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help others to merge multiple document togetherThis article is more than 5 years old

This article is more than 5 years old

The city centre of Baghdad has been largely spared the deadly violence that has triggered a wave of protests across the Iraqi capital over the last few days.

Iraqis have held peaceful protests in the city centre for days but violence has spread to other parts of Baghdad, Najaf and Basra.

During the weekend, demonstrators torched vehicles and looted shops in the capital, as the death toll from six days of clashes rose to 26 and tens of thousands of demonstrators continued to call for an end to corruption and government mismanagement.

The government’s response to the protests has been a muddle of pledges to improve services and equipment for the security forces, and setting up a committee to advise the prime minister on economic reforms and reorganisation.

On Sunday, clashes were reported in Baghdad and other cities and Iraqi security forces used live ammunition and teargas against protesters.

On Sunday, the Iraqi army claimed to have killed a number of militants in Baghdad, in what appeared to be a bid to calm the protests.

The army claimed to have killed a number of militants in Baghdad, in what appeared to be a bid to calm the protests. In addition to the shootings, protesters marched with vehicles through the streets of the capital for several hours in support of a call for calm issued by the country’s governor and the interior minister.

The death toll from the six days of violence has risen to at least 26. Yesterday, the Iraqi supreme court, in an unusual move, issued an arrest warrant for the country’s prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, who has been cited by protesters as a key source of corruption.

The court said it was investigating allegations he had committed corruption, was responsible for the deterioration of services, and violated the constitution by leading the country without the endorsement of parliament.

Opposition leaders said they would demand a no-confidence motion against the premier after the verdict was read out in the courtroom.

Moves to remove the premier from office are unlikely to be successful. Maliki has the backing of Iraq’s parliament, and there is a consensus that he is the only way to end the violence.

Maliki has so far insisted that the protesters are to blame for the violence, but many feel the prime minister has failed to hold the security forces accountable for killings during the unrest.

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How to convert ArrayList to single String using Kotlin

How to convert ArrayList to String using Kotlin?
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Another solution is to use Kotlin’s String constructor with the parameter:
abc.joinToString(separator = “;”)

Corrections and clarifications.
In the article by Zintzaras and Papadopoulos (1), the name of an author was written incorrectly as Basilopoulou. In addition, some names of instruments were missing from the text. This Correspondence adds a couple of corrections and clarifications. The text mentions that one of the authors helped test the official Greek national weight and height charts on a representative sample of the Greek population. In that study, there were no significant differences found between the values of the weights and heights given by the two sets of charts. (Technical Annex #4). The text mentions that the values of heights given by the official Greek weight and height charts are derived from the revised WHO growth charts, but in fact those are the PEL values calculated by the WHO collaborating centers from the NCHS curves. (Technical Annex #5) These corrections and clarifications are made

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