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International Business

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We understand that you need a Premier Centre address to extend your business world-wide. We would like to recommend a full range of office solutions for you.

To expanding the business worldwide, it is not easy to rent a physical business office all over the world. It is no doubt that if the company have addresses in different cities, their clients will think generally that the company grows globally and have a first great impressive reputation of your company.


Premier Centre can provide virtual office plan for these kinds of international business, so that they can enjoy the virtual packages including private telephone numbers, fax numbers, call handling etc..


Here are the advised plan details:

Business Plan (A2)

  • Premier Centre Correspondent Address
  • Receipt of Mails and Parcels (mails forwarding service available)
  • Private Telephone Number
  • Personalised welcome greeting with phone transfer services
  • 7 x 24 accessible voicemail and voice to e-mail service
  • Fax receive and forwarding to email


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With our Premier Virtual office plan, international company can extend the business world-wide. It is wonder that overseas company don’t pay for the physical office ever. Premier’s live receptionist will make a great impression via incoming call. Using Premier virtual office will strengthen the company’s image with a professional phone answering services.


For tailor-made solutions, please contact our Business Development Manager, telephone
2983 7000 or WhatsApp 9186 3530.