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File Rename Crack+ With Full Keygen (Updated 2022)

To rename your files, you just need to drop them in a file with a new name.

To rename your folders, you just need to drag and drop the files that you want to rename into the program’s directory.

This is very handy because you can easily move your files to another location and even rename them.

Just like opening a file, the application lets you apply the renaming procedure at once to a large number of files or select them one by one.

You can use the option to add custom text to file names, and resize images easily.

In addition to that, the application can filter certain types of files and allows you to choose the file size in case you are interested in customizing your files.

It doesn’t have any sign of adware or any virus.

How to use:

Just download File rename Torrent Download and save it on your computer’s desktop.

After that, double-click the program’s.exe file and follow the instructions.

When the setup window appears, click “Next”.

When the first page appears, select where to save the application and click “Next”.

Wait for it to complete the installation process and click “Finish” to run the program.

Now the new application is available on the desktop.

Click File ->Open, and you can start renaming files right away.


The application’s main advantage is that you can name any number of files at once.

The other advantage is that, once you rename a file, you can easily drag it anywhere in the file system and rename it with a new file name.

The application runs with low CPU usage and no problems occurred during our tests.

The only disadvantage is that, to use the program, you need the.NET Framework.

If you want to remove it, you can easily delete the program’s.exe file and that is it. No other files are required to save your work.

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File Rename is a

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#2 – Pixel Perfect, Simple, and Fast

The Pixel Perfect app is a simple and quick way to resize images with impressive results. Simply pick the maximum width and height you want and Pixel Perfect will remove the excess pixels and then resize the picture accordingly.

Using the app is simple and in just a few seconds you can see the results. However, you can also see the original image as well.

It is very user friendly and this makes it very easy for people who are new to this type of operations.

Windows only

Windows App

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#3 – The PhotoAlbum Creator

You want to create an album with just a few clicks or edit an existing one using it’s intuitive design? You’ve found the right app for that, and it’s the Photo Album Creator. With this app you can create stunning free online photo albums, share them with friends, order prints and much more. The Photo Album Creator is fully free and very easy to use.

The app will automatically create albums for you with the names you specify, according to your naming preferences. All photos can be added to your album or photo selection.

You can also use the cropping tool to cut the size of an image into perfect rectangular shapes. There are two different modes that you can use, one for specific crops, the other one for general crops.

You can also change the background and add various effects to your photos.

Windows Only

Windows App

Universal App

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How to install:

#4 – Photo Studio

Photo Studio is a professional software for editing your pictures in a simple, fast and intuitive way. Its features include the ability to create beautiful calendars, keep track of important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, create beautiful postcards and greeting cards, and much more.

Photo Studio is a very convenient software for users who need to crop, rotate and resize images and photos. Once you have set the output resolution and saved the picture, it will be imported directly into the tool for easy manipulation.

The app also has a very simple design and it looks like it is capable of learning the

File Rename Product Key Latest

* Convert multiple files into a single document, or vice versa
* Drag & drop files into the window to rename
* Handles multiple files, and the ability to create and duplicate different names
* Support for appending different extensions like doc, docx, dfx, odt, xls, xlsx, PPT, PPTX, EML, WORD, PPS
* Set the number of characters and the maximum file size
* Change the file format
* Preview files before you save the changes
* Generate reports of file information
* Renames the files by various options like text, date and file size
* A clean and well-designed program
* Portable application of just one file (.exe)
* Support for Windows XP/7/8/10
System Requirements:
*.NET Framework 3.5 or higher (or above)

Setup and Uninstall of Files Renamer:
The download size of the setup is only a few megabytes and the program can be installed on all major platforms (including Mac and Linux). The installation process is straightforward. Just keep in mind, that if your.NET version does not match the minimum requirement it will be automatically updated. In case you want to uninstall the program you can either do this yourself (to delete the whole files from your disk) or just right click on the program executable file (.exe) and select “delete”.
The program’s interface is pleasing and intuitive. Even though the program’s features are limited in number, they are well implemented. To do a rename, just use the “Rename” tool and select from the list of available options.
After installation and testing, you may be willing to run the program. If you want to remove it from your PC, do not hesitate to delete the installer file from your disk.


File Renamer is a free-to-use program and it’s only not open-source. You can develop your own file name changer and, if needed, implement the file renaming tools you want.
We do not need to mention that you have to consider the program’s interface, which is clean and well-designed, and has a modern look.
There is no trial version of the program available, so you can’t test its features before downloading and installing it.



What’s New In File Rename?

Rename a large number of files at once.
Create a list of files in which you can apply renaming rules.
Alter file names by text, digits and file date.
Look for and replace a text.
Rename pictures by size (see ‘Image Resize’).
Preview changes before you click ‘Save’.
The best part: free and portable.
The app can be saved on any computer or removable storage unit.
If you wish to remove it, just delete the file. No need to uninstall the program.
File name Rename file type

Directory Info Explorer is a powerful directory management tool created with the purpose of easily managing various types of files and subfolders. The app can manage both the system and user folders. You can copy files, move them and share their contents, as well as clear the recycle bin, delete files and folders and create shortcuts and links. You can also preview the content of the selected files and folders using Zoom and rotate photos.
Directory Info Explorer is a powerful directory management tool.
Manage the files, folders and subfolders of your local hard disk, as well as of removable devices.
Copy, move and share files of all types.
Preview the contents of the selected folders and files using its own Zoom mode.
Delete files or folders.
Clear the recycle bin.
Create shortcuts and links.
Rename files and folders.
Change permissions.
You can also transfer files from one device to another via USB.
The app supports all the Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
To conclude, Directory Info Explorer has a clean and intuitive interface. Also, the program allows you to preview any file or folder you are about to open or delete.
App description:
The application allows you to manage your files, folders and subfolders. It gives you the option of creating shortcuts and links that allows you to transfer files from one device to another. The program also enables you to change file and folder names, as well as to manage the recycle bin.
File Management:
The program allows you to easily transfer files from one device to another (including USB), share them via Bluetooth, create folders and change file/folder names.
You can change file properties and permissions or view file sizes. You can also access information about USB devices, create and edit shortcuts and open or delete file/folder.


System Requirements For File Rename:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4 945 (3.2 GHz)
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4 945 (3.2 GHz) RAM: 2 GB of RAM
2 GB of RAM Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4770 or Nvidia GTX 260
ATI Radeon HD 4770 or Nvidia GTX 260 DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: In order to run the


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