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JWNL (Java WordNet Library) X64

The Java WordNet Library (JWNL) provides a Java library that is designed to help you work with WordNet, a large lexical database containing general word senses and general semantic relationships. JWNL provides access to the WordNet database and any of its modules. In addition, the JWNL library provides a series of Java classes that you can use to work with WordNet.
The JWNL code is written in Java, and requires the Java Standard Edition 5.0 or later.
Currently, JWNL (Java WordNet Library) is available in Java 1.4.2_01 (version 1.4.2) and later and Java 1.5.0 (version 1.5) and later.
You can download the JWNL (Java WordNet Library) code from
You can download the JWNL (Java WordNet Library) binary files from
License: GNU General Public License version 2.0
Please email the author if you want your own copy of the code

EWRKL (Enhanced WordNet Library) is a Java wordnet library which provide various basic methods for accessing the WordNet. This java wordnet library provides basic interfaces which can be used by others to integrate it into their own applications.
EWRKL (Enhanced WordNet Library) Description:
The Enhanced WordNet Library (EWRKL) is a Java wordnet library which provides various basic methods for accessing the WordNet. The java wordnet library is a java library that allows you to search the WordNet for general word senses and relationships.
EWRKL (Enhanced WordNet Library) is compatible with WordNet versions 2.0 to 3.0. You can access the wordnet data and any of its modules. In addition, the Enhanced WordNet Library provides a series of Java classes that you can use to work with WordNet.
The Enhanced WordNet Library (EWRKL) code is written in Java, and requires the Java Standard Edition 5.0 or later.
You can download the Enhanced WordNet Library (EWRKL) code from
You can download the Enhanced WordNet Library (EWRKL) binary files from

JWNL (Java WordNet Library) Crack+ Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest]

KEYMACRO is an open source Java library to convert the common MacOS Key Characters into Java KeyCodes.
* This is a simply Java library written in Java 1.4+ only. No dependencies or restrictions to run in any environment.
* Converting MacOS key characters to their Java equivalent KeyCodes.
* Written in Java using Java 1.4+ only.
* Although the class was designed for Java 1.4+ only, the KeyCode classes were designed using Java 1.3 and were compiled using 1.4+ only. In this version, I have verified that the code works with Java 1.4+, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.
* The expected KeyCodes used are 0-127 for each key as defined by the ASCII encoding.
* It can also be used to convert the standard Windows keys to their equivalent Java KeyCodes. This function is NOT implemented in this version.
* For example, MacOS has ALT, Apple Logo (F1), Command, and Windows has CTRL+ALT+DEL are all standard on any PC or Mac.
Download Source Code:



Source Code:


Do you like JWNL? Please “like” the JWNL project:

Check out the features.
Feedback is highly appreciated.

Flexmark.NET is a lightweight.NET library for Markdown processors written in C#. This library is designed to be used with the popular Aspose.Words API.
By using the Aspose.Words API, this library allows to use the core functionality of Aspose.Words from.NET.
The library is composed of three projects:
– Flexmark.NET.

JWNL (Java WordNet Library) Crack For Windows

Applies the WordNet categories and semantic types to an input stream of text.

Returns a list of entities, where each entity is represented as a dictionary mapping from the entity’s name to its definition, synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, and WordNet types.





Here is a sample application in which an input stream of text is parsed into a list of WordNet entities.

Main Application

public class WordNetExample extends Activity {
private static final String[] mUserChoices = { “Neon Light”, “Ketchup”, “Garlic Sauce”, “Baby Food”, “Cream Cheese”, “Potatoes” };
private static final String[] mFoodChoices = { “Cereals”, “Mushrooms”, “Pork”, “Bananas”, “Tomatoes”, “Cabbages” };
private static final String[] mVesselChoices = { “Can”, “Glass”, “Beer”, “Pie”, “Fork”, “Milk” };
private static final String[] mFoodFoodChoices = { “Corn”, “Rice”, “Cabbage”, “Avocado”, “Peas”, “Tomatoes” };
private static final String[] mFoodFoodChoices2 = { “Bread”, “Fruit”, “Milk”, “Fish”, “Cream Cheese”, “Honey”, “Peanut Butter” };
private static final String[] mVesselVesselChoices = { “Chocolate Sauce”, “Beer”, “Fruit Juice”, “Pie”, “Milk”, “Wine”, “Beer” };
private static final String[] mVesselVesselChoices2 = { “Tea”, “Coffee”, “Beer”, “Wine”, “Milk”, “Pie” };
private static final String[] mVesselVesselChoices3 = { “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer” };
private static final String[] mVesselVesselChoices4 = { “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer”, “Beer” };
private static final String[] mVesselVesselChoices5 = { “Wine”, “Wine”, “Wine”, “Wine”, “Wine”, “Wine” };
private static final String[] mVesselVesselChoices6 = {

What’s New In JWNL (Java WordNet Library)?

JWNL (Java WordNet Library) is a small, lightweight library that provides access to the WordNet dictionary in Java. JWNL is intended to ease the burden of searching and using the WordNet lexicon. JWNL makes access to the WordNet dictionary very fast, and provides simple access to all of the standard WordNet properties and classes.

Version 1.1 of JWNL supports WordNet 2.0, WordNet 3.0 and the WordNet incremental releases.

Features of the Library:
* Very small, lightweight library, easy to include.
* No need to run the WordNet 3.0 server
* Supports WordNet 2.0 and WordNet 3.0 incremental releases.
* Supports both interface and utility classes.
* Simple to use, fast access to WordNet properties and classes.
* Pure Java code that is easy to port to other platforms.
* Compatible with Java 5 and Java 6.

How to use the Library:
* Java – no installation required. Just copy the library jar file into your project.

What is new in the Library:
* Works with all versions of WordNet up to the most recent release, WordNet 3.0.
* Supports the BooleanProperty and StringProperty classes.
* Uses Caching for the WordNetProperty classes.

How to test the library:
* Compile and test with the JWNL project on GitHub.
* For the caching section, see example 3 on the GitHub project.

* The libraries are licensed under the BSD License.
* The zip file contains a README file, several example source files, and a few jar files.
* JWNL was tested with Java 5 and Java 6.

* This is an appendix to JWNL. You can download the latest source code and test with the JWNL project on GitHub. The source code includes a Makefile, which can be used to build JWNL for Java 5 and Java 6.

*If you have any problems compiling JWNL, you can read more on the GitHub repository.

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