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Download ✵✵✵ https://tiurll.com/2nwdha











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福利网络评论:The Add-on allows you to quickly and easily capture screenshots from any webpage. This tool includes a built-in media player that helps you to view your screenshot before saving it.

Key Features:

You can set the Save Image Path, Application Templates and Window positions that you want to use later when you want to use the recorded screen.
Add windows/ tabs to screenshots.
You can save the recordings as images files.
You can set how much time should be reserved for capture the recordings.
Set screenshots record speed.
You can select the format of the image files you need.
You can set passwords to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the screenshots.

You can contact them by the email address: “[email protected]”.

Note: ScreenShot is a freeware product that is not owned by them.

The Licenses which you already have will be transferred to the new versions.

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Feb 13, 2018
FireShot Pro Crack key: 50%

In FireShot, all of the online/local backups are encrypted with a 256-bit encryption algorithm to help protect against potential security breaches.

Download the latest version of FireShot, and extract its contents. Run the installer, and click Next to install the program.

A read-only volume will be created, and the program will be installed to it.

A registration information dialog will appear. Fill in the data according to your needs, and click Next.

Your license key will be created. The program will be installed to the registry with the KEY.

The program may ask you to restart the computer, and asks you to provide a restart password.

After installation of FireShot, a dedicated shortcut is created in your browser’s extensions area, and is registered with the keys.

Thus, each time you start your browser, the FireShot Pro is automatically launched without any further action from you.

You can customize shortcuts, and close the program by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

If the program encounters an error, it will display the error dialog.

License key
The Key is unique, so you can only use it on a single computer. This license key comes with the FireShot Pro. The product comes with a set of unique keys for FREE.

If you buy the Pro license, you will receive a license key with it that you can share with your friends.

Acquire license keys
Registered users can get a license key for themselves, or share a license key with other users via the registration page.

You can download the latest license key for your product by contacting us through the form on this page. You will receive your FireShot Pro license keys within one business day.

How to save Screenshots to the system?
Press the F12 key to open the FireShot pro
open the browser
press F12 key to open the FireShot pro
click the F12 key to open the screenshot popup, or the Print Screen button
locate the screenshot file you wish to be saved to your hard disk
click the dropdown menu and select Save

What can be done by using this software?
You can capture the screen of web pages and images using your favorite web browser
You can capture images of web pages and images using your favorite




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