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The Roblox Mobile Screensaver is set in a fantastic world of adventure and danger. You are on your adventure and you must collect all the crystals to help you. The hero of the game did not have any explanation, so he was amazed by the great puzzle of the world of crystal shells. Your job is to search for the crystals and bring them home to collect as many of them as possible. Help the hero and help your clan to become a new little leader of the world!
Android Version
You are in a fantastic world of adventure and danger. It is now your time to explore different continents and find all the crystals to help you collect as many as possible. Your friend did not have any explanation why he was in the new land, so he was amazed by the great puzzle of the world of crystals. Your job is to search for the crystals and bring them home to collect as many as possible. Help the hero and help your clan to become a new little leader of the world!
★ Explore the new land and find the crystals and treasures in it.
★ Have fun playing the game!
Game Controls
► Simple yet enjoyable to play game with touch controls.
► Four different game levels to enjoy, so that everyone can choose the level he/she likes.
► Three fantastic characters to choose from, each with their own skills.
★ Sound, effects and colors are all tuned by professional sound editor to create a more interesting game.
★ More than 200 various rewards waiting for you.
★ Roblox is free to play. In-game purchases are optional.
★ Save, bookmark and share your achievement in the game.
★ No data on the operating system is going to be stored.
What’s New:
What’s New
Update version to v5.0.
Bug fixes
Addition of Dark theme.
2020-04-21 Version 5.0.1
Minor bugs fixed
Bug fix
Bug fixes
The best smasher game of 2020!
Fukwi Mobile Screensaver is a smash game, set on the island of Bali. In a world of diving, treasure hunting, games and fun. Do not miss your chance to play it now! [Android]
Deep ocean with fascinating islands
3 distinct stories
Various playtime at your will
Modern design in accordance with the theme of Bali
Compatible with mobile devices, including X and Android


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Here you can easily find friends for miles, Invite your friends to play Roblox on android to play together, you can also create group chats with your friends for playing and share the experience, also you can record and publish shared games, playable anytime anywhere, Share your favorite scenes and games to Facebook, YouTube and GooglePlay.

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Our platform allow you to add pictures, sounds, emoji, custom events, friends, and games and make your own world to add to it. You are free to create as many worlds, characters, and games as you want. It is a safe environment, where you can play with your friends from around the world for free, everytime and from any device, enjoy!

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Roblox offers millions of things to do:

Make a zoo: Building a zoo is fun and giving you endless possibilities to have your own pet and animals.

Escape: Escape the boxes to find your way out alive.

School: Ever played a school setting? It’s fun, you can have teachers, help them


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