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Natural Resources Database NRDB Pro Free Download

Based on a freeware tool, Natural Resources Database NRDB pro represents a free gis tool for developing and distributing environmental databases.
Its aim is to provide people in developing countries with a powerful yet simple tool to assist in the managing of their own resources.
The Natural Resources Database is a spatial database. As well as storing data of type text or numbers you can also store point, polyline or polygon data.
The data structure of NRDB is hierarchical. This means that, for example, you can represent the administrative structure for your project area and calculate statistics based on this.
NRDB is also a time-series database, all data has a date associated with it. You can therefore observe changes over time in the data.
All data for the NRDB is stored in a single database file which can be redistributed with the software.
The database structure consists of features and attributes. You define these in the Data Dictionary. You can define a structure that meets the needs of your project. NRDB is therefore is applicable to a wide range of environmental / socio-economic projects in developing countries.
Maps consist of layers. Each layer contains a spatial attribute, e.g. an administrative boundary or the location of a village, and a text or numeric attribute to be used as a label e.g. the name of the village, or the number of households above the poverty threshold.
You can create thematic maps whereby the way the layer is displayed is determined by the values. For example you can make the fill colour or symbol size dependent on the value or you can use different colours to indicate houses with and without access to safe water.
You can also change other aspects of the appearance such as the type of the symbol and the positioning of labels.
NRDB includes automatic layout for printing of maps.
NRDB supports UTM and other transverse mercator projections. UTM projections can be selected simply by clicking on the world map.
As well as simple selection of features and attributes to display on maps, graphs and reports you can also use queries. These give you more control over what is displayed. With queries you can apply conditions, e.g. only select data for 2002 or display only households that are not formal settlers and are living in makeshift housing.
Queries can also be used for calculating statistics. You can for example count the number of households below the poverty threshold by municipality. You could also normalise this by dividing it by the number of households in

Natural Resources Database NRDB Pro With License Key [2022-Latest]

Document ID: NRDB_Pro_7
[*] Language: English
[*] Description:
[*] Purpose:
[*] Install NRDB Pro
[*] Prerequisites:
[*] NRDB Pro Requirements:
[*] Details:
[*] You must install this package before you can apply the NRDB Pro configuration file.
Download the installer file, unzip and install it on the server.
If you are installing the NRDB Pro software, the installation of the NRDB software must be completed before the application of the NRDB configuration file.
In addition, a directory of the software must be established in the repository of NRDB and set up under the NRDB_Pro_Default_Configuration folder, as follows:
-> /NRDB_Pro_Default_Configuration/ NRDB Installation
The software installs NRDB and NRDB Pro simultaneously and can work side by side.
NRDB Pro has the ability to export Natural Resources Database information into various formats.
If you are going to use this feature, the export settings in the application configuration file must be set to the settings appropriate for your purpose.
When you export, the NRDB software creates a SQL file. If the NRDB software is used with an SQL database management system, the information in the SQL file can be processed by it.
NRDB Pro is also intended to be used as a desktop application. The software can be installed from within the virtual server and can be managed from the server itself.
Please read the installation guide to install the NRDB Pro desktop version.
(There are no restrictions on the installation of NRDB Pro via the virtual server.)
You can use the Natural Resources Database software to assist in managing projects in developing countries.
NRDB is suitable for many different types of projects. Some examples include:
* To compile a dataset on values of key resources and to calculate the level of suitability for a specific project.
* To compile a dataset on the suitability of resource use for the various stages of a project (e.g. prospecting, drilling, production).
* To compile a dataset on the number of households living in poverty.
NRDB Pro is a suite of tools for managing and analysing Natural Resources Data.
It is suitable for a wide range of projects in developing countries.
NRDB Pro includes the Natural Resources Database and several supporting tools:

Natural Resources Database NRDB Pro Crack + Free (2022)

NRDB Pro is a free stand-alone gis tool that can be used to collect data, analyse and present these as maps and reports.
This version focuses on outputting maps and reports and is provided in English.
NRDB Pro consists of two parts. The Natural Resources Database (NRDB) and a map viewer.
NRDB Pro Natural Resources Database
NRDB Pro is a spatial database designed specifically for collecting and presenting environmental data.
It is not intended to be a complete database solution.
Instead it aims to be a free tool that can help you collect and present environmental data.
NRDB Pro Natural Resources Database
It enables you to collect data about resource use and land cover.
When the resource use data is collected and stored it is captured in a spatial format, i.e. the location of the data, the date it was collected and any other attributes.
NRDB Pro presents the data by way of maps and reports. This makes the data readily available to anyone needing to see it.
As well as the database, NRDB Pro consists of a map viewer. It allows you to plot maps and to select and collect data for analysis by means of queries.
NRDB Pro is available in English. For it to be used in other languages a special licence is required.
The Natural Resources Database NRDB Pro is available as free trial. You need a valid email address and a trial licence is confirmed by email. If you don’t need a trial licence then the licence will stay on your computer.
The natural resources database
NRDB Pro Natural Resources Database
NRDB Pro is available for PC, MAC and LINUX. It can also be used to collect data on mobile phones and tablets. To download, you need to register.
With NRDB Pro you can use a range of data collection tools including questionnaires, GIS mapping and flowcharts. NRDB Pro also allows you to collect and analyse environmental data by way of maps and reports.
NRDB Pro is a free tool. You will need to purchase a copy of any other data collection or analysis tools you wish to use.
You will also need to ensure you have a valid licence for any tools you are using. NRDB Pro will not function without a valid licence.
NRDB Pro Natural Resources Database Description:
Natural Resources Database NRDB Pro is a free tool that can be used to collect and present environmental data. It is not intended to be a complete database solution. Instead it aims to be a

What’s New In?

This is the Pro version of the Natural Resources Database, NRDB. NRDB is a free tool for the development and distribution of environmental databases in developing countries.
NRDB is available in both English and Spanish.
For more information, please visit the website at
Key Features:
This section describes some of the key features of NRDB. For more detailed information on particular features, see the Features list.
Database The Natural Resources Database provides a simple and effective way to manage data from a variety of sources. The database can be used to store various types of data, for example text and numeric data, point, polyline and polygon data or the names, properties and locations of settlements.
It includes time-series data for historical and future trend analysis. NRDB can be used to create maps and graphs.
It can also be used to define queries to select the data. These can be used to extract historical and current data, based on the definitions of simple selection queries and queries which use conditions. NRDB automatically produces graphical representations of output data.
NRDB provides formatting facilities to allow you to output data in different formats. For example, statistics may be output as a bar graph or a pie chart.
The Natural Resources Database provides support for outputting data in PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML and XLS formats.
Maps At the start of the project, you can define the level of geographical detail which you want to include in the map, e.g. you can define a village boundary, or a state-level administrative boundary. NRDB can automatically render a map within a geographical reference system (e.g. UTM).
You can also add or remove layers and attribute details from the map as required.
You can also specify the level of formatting detail which you wish to include in the map.
You can store text attributes, attribute values, text in a particular font or with a particular size or colour.
You can create reports which display the data stored in NRDB on a map. These reports use the same format as the maps.
You can output the data and the map in PDF format.
You can also display NRDB on a website or print map images of a region.
User permissions You can assign specific user permissions and roles to different groups of users, e.g. you can allow different users to add/remove layers or add/edit attributes but not others. This means you can control access to different parts of the

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8.1, 10, DirectX 11
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.8GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6900 series, Nvidia GTX 460 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 30GB space
Minimum Recommended:
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 2.6GHz or AMD Phenom


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