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Media Monkey is a nifty application designed to keep track of your albums and play, burn, tag, and organize music supported by the most popular audio formats. It uses tagging to catalog your music, so you can quickly locate any song.
Function-packed, yet intuitive GUI
The user interface needs some time to get used to, but after a while it does seem to be pretty well organized and even if it hosts a lot of functions, each of them is neatly placed and can be accessed effortlessly.
Party and Sleep modes for optimized user experience
Party Mode is a feature of MediaMonkey that prevents any modifications to your files, or to the software configuration, while Sleep mode allows you to configure the time to play the songs, whether to shut down the program at the end, or gradually fade the volume.
File organizer with support for categories
You can organize files in many categories that include Music, Podcast, Playlists, Media Servers, and Net Radio (access to SHOUTcast and Icecast radio).
Alter track properties and burn data
Track managing has many useful features such as editing track properties and album information, album art, auto-tag from filename, converting formats, and others. In addition, you can burn an audio CD, data CD/DVD/BD, or erase rewritable discs.
Rich suite of configuration settings
The Options menu has countless settings customizations you can use to modify the application and configure supported extensions, plugins, downloads, file tagging and a lot more, all designed to fit the needs and requirements of the more demanding users.
A powerful and reliable media manager
To sum things up, MediaMonkey is a complete audio management solution that provides everything one would need to organize a vast music collection. Besides the playback capabilities and numerous configuration possibilities, this program supports Winamp plugins and comes with a useful 4x CD/DVD ripper and burner.
If you are looking for extra power and functionality, you can upgrade to the GOLD version and get to enjoy unlimited MP3 encoding, advanced searches and playlists, as well as support for custom collections. The GOLD edition also comes with built-in disc burner (supports up to 48x), file monitor, automatic library organizer and automatic tag editor.







MediaMonkey Crack (April-2022)

MediaMonkey Activation Code is an application for tagging and organizing music.
It is designed to help you manage your music collection easily and efficiently.
It’s also possible to set up a “party mode” to prevent the software from altering your files or to prevent music from being added to it.
MediaMonkey is packed with options and settings to make it easy to manage multiple sources.
Many configuration parameters can be saved, loaded and restored quickly and easily.
MediaMonkey Features:
* Support for Winamp and Windows Media Player plugins
* Support for music files in MP3, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Ogg, and MPC formats
* Comprehensive music tagging and organization system
* Song tagging with tags, artist, album, title, genre and more
* Playlist management
* Music collection support
* Collection organization and management
* Music library search
* Support for music files on portable devices
* Recording and playback of audio CDs and audio CDs from disc images
* CD/DVD/BD burner
* Album cover art for every song
* M3U playlist support
* MP3 encoder
* M3U playlist organizer
* Support for all music servers and internet radio
* Very intuitive interface and user experience
* Start menu shortcut to launch and open any file or folder
* Download server settings
* Number of played files, downloaded files and playlists
* Multiple audio and video players, allowing you to play different music and video files in different players at the same time
* Songs can be easily added to any selected playlist
* Users can put any song into any of the supported media formats: WAV, OGG, MP3, AAC, Vorbis, and FLAC
* Track management with quick access to all music files
* Supports tagging, tagging, and much more
* Track previewing with album art and other information
* Playback control with special playback modes
* Sort songs into smart playlists
* File monitor with customizable hotkeys
* Automatic track selection and tagging
* Intelligent filtering and sorting options
* Automatic media server and internet radio discovery
* Use built-in disc burner to create a CD or a DVD or a Blu-ray disc
* Optimized for performance and stability
* Discs can be burned directly from the MediaMonkey library
* Excellent support for custom collections
* Program configuration options and settings
* Tagging and playlists support for Winamp and Windows Media Player

MediaMonkey Crack + Free License Key 2022 [New]

Audio management made easy. Media Monkey is a fast, simple, and easy-to-use audio manager. You can play your favorite songs, organize and catalog your music, and backup your music files to ensure you never lose them.
• Organize and play all your music files
• Burn a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray
• Includes more than 1,000 free and commercial Winamp plugins
• Supports more than 80 formats and technologies
• Access audio CD, Audio DVD, and Audio Blu-Ray discs
• Convert your audio files to MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, MP2, and AMR
• Access and playback your music on networked audio players
• Rip and burn media files to CD or DVD
• Automatically Organize Music, Movies, and Podcasts
• Add and edit tags to your music files
• Customize your audio player with Winamp plugin skins
• Easily share music with friends through social networks
• Back up and recover your media files in the event of a computer crash
Media Monkey Gold Description:
The audio management solution everyone deserves. Media Monkey is a powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly audio manager. In addition to its popular features, such as automatic library organizer, automatic tag editor, disc burner, and file monitor, Media Monkey GOLD Edition includes Winamp plugins, unlimited MP3 encoding, advanced searches, and playlist support. With Media Monkey, the hassle of organizing your music and disc catalog has never been easier.
• Automatic Library Organizer: organize your music in tree-view view and create playlists automatically for quick playback
• Winamp Plugin Skin Support: Easily customize your audio player with Winamp plugin skins
• Unlimited MP3 Encoding: Convert MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, MP2, and AMR files to MP3
• Advanced Searches: Customize searches by your music tags, genre, artist, album, or even disc
• Playlist Support: Playlists can include any combination of music tracks
• Back Up and Recover: Back up and recover your music files in the event of a computer crash
• Burn Disc: Discs can be burned to CD and DVD discs
Media Monkey Gold Features:
• Winamp plugin skins
• Unlimited MP3 Encoding
• Advanced Searches
• Playlist support
• Burn Disc
• Media Monkey is easy to use and has a clean and simple interface
• Allows you to play

MediaMonkey X64








Music manager for Windows

Music Manager was developed by Sonic Designer, the software development team of Sonic Solutions Ltd. Sonic Designer was founded in 1997 by Peter Hoppe and Tim Langdon.

Music Manager’s unique tag-driven interface and visual organization system are powerful tools for organizing your music collection.

Features of Music Manager:- An intuitive interface for navigating and organizing your music collection. It’s very easy to learn to use and very powerful.- Powerful searching tools: A powerful search function searches not only the music titles, but also the file sizes, the artist name, the composer name and the title of the album.- An easy to use tag editor: Quickly and easily add, remove or rearrange tags. Manage your music library with ease.- Powerful tagging functions: Quickly and easily add, remove or rearrange album, artist, song, genre, mood and a lot more tags.- A powerful media player: Play, pause and repeat your music collection with ease. Get iTunes and Winamp plugins.- Download songs: Download multiple songs at once in a single operation.- Playlists: Create and edit your playlists with ease.- A powerful file organizer: Keep your music collection organized in easily understandable categories.- Disc burner: Easy to use and with many powerful features for burning audio CDs and data CDs. Turn your PC into a powerful CD/DVD player.- Load and save configuration files: Add and remove Winamp plugins with ease. Maintain your configuration files in a central place.

Try Music Manager now and you will see why it has become the number one media player for Windows with over 50 Million downloads.

– A powerful media player: Play, pause and repeat your music collection with ease.- A powerful media organizer: Keep your music collection organized in easily understandable categories.- An intuitive interface for navigating and organizing your music collection.- An easy to use tag editor: Quickly and easily add, remove or rearrange tags. Manage your music library with ease.- A powerful searching tools: A powerful search function searches not only the music titles, but also the file sizes, the artist name, the composer name and the title of the album.- A powerful disc burner: Easy to use and with many powerful features for burning audio CDs and data CDs. Turn your PC into a powerful CD/DVD player.- A powerful media organizer: Keep your music collection organized in easily understandable categories.- An intuitive

What’s New in the MediaMonkey?

Download music from our MP3 music blog and use our CD ripper to rip your own CDs. We can also convert your MP3s to WAV or OGG, convert FLAC to MP3, M4A to MP3 and perform other useful functions to your music.

Powerful search with many filters: artist, album, year, time, file name, etc. You can also search for mp3 music by adding “tags” to the search string.
Fast file list display in the program.
Users of MediaMonkey can now look for their music in a virtual library. This works much better than conventional methods that require looking through folders.
Download selected tracks from selected artists or albums.
Download selected tracks from your library.
Supported formats: all major MP3 file formats, OGG, WAV, FLAC, Musepack, m4a, Mp3Plus, Wma.
Advanced drag and drop playlist.
Supports: Tags, metadata, playlists, renaming, duplicates, statistics, automatic and manual organization of the music library.

On this page, you can download the free trial version of MP3Tag in both Windows and Mac OS X versions.
This handy application allows you to automatically organize your music library into albums and genres, and can also help you to classify and organize the songs.
More than simple music organizer
MP3Tag is more than just a simple music organizer. This application can also help you to burn CDs and DVDs from your music, generate playlists and create your own custom lists.
It can also detect duplicate files. A useful feature for an experienced user, who might want to clean his music library and free up some space.

With MediaMonkey you can organize music, audio and video and you can create playlists. And with this application you can easily convert audio and video files to and from the most popular formats and the most useful features are the advanced filters, play, burn and tag the media.



You can create, edit, delete, rename, reorder or duplicate albums.


You can tag music, audio and video with various metadata.


Playlists help you organize and manage your music, audio and video.

Burning and Writing

You can burn CDs, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-RAM and BD-RE discs. You can also burn audio and video.

Media Playback

Support for the most popular music formats.

Supported Playlist Formats

You can create your own playlists.

MediaFile Attributes

You can edit the attributes of the audio and video files.

Assorted Tools

You can use the various

System Requirements For MediaMonkey:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or AMD Phenom X2 N970
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX9 graphics with a 64 MB graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c (DX9)
Hard Drive: At least 2 GB free hard disk space
Additional Notes:
It is strongly recommended that you also download and install the DirectX 9.0c update before starting the game. For more information on


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