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KFK Portable [Latest 2022]

KFK Portable Product Key is the simplest, most intuitive way to split and merge files in Windows. Just copy the files you want split or merge to the directory where KFK Portable is installed. Then use one of its tools to split the file. KFK will generate multiple files. The application allows you to combine them by sliding them back together. It can also be used to split files among your friends and colleagues.
KFK Portable Key Features:
– Uninstallation/Installation:
Uninstall KFK Portable and all the components (Splitter, Merger, Zipper, Bzip2, WinZip, WinRAR, exe, sfx, sh, cdrecord, Dependency Walker and Dependency Walker Installer) without any other installation steps, without any registry modifications or without any end user interaction.
– Can split files from several sources:
Move files from one folder to another (Zip, EXE, SFX, CAB, DMG, ISO, IMG, WAR, MSP, RM, M3U, etc.), split files using several inputs (from the command line: zip, sfx, cab, etc.) or move the files from the command line into one of the outputs (from the command line: zip, sfx, cab, etc.).
– Supported file formats:
Bin, Exe, and Sfx files of various versions (7-zip,.7z, Zip, WinRAR, exe, sfx, cab, msp, dmg, rar, ISO, IMG, war, m3u, mz, 7z, rar, cab, ppm, mp3, mp4, avi, wma, ogg, midi, wav, gif, tif, doc, html, ppt, ods, txt, ecelp, xls, odt, odp, zip, mpeg, mpg, udf, qtf, wim, msg, ra, rfa, rar, rfc, rar, rar, rar, rar, rar, gzip, rpm, rpm, rpm, rpm, psd, pst, csv, csv, csv, csv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wmv, wm

KFK Portable Crack [Win/Mac]


Convenient to use
Can split one file at a time
Can split one item at a time
Can split a file using different sizes
Can create NTFS and FAT32 partitions
Can convert one file at a time to one file, etc.
Disk spanning


Customer Reviews


Feb 16, 2015

Great application, easy to use and very handy. The only downside is that it’s no longer under development. There are still many bugs, like the external drives option not being triggered, but it’s a good thing that it’s open source and you can improve it.

Alex A.

Sep 11, 2014

KDE file manager (KFM) is an open source file manager, that supports also the compression ZIP, JAR, GZIP and tarballs. The manager can be used for editing files, browsing the file system, recovering deleted files, managing archives, etc.

There are two types of views of the directory tree in the file manager: “tree mode” and “table mode”. Both views allow you to display the contents of a directory tree in a different way, having the possibility to make the view fit the screen’s resolution (for example, to display the directory tree on a widescreen laptop or desktop) and/or select the depth of the tree (for example, to display only the contents of a given directory tree or to display the contents of several folders)

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Store a variable for each iteration of a for-loop

I’m fairly new to python and programming in general.
So I’m trying to make a list with all the dots and commas used in the path to a random number. The output I want is something like this:
1 0 0 1
0 1 0 0
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 1

However I couldn’t find the way to store the variables for each iteration of the loop.
Can anyone help?
import random
import time
myList = []
for i in range(0,

KFK Portable Activation

KFK Portable is a tool that you can use to split or rebuild one or more files. It can split files into smaller pieces or merge them again.Automated determination of the optimal surgical margin for treatment of pathologic anterior uveal melanoma.
To determine the optimal surgical margin for treatment of uveal melanoma using automated analysis of intraoperative fluorescein angiograms. Research unit of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This retrospective, noncomparative, interventional case series included 22 consecutive patients with large, laterally located, histopathologically proven, anterior uveal melanomas measuring 7.7 mm or larger that were treated surgically from 1993 to 2001. All patients were examined preoperatively with B-scan ultrasonography, angiography, and fluorescein angiography (FA) to define the tumor margin. Intraoperative FA was performed using the 10-diopter lens of an operating microscope to detect ischemia and to confirm the surgical margin. A postoperative MRI or radiographic scan was used to exclude ciliary body infiltration. The mean age of the patients was 57 years; the mean tumor basal diameter was 12 mm; and the mean follow-up duration was 45 months. Complete tumor removal was achieved in 17 patients, and in the remaining 5 patients the surgical margin was verified at the time of enucleation. An extended, wide, 4-mm margin around the tumor was achieved in 2 of these 5 patients. The mean tumor height in the 17 patients who had complete tumor removal was 6.7 mm. The mean tumor height of the group of 5 patients who had incomplete tumor excision was 18.4 mm. The preoperative tumor height was strongly correlated with tumor height at surgery (P =.007). No patient had either tumor recurrence or metastasis. The first surgeon did not appreciate the importance of automated FA to determine an optimum surgical margin for uveal melanoma until a study of the effects of surgical margin on recurrence by analyzing each of the angiograms was begun. This study suggests that intraoperative FA is a safe and useful adjunct to preoperative diagnostics and that the automated analysis of preoperative FA is a practical and effective approach to tumor margin identification, especially when an extended margin of 5 mm or more is required.Q:

Is $f$ an a.e. equivalence preserving function from $(X,\mathcal{A},m)$ into $(Y,\math

What’s New In KFK Portable?

Flexible options

Split into an unlimited number of parts

Create fixed-size or custom sizes

Uncomplicated UI

Create floppy disks to split/merge files

Split or rebuild files using multiple floppy disks

Partition floppy drives for any hardware

Get your free download of KFK Portable App. Install and try this tool and make sure it’s exactly what you want and need!Q:

How do you get a list of gems of a certain version in rails?

I’m trying to get a list of all the gems of a certain version and what versions they are compatible with.
The way I do it now is as follows:
versions = Gem.searchengine.matches.collect { |gem| [gem.name, gem.version] }

I have a gem versioned gem ‘jquery-rails’ ‘’ available which, I guess, should generate the following output:

jquery-rails/rails (3.0.1)

jquery-rails/rails (2.0.2)

However, the output instead is:
jquery-rails/rails (3.0.1)

jquery-rails/rails (2.0.2)

Why do I have rails 2.0.2 in the output instead of 2.0.1 and why do I have the rails 3.0.1 in the output?


Your version list looks good, but make sure you’re using the @search gem and not the official gem index and that it’s not returning results for another project.


Had the same issue, with searching:
Gem::Specification.find_all(‘rails’).map{|p| p.version}


Regarding the base-ruby version, there are several ways you could get it for a specific gem:
irb(main):001:0> require ‘rubygems’
=> false
irb(main):002:0> Gem::Spec


System Requirements:

Approximate retail value: $0.00
Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit) or later, 64-bit editions of Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista, or Mac OS 10.4 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz (Minimum 1GHz)
Memory: 512 MB of memory
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 1600 or greater, Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 or greater
DVD Drive: Multi-session DVD drive or DVD burner
Networking: Broadband Internet connection with


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