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Rovio is the common stock of Åkestra Limited AB and its subsidiaries. The company’s Rovio Entertainment brand publishes and distributes mobile and social games on its first-party services, and licenses games and game content to third-party service providers. The company’s free-to-play mobile games are powered by its in-house game engine, which was developed to be multi-device compatible. The company provides online multiplayer services for its games, including leaderboards, tournaments, and social interaction.
Rovio’s flagship business, Rovio Mobile, is a portfolio of free-to-play games developed for smartphones and tablets. Rovio began developing games in 2004, following its acquisition of Mikolaj Trzyniecki’s company, Rowi, and continued its expansion from 2010, when Rovio acquired the Finnish game company Supercell, which developed Fishdom. The company’s leading franchises include Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Castle Hustle, and Fruit Ninja. Rovio has been ranked as one of the top ten highest-grossing game companies by Forbes.com, and is the #1 entertainment company by market value for the Nokia Lumia smartphone, and #3 for smartphones overall according to Gartner research.
Rovio Entertainment was formed in 2012, to market and publish Rovio’s mobile and social games. The division is focused on developing mobile, social, and online games across multiple formats including social, mobile, and casual games, as well as social platforms such as Facebook.
Rovio Entertainment’s products are marketed through its website and social platforms, as well as by distributor partners. The company’s in-house team also publishes games, usually for mobile devices. It publishes games using a unified development platform as well as in-house developed titles. The games are released under different licenses, including the popular freemium model, where players may purchase in-game content to accelerate through levels or to customize their avatars.
Rovio is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with offices in Helsinki, San Francisco, London, Stockholm, and Tel Aviv. The company is a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ (ROVIO) and on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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