented AI

New AI makes players more intelligent and intelligent.

New Defending System

You’ll now have more of a chance to defend or attack in goals.

New Transfers

We’ve made it easier to acquire players in the dropzone and player dynamics have changed.

Retro Achievements and Challenges

Access familiar achievements and challenges from FIFA 19 in addition to new challenges created by our most dedicated fans.

Pace and Dribbling

We’ve made it easier to control the pace and the dribble.

International Teams

AI better understands the roles of players on the pitch.

Improved Refereeing

The Bad

AI can be improved.

Only a few Windows Players.

Some Platform issues.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is coming to the Xbox One in the near future.

PlayStation 4

The Xbox One version of FIFA Mobile will be coming to the PlayStation 4. It is now available to pre


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  • How to Install onWindows


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista SP2/7
Processor: Pentium 4 2.66 GHz
Memory: 512MB
Display: 1024×768
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Hard Disk: 500 MB
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