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Appears in:

A diskette version is available, but it’s probably not installed by default.

Software Developer Notes

There is no secure command to prevent users from copying and pasting, etc. The data returned by the GetKey command is only ever in ASCII format and this is encoded in the binary form that is sent to the operating system. The result can be used on systems that do not allow viewing of Unicode strings.


If you don’t care about security, it’s easy to use GetKey as a small portable command line tool to convert user input to upper case. The character used to be Ctrl+Alt+Shift, but this has changed depending on the operating system.

Internet References:

Other GetKey Applications

There are several other applications that use GetKey that might be of interest.

First, there is GetKey.com which may have some useful documentation.

Second, there is a command line utility called getkey.py.

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GetKey (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download

FOR /F %%A IN (“reg query HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced”) DO (
FOR /F “tokens=1,2” %%B IN (%%A) DO (
SET /P “=”
IF /I “%%B”==”Windows” IF /I “%%B”==”Windows NT” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF /I “%%B”==”Windows” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A%%B”
IF /I “%%A”==”Windows” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_User” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_Group” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_NamedPipeServer” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_PipeServer” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_Service” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_TCPServer” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_TelnetServer” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_Registry” IF “%%A”==”Win32_SID” SET “KEYMACRO=%KEYMACRO%%A”
IF “%%A”==”Win32_Service” IF

GetKey Free Download

This program takes in a keystroke and converts it to upper case.
This program can be used in a batch file to wait for a keystroke.
If you are using a variable as the key, you may have to enclose the
variable in quotes.

NOTE: This program is not a general purpose key logger or character

Written by Thomas J. Quinn, [email protected]

Visit my web site at:

Program is modeled after the Perl application found at

Readme.txt – read me file
GetKey.bat – converts an input keystroke to upper case
Info.txt – program info file

Version 1.0, 14-May-2003

Copyright (C) 2003 Thomas J. Quinn, [email protected]

Revision 1.1, 13-Mar-2004
Optimized main() function.
Now all command line options are passed to the main() function
via the ‘-option’ option.

Revision 1.0, 14-May-2003
Initial release

Revision 1.2, 24-Nov-2003
Now the program will also convert a keystroke to the lower case

What’s New In GetKey?

GetKey was originally released by the author as a small utility for personal use. It has also been used for other non-commercial purposes such as an inventory control system and the latest version is used on an industrial level to automate a customer’s service.

Keystrokes can be generated from any software source, but the common examples are from a PC keyboard, most USB keyboards, and most keyboards on portable devices such as PDAs, smart phones and digital cameras.

The source code is Windows only and there is no expectation that the developer, the author, is going to maintain the code going forward. The following table shows the functionality that is currently available in the GetKey utility.

Note: The version of GetKey used in this article has had a lot of testing and was modified on 25-Oct-2010 and the table below reflects these changes.

Keystrokes that are handled include:

Keystrokes from the Windows Keyboard

Keystrokes from a variety of hardware keyboards (USB, PS/2, etc.)

Other non-Windows hardware keyboards such as the Apple Keyboard

Applications (mainly in DOS and Windows) that allow the user to select items from a list (e.g. a directory)

Applications that allow the user to select items (e.g. a directory) from a list (e.g. a directory) that can be run in DOS or Windows

Note: If you are an end user, rather than a developer, the following highlights of the application are not to be considered as exhaustive.

This article has been reproduced in part from the original GetKey.org site. Permission is granted to link to GetKey.org where this article may be found.

Keyboard Features:

Ports the user to a standard DOS window where they can select items from a list (e.g. a directory).

Selecting an item from a directory will then trigger the execution of the selected application.

The GetKey application will also be able to handle the following application types:

Applications that take no input (e.g. a list of files)

Applications that take no input (e.g. a list of files) but require the user to press a key

Applications that require a keystroke be pressed for each file to be processed

Applications that require a keystroke be pressed for each file to be processed and require the user to press a key for each file that does not work

Applications that require the user to press a key for each file that does not work and requires the user to press a key for each file that does work

Multiple applications can be launched at the same time (this is something of a workaround at this point)

Applications can be launched from a batch file

Applications can be run in a DOS prompt

Applications can be run in a DOS prompt

System Requirements For GetKey:

OS: Windows 7 or later, 32/64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i3-370, 3.5 GHz or later
Memory: 4 GB or more RAM
Hard Disk: 1 GB free hard disk space
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or higher
Input: Keyboard, mouse
Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 or higher
Note: The game requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and Java runtime environment.
Special features:
Adaptation of the game for a specific audience:


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