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Average value of f(x+i)

Let f(x) be a continuous function for x on $[-2,2]$. Assume also that the average value of $f(x+iy)$ over $y=0$ is $0$.
How do I show that the average value of $f(x)$ is $0$?
Thanks in advance!


The average value of $f(x+iy)$ is $0$ over $y\in[-2,2]$ implies
that $f(x+iy)$ is real when $y\in[-2,2]$ and therefore
$f(x)$ is real when $x\in[-2,2]$, as required.


Why do some records get “bad_record_mac” and others don’t?

I’m searching records in a table in Oracle. I noticed that some records have a column in which the value is a string and has dots (like a folder name). I retrieve that record and tried to insert it in a linked server to another database. I get the error “ORA-01502: bad record MAC”. I had the same error as a long time ago when I was using tnsnames.ora and I solved it by adding a line in the end of the tnsnames.ora file. Something like:
FULL_CATALOG = /full/path/of/catalog/
I’m wondering why is happening? And more important, how can I avoid this? I really need to handle this field like a plain text field.
Here is my code:
select * from network.files_tbl where name like ‘val%’


Why do some records get bad_record_mac and others don’t?

Because some records have an invalid MAC address, and other records have a valid MAC address.

And more important, how can I avoid this? I really need to handle this field like a plain text field.

Stop using this column and store the path as a string.

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