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Lumapix Fotofusion V5 2 Crack For Pc ((EXCLUSIVE)) ⭐

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Lumapix Fotofusion V5 2 Crack For Pc


This is a simple task you can perform in minutes by following the simple guidelines below. We are going to work a bit more on the sidebar of the homepage. There we will also add our social networks in the column. Then, we will add the usual buttons like contact and blog. Finally, we will add some categories to our content pages. All these tasks are very easy and can be completed by a normal user with basic WordPress skills.

If you’re new to WordPress and want to learn how to set up this theme yourself, there are plenty of How-To’s out there, or you can hire someone to do it for you.

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1. The Homepage:

The homepage of your website should appear like this (or something close to it):

2. The Sidebar:

Right now, we have the standard WordPress search bar and the WordPress Categories. Adding our social networks like Facebook and Twitter should give us a nice looking menu like this. You can see that our social networks are empty. This is because we have not added them yet. So, lets add a new social network.

3. The Footer

We have a footer with the usual footer links like Contact, Blogs, Contact Us. Again, we will need to add these manually at the moment. They are just links that point to the footer.php.

4. Adding our Social Networks:

Adding the social networks is easy. All you have to do is install them. Then, find the WordPress plugin that you want to install and search for social networks. Once it’s installed, you will see some plugin options to install your social networks. You can see the Instagram plugin in the screenshot below.

5. Categories

Adding categories should be pretty simple. Go to Appearance>Widgets. Then, drag and drop your widget to where you want it on the widgets page. You can see that I have added a new column. This is where we can add categories, but for now, we will keep it empty.

6. Contact and Contact Form

Adding the contact form should be easy. The first step is to create a new page called “Contact Form”. Then, you will need to add the page address on the Contact Form page itself. We just need to have something like this:

Then, we will need to add a Contact Form7 plugin that will create our contact form for us.

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