Jun 2022
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Game Show Presenter is a fancy little Flash-based quiz show simulator that allows users to send customized questions to friends and family or to test an audience of people in a fun and creative way.
Graphically engaging interface
Designed to simulate a TV quiz show, the program comes with a voice presenter that makes all the important announcements. From the first home screen users can create a new quiz and input all the relevant questions. The overall session will last until the question list is finished by the creator.
Simple and effective features
Users can create, import, and export scenarios based on TXT files that must contain data written in a special TXT format. The format is automatically built by the program when exporting the quiz, but users can manually create the text and send it to friends to play it using the application. In case more people are to attend your quiz events, the tool can sustain up to ten players or teams at once.
Game Show Presenter also allows testing questions on the fly, with options to back up projects, save them, and so on. In case you plan to bring an audience to your show, users can change the overall resolution to 1024×768 mode, set it to a big event display, and change the quiz text color scheme. In fact, most of the available options are about making your quiz more impressive.
In case the scoring is too limited, users can change the overall score for each round in part and deduct points for wrong answers and timeouts. More limitations for different answers are also available.
Game Show Presenter is a nice little app that allows friends to test themselves in an environment similar to popular TV quiz shows. The main presenter is animated, while the quiz scenarios are easy to build. You may also save and export them for others to enjoy. Although having a limited screen resolution, it's light enough to provide a limited entertainment for those that enjoy this kind of TV shows.







Game Show Presenter [Win/Mac] (2022)

Send your friends and family questions and test their knowledge on a quiz show. Send them a text or URL to see who knows more, the person who answers first, the person who answered the most, and the fastest one.
• Features •
• Smart list to store all the questions and answers
• Voice announcement
• Animated presenter
• Touchscreen supported (Phone, Tablets)
• User-friendly design
• Multiplayer Support
• Fully supports all resolution
• Fully customizable
• Fully functional
• Fully integrated with Flash player
• Support for animated GIFs
• Easy to build, share, and export scenarios
• Built-in options to track your friends
• Supports random number generator
• Supports time tracking
• Tons of features!
So what are you waiting for? Let your friends know who really knows more and have fun!
If you like Game Show Presenter, please consider giving us a review or letting us know how we can improve the app.
Please note:
• This version is not optimised for new iPads.
• Support is available via email: [email protected]
Home screen
• Quiz – the quiz where you create the scenarios and questions
• Players – you will have a table with a few boxes that are your friends
• Scoring – where you define the score for each player and round
Game Show Presenter Screenshot
• Build your game – a set of options that are related to creating your quiz
• Scores – the place where you define the score for each round
• Questions – the place where you define the questions
• Quiz Setting – a set of options that define the questions and players
• Stage – the place where you define the scene
• Scenario Export – to save the scenario in TXT format
• Settings – a set of options to play with
• Scenario – the place where you define the questions and players
• Import – the place to add new questions or new players
• Library – the place to import files that can be used with the quiz (Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, etc.)
• Fonts – the place where you set the font of the questions
• Animation – the place where you define the animation of the presenter
• Theme – the place where you set the background and the presenter’s face
• Scenario – the place where you define the questions and players
• Touch – the place where you configure the touchscreen

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Create your own quiz to test your friends, family, or in a public place. Send them questions, and get their answers! No web site, app, or even email is required. No ads or subscription fees. Game Show Presenter is 100% free and is a pleasure to use. This is a PC version of the Game Show Presenter mobile app, which is a take on TV’s game shows. Create and share with friends a new quiz, created with just a few clicks. Send them their own quiz and get them to play your quiz on the go. You can create and test hundreds of random, short quizzes.

Record your own voice in as many lines as you like to keep your friends entertained. You can even record your own characters or voices, for fun! Share with your friends your own voiceovers in games and movies. Send them to the cloud and save their content online. Create a quiz for the whole family to play, with little ones, teens, and older folks. Create your own game show in a few clicks. Try to have a hundred people answer your questions. Each person gets one question only, with only one answer possible. They’ll have to compete for the best score in the quiz, and the highest score wins the match.

This game show is easy to set up, with just a few simple steps. The game can include about 10 questions each round, which will be scored separately.
Create your own quizzes to play with friends and family, and get to test their knowledge in a simple and fun way.

You can easily share your quizzes with friends, and you can even send links to your friends on your favorite social networks.

Enjoy testing your knowledge in a fun game show, with no ads or subscriptions. It’s free.

How to Play Game Show Presenter

Tap the app’s icon to launch the Game Show Presenter app.

Tap the new quiz screen to create a new quiz. In the newly opened quiz screen, you can add questions to the test.

Tap the question to add it. Each question has a text area that allows you to edit the question text as well as an area to enter in the answer.

Tap the submit button to submit the question.

You can delete the question by tapping on the trash icon.

The default resolution for the quiz is 1024×768, but you can also choose to show the quiz on a bigger screen.

Once you are

What’s New in the?

Answer choice tracking and leader board and prizes for the winning team and players and players with the highest score in the leaderboard.
Great Features:
Multilayer Campaign
Selling with more than one advert?
Make your campaign
more effective with multilayer campaigns.
Export and import with data for each country
Are you planning to sell in different countries?
Do you want to keep control over your data?
Have a look at the Export and Import module.
Can the same campaign be used with different prices?
Create a price hierarchy for your ads.
Manage users and country data
Work with users and country data.
Keep the data up to date and effective
Keep all your data up to date.
Internationalized campaigns
Go international with your campaign.
Can I test using a simulated audience?
Can I create a simulated audience?
Test with a simulated audience.
You can create, import and export tests with simulated data.
Change and add information on the fly
Change and add information on the fly.
Design an efficient, customized display
You can design an efficient, customized display.
I will like to test some points.
Add the points you will like to test.
Give a call for a game.
Create a game.
Create a game to fill in your question list.
Shows are now rated
You can now rate shows.
What happens if I go to a show
When you go to a show, you will see the matches
and the result.
Create a show
Create a new show.
Create a show, import a TXT file
Import a show from a TXT file.
Create a new round
Create a new round.
Create a new round, import a TXT file
Import a new round from a TXT file.
Create a new show
Create a new show.
Create a new round
Create a new round.
Create a new show
Create a new show.
Control your network
Understand your network better.
Build a tree
Create a tree
Import a tree
Import a tree from a TXT file.
Change screen resolution
Change your screen resolution.
Your screen resolution is now %d.
Up to %d.
Screen resolution is now %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to %d.
Up to

System Requirements:

The recommended system specifications for the game have been set to be on the lower end of the scale to help make the game run smoothly, with an aim of having it run on all platforms and systems as intended. We recommend that you install it using a lower specification system and upgrade to match as soon as you can.
We are aware that not everyone has the hardware necessary to support an updated game. If you feel your PC is incapable of running it, please do not purchase the game. If you are unable to upgrade, then we recommend you use a low specification PC that is capable


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