Jun 2022
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HACK Padus DiscJuggler NET V6.0.0.1400


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Ask HN: How to Convert Free Apps into Paying Apps – erickhill

Hi HN,I’ve been working on an app idea for a while now and I’ve come across quite a few effective ways to monetize apps. I’ve found the most popular to be:1) Monetize with Adsense and/or AdMob on the website, but then I have no control over the content.2) Sell the app on the App Store and release a free trial version first.3) Let the app be free for a bit and then monetize it via in-app purchase.So my question is this:How do you get from a free app to a paying app?
I like to play “What If…”

\- What if I use Facebook login, and let the user complete the signup process
on the website, where the user has the app he just installed?

\- What if I release a trial version, and then let the user spend real money
and get a full version?

\- What if I let the user spend money even after a trial?

\- What if I just put the full priced app out there, and do NOT do any of the

Thanks for your input! Exactly what I was looking for.

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