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To learn Photoshop, follow these steps:

1. Read this book from start to finish, and follow the instructions.

2. Print out the chapter you’re working on or take notes on a tablet device.

3. Find a laptop or computer you feel comfortable working on.

4. Install the Photoshop program, and get to know it better by working through an example file that illustrates how to use each command.

5. Practice on sample images using the step-by-step instructions throughout the book, and try to gain a better understanding of the different tools and how to use them.

6. Read the instructions and understand the book’s philosophy by looking at the code examples.

Photoshop and Image Editing Basics

Before you start using the Photoshop tools, it’s useful to know how to perform a host of essential tasks to make adjusting images easier and faster. Once you are familiar with the basics, Photoshop’s controls, tools, and features will make your life easier.

Trash and Delete a file

Delete a file permanently from your computer by using the Macintosh Trash or the Windows Recycle Bin. You can also remove a file by dragging it to the icon next to the Trash icon on the Dock, which is the default path for placing and accessing files in Mac OS X and Windows.

If you are constantly deleting files, create a folder to store images and other files. Make sure that you know where all your photos are saved and how to access them. You should also practice using the Save as feature to create and rename files to keep things organized.

Checking Alignment and White Space

After you’ve finished creating a file, it’s essential to make sure that the image is in the correct alignment and the whitespace around it is white, as shown in the following example.

1. Make sure the canvas is set to 100 percent the size of the image file.

If you resize the document window in Photoshop without setting the canvas to 100 percent, your image will not be 100 percent in the final file.

2. Click the Format icon on the Tools panel and choose Canvas from the Format drop-down list.

3. In the Canvas menu, choose Auto Align.

In both Windows and Mac OS X, this command aligns your image to the edges of the canvas.

In Windows, follow these steps to do the same:

1. Select the Canvas

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When selecting your image, click on the Image tab and select Edit Images. Then click on More to show the options:


Select the Tools menu and click on Edit Images.


Select the Edit menu and click on Edit Images.

You can also open the Edit Images dialog box from the Image menu:


Select the Tools menu and click on Edit Images.


Select the Edit menu and click on Edit Images.

Here is what you will find in the Edit Images dialog box. For more options click the Options button.

Image adjustments

Since this article is about Photoshop, you will see many different types of adjustments. The general categories include:

Batch edit

Auto Enhance (Black & White and Sepia)

Auto Tone

Auto Retouch

Crop, Straighten and Rotate


Film Enhance

Fill Light

Graduated Filter


Oil Paint


You can make most of these changes by clicking on the image:

Then click the Select button or Ctrl/Cmd.

Once selected, you can do several things.

Click and drag to move the selection.

Click and drag inside the selection to delete.

Click the Add button to add the selection to an area where you can do other changes.

Click the name of an adjustment to apply that adjustment to the selection.

You can see the next section for more about how to make adjustments.

Adding a selection

You can add a selection to the image. You can select an area or a shape by clicking and holding on an area and moving the mouse. You can select multiple areas by holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys while clicking and dragging.

Adding a selection will give you a different selection option.

When selected, the selection can be modified by clicking:

You can set the selection to a new location.

You can remove the selection.

You can add the selection to an area where you can do other changes.

Click OK to accept the changes.

Basic edits

You can cut, copy and paste areas of the image. This allows you to move a rectangular selection or a path. You can copy or cut a selection by clicking the Copy or Cut button. You can paste a selection

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If you did a dump to file, you could use the mysqlcheck.pl tool to reconstruct the table. For that, simply run mysqlcheck.pl from within the MariaDB shell.

Mixed venous oxygen saturation predicts outcome of patients with cardiogenic shock treated with intravenous vasopressin.
Measurement of mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) may be a useful prognostic factor in patients with cardiogenic shock (CS). We hypothesized that the SvO2 would be correlated with outcome of patients with CS treated with intravenous vasopressin. We retrospectively reviewed all data of patients with CS treated with intravenous vasopressin from April 2003 to July 2010. SvO2 was measured every 6 hours. The modified Rankin Scale was used to assess neurological outcome at discharge. We compared survival curves with a log-rank test. Variables that were significantly associated with survival on univariate

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I am currently working on a BizTalk server. Currently, it is just a simple interface for input and output. I just have to publish messages.
I am not sure how to handle events. Is there a way to catch exceptions and fire an event for the next monitoring message(i.e. error-10, error-2, etc) when they happen?


Do you mean on the.NET code side or the BizTalk side?
On the.NET code side you can catch error messages using the System.Runtime.InteropServices.SafeHandle class and passing in a reference to your debugging machine’s Debug event.
static void Main(string[] args)
Application.Run(new MyApp());
catch (Exception ex)
//… log/email the exception

I assume you mean the BizTalk side since you are looking to publish events when an exception occurs, in which case BizTalk has a similar facility called ExecuteSendError and you can catch messages that BizTalk creates and publishes as an error.
If you want to publish an event on exceptions that occur in your application, this is probably the preferred approach.
Hope this helps.


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I am adding a class to a div with the following css:
.header-wrap {
position: relative;
margin-top: -10px;

And the div has a div inside it, which is a child, that changes its height according to it’s content.
The problem is, when the child div grows, the margin-top does not follow and keeps 10px above the header. How can I fix this?
As per @todo and @Catt see it here:

[Class: “header”] is 7px inside a div that has a margin-top of 30px.
On the right side I see a strip that contains [

System Requirements:

Windows 10 /

Mac OS X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or higher (required for external display support)
Intel Core i5-2400 or higher (required for external display support)
Minimum of 4GB of RAM
System Requirements:
Windows 7 /
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or higher (required for external display support)
Intel Core 2 Duo or higher (required for external display support)


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