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EA SPORTS™ FIFA LIVE™ is currently available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. For more information and upcoming news, visit www.easports.com/fifa.


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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Brand-new engine for next-generation gameplay innovations
  • Dynamic & Personalised Coaching
  • More authentic feeling on-pitch physics
  • FIFA 22 Underrated Players Mode
  • Brand-new host of pre-match content including Fan Tours, match highlights and more
  • Ankit Bhatt: Manager – Ultimate_Manager
  • Rajneesh Kumar: Player – RealPlayer


  • Brand-new engine powered by FrostbiteTM
  • Dynamic & Personalised Coaching: New on-pitch Training drills to take your individual player attributes to the next level
  • Life Size Human Characters: Stretch the virtual boundaries beyond realism and place your foot on the turf of the world’s largest stadiums
  • Team Feel: Watch your Managers show charisma and personality on the pitch, cheer on your strikers and wolf down on some Mickey D’s as you apply Manager tactics to earn the largest profits at the Club Store
  • Player Personality: A range of on-pitch actions tailored to specific player roles to enhance the experience even more.
  • Performance-driven Performance Management: New Performance Graphs with a full suite of statistical analytics and report based coaching tools
  • Spot On Skill Games: New Game-types and enhancements, including a flexible dribbling system and game-changing one touch passes to empower more creative gaming
  • New Depth of Wide Range Character Creation: Create more expressive and visually appealing characters through the comprehensive customization and imagery toolset
  • Skins Pack: Striker Sights, Ladies Strong and Power Sights are available as official EA Sports licensed league and team kits, and can be applied directly to your player through FIFA Ultimate Team


Fifa 22 Crack PC/Windows [March-2022]

Developed by the Electronic Arts studio in Vancouver, Canada, and published by Electronic Arts, FIFA delivers authentic football action and emotion across football, all-new features, and a new leap into the future of football.
FIFA is the world’s leading sports video game series and is enjoyed by a growing global fan-base that includes millions of active sports enthusiasts and casual gamers. For more information, please visit www.ea.com/fifa.

I want to play in a professional league. What should I download?

FIFA helps you recreate matches of every National and European league, so you can train and play with the next generation of players and see where your club ranks.

The game’s season mode puts your club through 20 competitive matches and has the option to view them as a complete season, a single match, or in a more in-depth review mode. You also have the opportunity to change and customize your team by adding and subtracting players to and from your team, and adjusting your tactics, in a way that no other football game offers.

FIFA’s new Career Mode gives you the chance to put your real-world skills to the test, and makes you feel as though you’ve truly made it as a footballer. You can train, set up your own dream team, and manage your club’s finances – as a player or a manager.

You can also play as famous footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Didier Drogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and dozens more. You can take part in 11 ways to play, via play to score (assist, penalty shootout, or shootouts), authentic team mentality, local and online multiplayer, all-new online tournaments, and new gameplay features like Defending, Attack, Attacking, Passing, Dribbling, Shot Block, and Rebounding.

Finally, FIFA keeps you updated and connected with the real world of football through the new FUT Manager app that gives you the chance to see what your rival managers are doing, and how your team is performing against them, 24 hours a day.

Key Features

A Storyline Rich, Authentic World of Football

As a player, your choices become more influential as the story unfolds, and you’ll witness the highs, lows, triumphs, and setbacks that define the real world of football through the eyes of a group of characters you get to


Fifa 22 Crack Free License Key 2022 [New]

The Best FIFA Soccer players are brought to life through the power of FIFA Ultimate Team, the all-new career mode in FIFA 22. Join your friends and millions of other FIFA gamers as you take on the role of your favorite player and earn your living in the Ultimate Team. Signing players, unlocking their abilities, and playing for real against opponents that share the same Ultimate Team with you all leads to intense matches and epic rivalries. Beat your friends, and challenge the best with millions of others around the world.

– The Best Players from Around the World – Choose from over 50 legendary players from past and present including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo as you assemble teams of up to 23 players and battle for glory in many of the game’s exciting features, including 1,000 Club Matches.

– Make Your Moustache Grow – Personalise your FIFA Ultimate Team avatar with one of 26 new hairstyles and moustaches including some iconic style choices such as Van der Sar, The Rev, and Shearer.

– Build Your Ultimate Dream Team – Select from one of seven kits, including official kits from around the world’s biggest leagues, and create a real squad of up to 11 players. Then customise your squad, customise your stadium, and play as your favorite club.

– Create Your Ultimate Moments – Play a match with up to 11 players and challenge a friend to a game. You can then grab a camera, record some video of your best goal and share it with the world.

– Enter the FIFA YouTube World Cup of Gaming – Get 1,000 FIFA Points by competing in FIFA YouTube World Cups from around the world. Any video posted on FIFA.com and/or YouTube containing the words “FIFA”, “World Cup” and “Gaming” will earn you 1,000 FIFA Points upon notification.

Player Search – Reinvent the classic search function to give you more control over the players you want to find.

Other Improvements
– New Game Tutorial that will help you get your bearings quicker and more easily in Career Mode and Ultimate Team.
– New formation-based player attributes that will help you to better understand your players in-game.
– New commentary from international broadcasters including David Taylor, Robbie Savage, Joleon Lescott and radio commentators Jeremy Wilson and Ryan Giggs.
– New Player Ratings system is designed to award ratings for each player based on their in-game performances, making it easier


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New Motion Capture Technology unleashes FIFA 22's next-generation gameplay. Players step into the shoes of more than 22 real-life athletes, and have their every move recorded. The game uses this powerful data to power next-generation one-on-one gameplay and truly immersive 3D environments.
  • Introducing 4K Ultra HD support for FIFA 22! Watch the action in stunning 4K Ultra HD, or choose 1080p for all your action and resolution.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise, and it’s only getting better with FIFA 21!

FIFA Ultimate Team™

Create your dream squad from over 100 world-class players including Real Madrid and Barcelona ™ and use EA SPORTS™ Licensed Player FacesⓇ to make them your own!

Improve your squad with FIFA Ultimate Team packs and earn rewards in-game to add even more to your collection!

Buy packs with coins you earn in-game or choose a paid pack at retail price.

Take on other players in online Seasons or Seasons, which let you test your skill against players from around the world on new FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues.

The FIFA Ultimate Team™ Experience awaits!

FIFA Grounds

The FIFA Grounds include the following locations from the real-world:

Volgograd (RUSSIA) – ground of the West Group, based on Volgograd State University in the city.

– ground of the West Group, based on Volgograd State University in the city. Baku (AZE) – ground of the West Group, based on Güner Stadium in the city.

– ground of the West Group, based on Güner Stadium in the city. Budapest (HUN) – ground of the East Group, based on Budapest Sports Centre in the city.

– ground of the East Group, based on Budapest Sports Centre in the city. Doha (QAT) – ground of the West Group, based on Sheikh Jassim bin Thani Stadium in the city.

– ground of the West Group, based on Sheikh Jassim bin Thani Stadium in the city. Moscow (RUS) – ground of the West Group, based on Ryazan’s Central Stadium in the city.

– ground of the West Group, based on Ryazan’s Central Stadium in the city. Nizhny Novgorod (RUS) – ground of the West Group, based on Borodin Stadium in the city.

– ground of the West Group, based on Borodin Stadium in the city. Oman (OMN) – ground of the West Group, based on Sultan Qaboos Sports City in the city.

– ground of the West Group, based on Sultan Qaboos Sports City in the city. Salvador (BRA) – ground of the


How To Crack Fifa 22:

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