Jun 2022
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You can generate the 32 bit or 64 bit COM dll and import them in your.net.
I’ve recently done this for a project to integrate with a native API from a third party library.
I created a wrapper class to export the functions that I needed from the dll and then simply import that in my.net project.
I think the only limitation is the function signatures that this wrapper class supports. I took the wraps class straight from the site you’ve provided and it worked well. https://everyonezone.com/upload/files/2022/06/XpaCDzDtBMUsBAkuJCVi_07_c4e7799f52504bb291f036e7a24fdd28_file.pdf


How can we get this to work with Beautiful Soup 4.8.2. in Python 3? I am not worried about the possible formatting in the data and so I have not made any attempt to get that out. Just the one line of string I need from the file. Thank you.


You can write your own parsing code. I think you can use regex in this case.
import re
import urllib.request as ur

def get_desired_line(soup):
result = []
found = False
while (not found):
text = []
line = soup.prettify()
text += [t.text for t in soup.find_all(“td”, {“class”: “aDataBound”})]
lines = line.split(“”)
line = lines[0].encode().decode()
if re.search(“‘”, line):
result += [re.sub(“‘”, “”, “””.join(t.split(‘
‘)[1])) for t in text]
elif re.search(“!DESCR!$”, line):
line = re.sub(“!DESCR!$”, “”, “!DESCR!$”.join(t.split(‘
elif re.search(“ISSUER!$”, line):
line = re.sub(“ISSUER!$”, “”, “ISSUER!$”.join(t.split(‘
found = True
return result

url = “”

soup = ur.urlopen(url)
html = soup.read().decode



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