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Listening to the radio is somewhat seen as an obsolete action these days. Regardless, when working or conducting any other type of activity in front of your computer, it never hurts to listen to some music. For one, it can increase your productivity by livening up the situation. If you're not keen on creating long playlists, switching between songs every time you run out of favorite tracks, Mini Radio Player could prove useful.
Listen to a plethora of stations
It might not include your favorite songs, but once you've located your favorite station by country or genre, you should be able to find new gems that might fit your style. This way, you could also get a local taste of what other cultures have to offer, or what they value in the musical sector. Of course, the interface is somewhat basic.
It seems a tad unfinished at times, but it works well. Buttons and functions are clearly labeled, leaving no room for confusion. The play and sound volume buttons are placed in the bottom half of the app. In the top-right corner, you'll find the home, favorite, settings, and search buttons.
Suggestions and localization
In case you thought the application doesn't really pay attention to what you are listening to, think again. Based on your favorite and most used stations, the app will offer various suggestions. In addition, small flags are placed on the thumbnail of each individual radio station. That way, you know exactly what country broadcasts what type of music.
In terms of settings, these vary from general stuff that deals with app behavior to more precise, user and advanced adjustments dealing with aspects that could make your interaction with the app more personal. Themes are also included, allowing the user to choose an appropriate color scheme for one's choices.
Mini Radio Player is a cool application that, even though might not be as original in terms of the used formula, is dependable and useful in the segment it aims to provide some assistance and functionality.







Mini Radio Player 3008 Crack + Activation Key

Listen to radio from your computer! No longer do you need to find a radio station, listen to it, and then turn off the music. With this application, you can simply navigate your way through all of the radio stations and listen to music as you please. Control the volume with your mouse, or use the buttons on your keyboard. The interface is very clean and simple to use, and it’s very intuitive. Use the search function to find a station you like.
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Mini Radio Player 3008 License Key Full

Playlist Play a list of songs that you pick.
My Favorites Do you like this song? Add it to My Favorites.
Mute / unmute songs You are now listening to “Muziek”.
You need to be a Premium user to be able to download this application. Please log in or sign up for a free account to continue.

“Mini Radio Player is a cool application that, even though might not be as original in terms of the used formula, is dependable and useful in the segment it aims to provide some assistance and functionality.”

Easy to use
Works great


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Easy to use

It works great


A little bit of everything


Mini Radio Player is a cool application that, even though might not be as original in terms of the used formula, is dependable and useful in the segment it aims to provide some assistance and functionality.


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The application gives you the option to listen to various radio stations, in particular those that are in your favorite list. In addition, the application supports all common playlists, such as shuffle, repetition, order, repeat, and random playlists. The app can also be used to mute your selected station, or to set it to off. Lastly, you can add your favorite radio stations to your favorites list.

The application offers a simple interface. All the settings are accessible via a simple menu. Here, you can control the app’s behavior, as well as its appearance. Themeing is also included. The application can also be used as a MP3 player for playlists that you can select from your collection.

This is a pretty cool app, but we do have a few complaints. The first is that the application is a bit unfinished. We do not have a problem with the app’s lack of features, but the lack of a notification window is annoying.

In addition, the application does not have a lot of options. You can select the radio stations from your favorites, access the settings, create your own playlists

What’s New in the Mini Radio Player?

If you like listening to music, and don't feel like bothering with a standalone player, you might want to try out Mini Radio Player. It's an app that will let you listen to radio stations directly in your iPhone's Safari browser. Moreover, there is an offline mode to make sure that you'll be able to listen to whatever you wish whenever you want.
The interface is fairly simple, but it's not hard to understand. On the left side, you'll find the familiar tabs along with the search button. On the right, a green plus sign will guide you to the Favorites, Radio Playlists, Search, Home, and Settings buttons.
The Home button will bring you to a list with the most recently played tracks. You can easily add songs to this list via the + button on the right side. In addition, you can simply skip to the next or previous track by using the left and right buttons on the bottom.
Radio playlists are accessed via the Favorites button, while the Search button will direct you to the Search tab. You can search for radio stations by country, genre, or by artist.
To browse through the available radio stations, a list with the most recent radio playlists is available. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can switch between the available stations. While listening to the station, flags will indicate which country or region is airing.

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System Requirements For Mini Radio Player:

Required: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, or Mac OS X v 10.8 or later
Recommend: Intel Core 2 Duo or better, 3GHz or better
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