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We have all been there. The game gets boring after a while, or you get stuck on a level, so you’re left with only one option: quits the game. Well, what if you could stop the game just by going back to the main menu? That is what this channel is all about. The goal of this channel is to record funny moments in Roblox games and then share them with all of you. If you have a game that is getting boring or you just get stuck on a level, you know what to do. All you have to do is go back to the main menu, and record yourself just walking around in the menu.
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Video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) removed “DICE” or short for “Development and Distribution of InteractiveContent” from the title of their upcoming video game Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA’s original title was called “EA DICE” or short for Electronic Arts Development and Distribution of Interactive Content. The new title which EA chose for the new Battlefront 2 released October 7 is called “DICE BATTLEFRONT 2” or short for Battlefront 2: Dice and Battlefront 2 respectively.


Monika will perform excerpts from her “A Way of Life” on piano and sample, and we will discuss the meanings, purposes and implications of the curriculum in video games for research and practice.

Gaming Big-Head

Founding video game programmer John Carmack and astronaut Chris Hadfield are noted video game developers whose beginnings were similar to that of gaming. However, they went separate ways in their careers.

Carmack’s inspirations were mostly drawn from arcade games such as Space Invaders, which he played as a child, later on video games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Carmack’s first game, Id’s debut game, Commander Keen, and later the Doom engine, which helped create Dune2000. The C programmer watched many arcade games for inspiration because he felt that the original versions of games like Space Invaders were more fun. His name was chosen at game publisher Atari after one of the programmers named John Romero received an


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