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LaCie 1-Click Backup Crack PC/Windows (Latest)

– Drag-and-drop backup jobs: simple, quick and painless
– Automatically backup important data on Mac and Windows
– Save to any PC and can restore on any device
– Unlimited free backups to any hard drive on any PC
– Supports external USB backup devices
– Supports many file formats for photos, videos, music and documents
LaCie 1-Click Backup 2022 Crack Pros:
– Lots of advanced settings
– Support to automatically backup to external hard drive on Mac and Windows
– No complicated steps to use
LaCie 1-Click Backup Cons:
– Not great performance
– MacOS 10.7 and below is not supported

Version 0.01 beta (Mar. 2015)

Version 0.01 stable (Apr. 2013)

Version 0.01 alpha (Oct. 2012)


* NOTE: LaCie 1-Click Backup was not developed or supported by LaCie. FILED


LaCie 1-Click Backup Crack + With Registration Code [2022-Latest]

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LaCie 1-Click Backup Free

LaCie 1-Click Backup is a software solution that allows users to save important data and keep it in a safe location for restoring in case something goes wrong.

Configuring the backup jobs should take only a couple of moments because all you have to do is specify the files and folders to be included in the backup and the location where you want to store the data.

[…] LaCie 1-Click Backup software. That way you can restore the backup, which is stored in a protected location, after you restore from the DVD.

It is a one-time backup which includes a number of parts for you to decide on:
Part 1: If you only want to backup your files, you can use the Files backup.

[…] If you need to backup one or more folders, you can use the Folders backup.

Part 2: If you need to backup all the important data on your PC, you can use the Data backup.

[…] The last one is to backup a DVD or Blu-ray. You can use this method to backup your data to a DVD or Blu-ray and then store them in a safe location.

You can download the LaCie 1-Click Backup software from the Microsoft Download Center.

[…] you don’t have a DVD writer (or Blu-ray), you can use a USB storage device.

[…] If you have a second PC, you can use this method to backup both the data on your PC and your DVD or Blu-ray.

How to backup and restore data?

LaCie 1-Click Backup is a software solution that allows users to save important data and keep it in a safe location for restoring in case something goes wrong.

Configuring the backup jobs should take only a couple of moments because all you have to do is specify the files and folders to be included in the backup and the location where you want to store the data.

There are two main methods to backup data:

– The Data backup
– The Folders backup

Both methods use the same format and the same result. They are just different ways to make it happen.

Let’s take a look at how the different data can be backed up.

The Data backup

The Data backup uses the following formats:


To do the backup, you need to:


What’s New In LaCie 1-Click Backup?

LaCie 1-Click Backup allows users to backup the files and folders on their computers and USB hard drives. To ensure the data is backed up, it creates an archive file, which is divided into 1,000 separate blocks to minimize the risk of losing data when the file is copied. The 1-Click Backup utility also lets users to perform a backup to USB storage devices. For example, if a user lost or damaged their data storage device, it can be replaced with a new one. The 1-Click Backup is available as a free trial version and a commercial product that costs US$119.

Back up files or folders to USB storage devices
Back up a selected group of files and folders to a ZIP archive file
Back up to an FTP server
Back up to a secure online storage service
Back up the backup files to a user’s computer.
Back up to an external hard drive
Back up a ZIP archive file to a PC hard drive or USB hard drive
Back up and compress a selected group of files and folders
Back up to external devices
Back up to a network share

User-friendly software that creates backup jobs and schedules them
Plays an audible beep to notify users when backup jobs are in process
Allows backup of multiple files and folders
Supports data security on local drives and USB hard drives
Schedules backup jobs
Backup data with a ZIP archive file.
Backup to local drives and to USB hard drives
Back up to FTP server
Back up to an online storage service
Back up to a secure online storage service
Back up to an external hard drive
Back up to a network share
Uncompresses the backup file after it is restored.
Operates on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix

Creating a backup job
1. Choose Backup destination
2. Select files and folders to back up.
3. To select only the folders you want to back up, click the selection box icon on the bottom right of the folder name.
4. Select Backup type
a. Select the user selected type.
b. Select the backup option: 1-Click Backup, FTP Backup, Network Backup, Online Backup.
5. To select the frequency of the backup, click the Time tab.
6. To select the backup window of the backup job, click the Backup Window tab.
7. To select which external drive should be used for backup, click the Drives tab.
8. Click Next.
9. To start the backup job, click Start.
Scheduling a backup job
To schedule a backup job:
1. Click Backup job and choose the backup option.
2. Click Schedule button.
3. Click to select the file or folder for backup and the frequency.
4. Click OK to add the job to the schedule list.
5. To change the backup frequency

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (x64)
Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or better
NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT/GTS or better
Microsoft Sound card
Freespace on C: 12 GB
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (x64)


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