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Download ✫✫✫ https://tiurll.com/2n060n

Download ✫✫✫ https://tiurll.com/2n060n






MxTunnel Activation Key Free [Win/Mac]

● Proxy Support
● WAN Acceleration
● VoIP Support

Privacy protection
● Speed Improvement
● Support for every Cloud, SIP, Jabber and MUC protocol

– Download Options [Windows]:

– Download Options [Linux]:

– Support Methods:
Submit a Support Request

**Please Note**: You must be a registered user on the website to use the software.

Installation Notes:

– Create a Tunnel Server:
Launch MxTunnel Crack and follow the instructions. Once done, select “New” and create a server. Enter a name for the server, and then click “ok” and “select server.” You will then be asked which operating system you want to run the server under. Select “Linux” to install MxTunnel under Linux.
– Open Existance as root:
(Note: This will take a few minutes, and must be done one time)
Launch MxTunnel, and click “New” and “Create Service.” At the bottom right, you can choose what service you want to install, and which port you want to be used. Enter “tcp:2600” in the port field.
– Update MxTunnel:
Launch MxTunnel, and click “Options.” Click the dropdown menu and select “Update MxTunnel.” Ensure that “Update Service,” and “Allow Start on Boot” are selected.
– Open Existance as root again:
(Note: This will take a few more minutes, and must be done one time)
Launch MxTunnel, and click “Options.” Click the dropdown menu and select “Start MxTunnel.” If MxTunnel has been installed correctly, it should “Start” automatically.
– Run MxTunnel:
Launch MxTunnel. Once opened, click the top left “Start” button.
For more information, please refer to the “Installation Instructions.”

How to Run

MxTunnel Crack Free Registration Code [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

○ Allows to surf the web securely (anonymously)
○ Protects your Internet traffic from prying eyes
○ Provides secure, encrypted and authenticated access to the web
○ Hosts web servers for you
○ Provides a custom alternative to the well known Tor browser
○ Protects your privacy by preventing the collection of information
○ Provides a custom alternative to the well known Vidalia-based apps
○ In addition, MxTunnel Cracked Accounts circumvents the blacklisting of free proxy servers.
MxTunnel is available free of charge for non-commercial use. The developers of MxTunnel have a lot of experience in creating free VoIP and proxy solutions for the Internet.
○ The capabilities of MxTunnel can be expanded by the user, by adding their own web server
○ Although there is a lot of information about security on the Internet, including security guides, access to the latest security news is very difficult. MxTunnel is able to detect security issues in real-time and to provide a warning in the notification area.
○ MxTunnel includes special security features to protect against IP spoofing.
○ MxTunnel does not keep track of user activity or memorize passwords.
○ MxTunnel ensures anonymity by hiding your IP address, name, and place of residence.
○ MxTunnel works on all major operating systems including Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Linux.
○ Because of its open source nature, MxTunnel is easy to use.
○ MxTunnel installs fast, does not use system resources, and does not slow down the computer.
○ A detailed documentation is available in MxTunnel’s Help file (usually located in the Help menu).
So if you want to explore the great things you can do on the web anonymously, use MxTunnel.
What´s New
Version 2013.09.14
Added new option to change IP ADDRESS of VPN server.
Added new option to change time intervals when DNS cache will be cleared
Added new option to clear DNS cache
MxTunnel Features
○ Anonymous browsing
○ Secure, encrypted and authenticated
○ Direct, filtered access to the web
○ Protects your anonymity by hiding your IP address, your name, and your place of residence

MxTunnel Product Key

MxTunnel is a proxy that can be used to protect oneself from ISP proxies by redirecting all incoming Internet traffic through MxTunnel and making it possible to enter restricted websites like Skype, mail websites and other websites, such as Netflix or Pandora, that are available through the IP address of MxTunnel.

MxTunnel can be started automatically at boot time, or set manually.
Why use MxTunnel to access these sites?
The main reason to use MxTunnel is to bypass ISP proxies (especially parental ones), as it enables one to access restricted websites such as Netflix or Pandora, which are not normally available to outsiders.

How to use MxTunnel
1. Go to the MxTunnel website

2. Select “Automatic proxy configuration” and enter your ISP name and IP Address. If you are behind an ISP proxy, you need to make sure your ISP allows you to visit those websites.

3. After the configuration is done, click on “Submit”

4. MxTunnel will start doing its job.

How do I use MxTunnel?
First of all, you need to make sure you have the ability to download the MxTunnel client on your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 computer.

1. Download MxTunnel from the MxTunnel website.

2. Run the MxTunnel.bat batch file located in the MxTunnel\bin folder.

3. Wait for the MxTunnel client to be finished configuring.

4. Click on “Start MxTunnel”

5. MxTunnel will start.

Is MxTunnel safe to use?
MxTunnel is safe to use. No malicious software is installed in your computer. No malicious code is used to perform this operation. MxTunnel does not start a process on your computer. MxTunnel is simply redirecting the traffic, making it easier to access restricted

What’s New In?

MxTunnel is a software that allows you to have your own SSL encrypted (SSL or Secure Socket Layer) domain name.
It also allows you to define your own port on your local machine, running the MxTunnel software.
To use the service for any Internet access, first connect to your home router’s IP address or DSL modem’s DSL address.
Then MxTunnel’s web page must be displayed, where we must give the IP address of the server’s computer (Internet access), and the port in which we should access the Internet.
We also choose the IP address of the computer that we will use to get Internet access, plus the port, and if we choose not to use a proxy, we choose our personal port to use it (by default, port 8888).
Then MxTunnel operates so as to provide us with secure Internet access.
MxTunnel is supplied as a free software for use at home, and as a commercial software for use in companies.
This software allows you, for example, to:
– Access social networks anonymously.
– Access services that are ordinarily blocked.
– Avoiding a connection to Censored Port 80.
– Hide your operating system.
– Bypass proxies.
– Use your own domain name (paid).
– Create a secure virtual private network.
– Obtain a personal VPN account.
– Get a secure web application.
– Use BitTorrent safely (paid).
– Use a secure remote access.
– Use web servers to hide your IP address.
– Use online banking.
– Anonymously browse the web (paid).
– Obtain high speed secure downloading.
– Anonymously browse the web, or create a secure virtual private network
– Easy to use.
– Anonymously and quickly connect to the Internet.
– To access torrents safely.
– Use secure web applications.
– Anonymously access online services (paid).
– Use secure virtual private networks (paid).
– Use a secure remote access (paid).
– Use an application like TOR (paid).
– Hide IP.
– Get secured secure web applications (paid).
– Use BitTorrent (paid).
– Set up a secure online banking account.
– Use secure remote access with great speed (paid).
– Obtain a secure virtual private network (paid

System Requirements For MxTunnel:

Requires a minimum of a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent CPU.
OS X 10.8 or later.
DirectX 9
2 GB of RAM
1024 MB graphics card or equivalent NVIDIA or AMD GPU
1 GB free hard drive space
Requires a minimum of a 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent CPU.
OS X 10.9 or later.
DirectX 11
NVIDIA GTX 560 or equivalent


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