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Image editing can take a while, and oftentimes we find ourselves editing multiple photos in a row. The process can be a bit cumbersome, especially when there are multiple enhancements to be made to said photos.
Batch editing is a thing, and ImBatch was conceived for that purpose: edit multiple images in many ways according to the tasks you add, monitor a folder to automatically edit new images, and modify the metadata of your shots — all in this program.
Simple, straightforward interface
The interface of this program may seem a bit outdated to some, but it's not necessarily a bad thing when you factor in how easy the software is to use. Getting started with this app is thus not hard at all: insert the photos you would like to edit, then make use of the Task feature to edit them all at once based on your set parameters.
Alternatively, since this is a batch image editor, adding a source folder where you store the photos you want to edit is very convenient. You can then have the app monitor that folder for any new image additions, and when something new is added, it'll automatically be edited according to your instructions. For instance, if you want to remove your photos' metadata before sharing them, the app can automatically do that for you.
Many tasks for many preferences
The Add Task menu incorporates many editing settings that can quickly change the look of an image: from annotating photos with a watermark, adjusting their exposure and contrast, modifying their color balance, and all the way to adding various effects, such as motion blur, gradient paint, and framing them — many options are at your discretion.
Useful editing tools like the AutoCrop and Resize Canvas can help users reframe their shots, and the saving options are more numerous than one might expect: you can optimize your images for the web, but you can also save them to a CSV or PDF file. What's more, the Save to Animated GIF feature is very clever: upon selecting that option after highlighting a few photos, the exported GIF file will cycle through each of them.
In conclusion
ImBatch is a handy image batch editor: it can successfully modify multiple photos per your instructions, and the automation brought about by the Image Monitor feature is most welcome.

Download ✏ ✏ ✏ https://tiurll.com/2m4sih

Download ✏ ✏ ✏ https://tiurll.com/2m4sih

ImBatch 1.41 Incl Product Key X64 (April-2022)

ImBatch is a powerful image editor that can modify, organize, save, and edit the metadata of photos in bulk.
How does it work?
You provide ImBatch with any number of image files, it processes them, and it can edit as many files as you choose. The software is designed for batch image processing, such as editing photos with a large number of similar settings, or for photo editing projects such as creating a calendar from your existing photos. ImBatch runs in Windows 10 and macOS Mojave.

In the Windows build of this software, changing the selection of photos to be edited makes changes to all the images, regardless of whether any of the images are actually selected. In the macOS build, the application only makes changes to selected images. It’s recommended that you select the desired images in the GUI window, and then use the keyboard to select all the images to be edited.
How does it work?
The original files are stored in the folder that you provide to the application, and the application can read them. After that, it will sort the images by the date that they were taken, and then it will proceed to edit them according to the tasks that you choose. After all the edits are complete, it will save the changes to the original files.
• The first batch image editor that can edit photos in a simple and intuitive interface.
• Easily search and filter images based on the description that you provide.
• Automatically create a calendar from your existing photos.
• Easily add text annotations to your photos.
• Great image resizing and cropping tool.
• Organize your images using tags.
• Add a custom watermark to your photos.
• Invert your image colors and contrast, and adjust them to taste.
• Apply digital filters.
• Apply color/b&w conversion.
• Set various photo editing tasks to be performed on all images.
• Choose from a variety of effects, such as motion blur, gradient paint, color balance, and much more.
• Generate the GIF animation from all the images.
• Append the name of your images to a batch of text.
• Customize the time interval for processing the images in a batch.
• Option to delete the original files after processing.
• Several kinds of saving: Save to PDF, JPEG, PNG, RAW, EXIF, and much more.
• The perfect way to share images

ImBatch 1.41 Patch With Serial Key Free

Image Batch Editing
This program is a perfect image batch editor. Batch editing is a tool you can use to change multiple pictures at once. Since it is a batch editor, it will look for and update all the pictures in your directory.
Image Batch Editing
This program is a perfect image batch editor. Batch editing is a tool you can use to change multiple pictures at once. Since it is a batch editor, it will look for and update all the pictures in your directory. This program will make your life easier by doing all the hard work for you. You just tell it how you want to change the pictures and it will do it for you.

Product image

Easy to learn and with a very intuitive interface, IMBatch allows you to do everything you want to do with your images quickly and easily.
Batch editing allows you to quickly change multiple images in a single pass by letting you choose from a wide array of different options. You can change the way the images look, making them warmer or cooler, adjusting their exposure, color balance, contrast, and a lot more.
With this program you can combine multiple images into a single file, or save them into a variety of other formats, such as GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP.
KeyMacro is an app that you can use to give the look and feel of your images a boost in just a few clicks. With KeyMacro you can choose from a variety of frame effects, including full, half, and three quarter options. You can also set a border around your images and give them a gradient background. This will help them stand out in your collection of images, and get noticed.
Finally, KeyMacro allows you to easily add text to the images. You can write on the pictures and share the resulting image on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
KeyMacro is the perfect tool for quickly changing the look of your images. The program is easy to use and has a wide variety of features, so it’s a must-have for anyone who needs to make a few changes to a lot of images.

Product image

Easy to learn and with a very intuitive interface, IMBatch allows you to do everything you want to do with your images quickly and easily.
Batch editing allows you to quickly change multiple images in a single pass by letting you choose from a wide

ImBatch 1.41 Free Download (April-2022)

This is a simple, easy-to-use software for batch editing.
The most useful feature of ImBatch is its Image Monitoring, which allows the application to automatically detect any changes you made to a folder of images. So if you want to, say, remove the author from every photo, just select a folder of images and the monitoring feature will automatically remove the name tags from all of them, and you won’t even have to log in to see the result of your task!
That’s not all: the app also offers many other tasks for image editing. You can choose to strip all the metadata from an image, change the white balance, convert an image to grayscale, resize the photo, add effects to it, and much, much more.
As for the software’s interface, it’s very simple and intuitive, and will hopefully appeal to all the users. However, this may be a shortcoming for those who will only use this software for image processing.
– Lots of editing options
– Easy to use
– The Autoprocess feature
– The Image Monitoring feature
– It’s not very well suited for professional use
– The interface isn’t very appealing to some users
– You cannot preview the results


SynCE is a good batch photo editor.

It’s simple and easy to use.
You can drag and drop the images you want to edit into the
It supports editing several image files at once, in various ways.
It lets you edit EXIF data.
You can change the file type of the files you’re editing.
You can save the edited files in various formats.
It’s very easy to share edited files on social networks and email.
You can edit your photos directly with the program.
It lets you batch rename files and folders.
It lets you split large files into smaller ones.
It’s compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.


You can download it from here.


A good one is AE.

You can edit hundreds of photos with this and in many ways.
You can make use of the auto batch process.
You can remove noise and adjust contrast and brightness.
You can also apply a favorite effect.
You can remove unwanted objects and unwanted photos from an original batch.
You can set the values of the camera.
You can add a text in or on

What’s New in the?

ImBatch is a great tool to help you edit multiple images in one go.
ImBatch for Windows Features:
• Easily batch convert any file format to BMP, GIF, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF.
• Add any text or logo on the image, including watermark.
• Automatically crop and resize an image based on the original.
• Easily create a batch of annotated images and add any text on them.
• Batch change photos’ exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, and brightness.
• Modify an image's transparency with opacity, lighten, and brighten effects.
• Replace a part of an image with another image.
• Modify the background image in the batch of multiple images.
• Batch apply any filter, and save them to all formats.
• Enhance an image's image contrast with adjust the brightness and contrast, adjust the saturation, hue and brightness.
• Add interesting effects and text effects like fade effects, reverse, add a hole to image, add a circle effect, add mirroring effect, add a cool effect, add a fog effect, color to transparent, add blurry, add a reflection and much more.
ImBatch Screenshots:
Home Screen:
Main Window:
How to Activate and Use ImBatch for Windows:
• Batch select multiple images and create an annotated image
• Crop and resize any image without loss of quality
• Automatically change all image's exposure, saturation, hue, brightness and contrast
• Replace part of any image with another image
• Batch edit photo's colors, contrast, saturation and brightness
• Make any image transparent and increase its transparency
• Enhance any image with any filter and save it to all formats
• Remove any text and logo
• Add mirror effect to any image
• Add blur effect to any image
• Add cool effect to any image
• Add redeye effect to any image
• Add cool water effect to any image
• Add sunny effect to any image
• Add glow effect to any image
• Add reflection effect to any image
• Add reflection with a water surface effect to any image
• Add hole to any image
• Add mirror to any image
• Add geometric mirroring effect to any image
• Add an illustration effect to any image
• Add gradient paint to any image
• Add text effect to any image
• Add text under an image
• Add fading effect to any image
• Add colored background to any image
• Add pattern to any image
• Add watermark to any image
• Add HDR to any image
• Make any image transparent
• Add water to any image
• Add a variety of fading effects
• Batch modify any image's EX

System Requirements For ImBatch:

Supported Languages: English
English Available Formats:.zip or.bz2
.zip or.bz2 Available Formats: 3DS, DSi, 2DS, VITA, NGP, PCH, PORTABLE, and Wii U
3DS, DSi, 2DS, VITA, NGP, PCH, PORTABLE, and Wii U Available Formats: PAL
PAL Required Discs: 1
1 Required Size: 0.9G
0.9G Supported Formats


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