Jun 2022
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MindSpring VoIP & IM features 3-way calling and call waiting.
Call missed, or on a call? Don’t worry, free voicemail is included.Call regular phones with MindSpring Dial Out � and save big. Get 30 min. free for domestic calls when you sign-up.
Exchange instant text messages (IM) with your online contacts, including Google Talk users. Exchange files and photos quickly and easily, plus preview your email in your free email account that you will receive.
■ .NET Framework 1.1 or later


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MindSpring VoIP IM

What’s New in the?

BlueSky, the foremost provider of IM and VoIP services, today announced MindSpring Software, a platform for delivering instant messaging and voice services over the Internet. MindSpring Software provides its VoIP and IM customers with instant messaging and voice services that are more than twice as fast as any other IM and VoIP software on the market.
MindSpring Software provides instant messaging and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services for small businesses. It can be delivered as a hosted application or hosted on a virtual private server (VPS) on the Internet. This hosted application features a user management system, a centralized database, and a calendaring system.
MindSpring Software includes the following core services:
* Calling: Users can call numbers in any country in the world and receive free calls to the same number. If the call is missed, users can leave a voice message.
* Instant messaging: Users can interact with each other via instant messaging.
* VoIP and video conferencing: Users can make calls to any number in the world and can connect with video conferencing features.

Tips & Tricks:
* BlueSky offers a 30-minute free trial of the hosted service for MindSpring Software. You can sign up for the free trial at
* MindSpring Software supports multiple IM protocols and is supported by a full range of modems and broadband connections. For more information, see
* New BlueSky MindSpring Software customers can sign up for BlueSky Voice calling for $9.95 per month per extension at
* MindSpring Software customers can also purchase a BlueSky Hosted VoIP solution for $59.95 per month per extension at
* To use BlueSky MindSpring Software, an internet-enabled modem or router with a broadband connection must be installed at the subscriber location.
* These services are not available in all countries. View country-specific service information at

BlueSky MindSpring Software provides the following benefits:
* Unlimited calling: Unlimited long distance calling to any number in the world, including Canada and Mexico, is included.
* Instant messaging: Instant messaging features are included.
* VoIP and video conferencing: BlueSky MindSpring Software provides a complete set of features for instant messaging and voice services. Users can connect with video conferencing to conduct business or personal conversations with video features.
* Call waiting: Users can manage missed calls and call waiting.
* Third party software integration:
BlueSky MindSpring Software integrates with BlueSky

System Requirements:

*Windows 7 or later
*300MB of HD space
The version of the mod will work on Windows 10 and up. Windows 8 and 8.1 will not work.
(Note: The mod may cause severe lag or stability problems. Always take extra precautions before using this mod.)
Stable v1.4 Patch
This patch fixes the major lag caused by faction status, and so on. (Note: You must have installed the previous version first to use this patch.)


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