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Validate your emails for syntax, DNS and SMTP validity. Use this multi-folder utility to keep your contacts up-to-date!
Outlook Email Address Validator allows you to validate the emails in multiple Outlook folders. Reduce your bounced emails rate dramatically and keep your databases up-to-date with this great validation and management tool.
■ 15 days trial







Outlook Email Address Validator With Key Free Download

Monitor and improve your mail delivery with this Outlook account validator tool. This utility makes Outlook support your unique requirements.
Outlook Email Address Validator includes simple email accounts validation and email aliases/mailboxes creation for all types of email addresses. This efficient tool can validate the emails in your Outlook folders and reply them to the user.
Keep your databases up-to-date without any efforts. Using this mail testing software, you can easily test as many email addresses as you want with only one click.
Get all required details about the email address including its name, keywords, character combinations and more.
Key Features of Outlook Email Address Validator:
■ Templates and macros customization.
■ Support for multiple Outlook folders.
■ Add or remove folders as needed.
■ Guarantee for all emails delivered, bounced or not.
■ Easy to use, no technical requirement.
■ No distractions, no ads.
■ Free version available.
■ It is a reliable email address validator tool and does not require any technical support.
■ Works on all Windows platforms including Windows 7 and higher.
■ Register for a free account today!
■ Improvements and bugfixes.
■ Free Outlook Email Address Validator now works!
■ What’s New
If you face any issues while using our product, just drop us a mail at [email protected] and we’ll take care of it immediately.
If you like our Outlook Email Address Validator tool, please leave us a review here:
Outlook Email Address ValidatorQ:

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Outlook Email Address Validator License Code & Keygen PC/Windows Latest

Get an uptodate database of your contacts with the next generation quality assurance software solution.
Outlook Email Address Validator allows you to validate the emails in multiple Outlook folders. Reduce your bounced emails rate dramatically and keep your databases up-to-date with this great validation and management tool.
Why You Should Use Outlook Email Address Validator.
■ Email Address Quality
Proper email address quality is your best employee retention tool. In fact, the first step you should perform on any new hire is to make sure the email address is correct, functional, and consistent across social media and applications. Out of date, non-functional, and inconsistent email address data is a hassle for users when they want to interact with your brand.
■ Founded Validity
You don’t know what email addresses are being used on your social media accounts. Using email address validation with social media connection services proves your brand and your employees are diligent in ensuring brand consistency and credibility.
■ Email Validation
Without email address validation, you’re leaving open the door to spam and you risk lost and abusive emails.define(function(require, exports, module) {
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Outlook Email Address Validator Crack + Torrent

Outlook Email Address Validator allows you to validate your emails in your Outlook folders. If an email address in an outlook folder is not valid, the process will be paused until the address is restored. After that the mail message will be processed and the valid address will be added to the mailbox. When the mail is sent from the valid address, the invalid addresses will be cleared. You can check the mails that were sent and all messages that are in Inbox will be sent again. You can start to work on your new mails right away!
Outlook Email Address Validator Features:
■ Outlook and/or Gmail flagging for invalid addresses
■ Email address restoration in Inbox
■ Restore a list of addresses from Outlook contacts or Gmail conversations
■ View duplicate emails in a task list
■ View a column that shows when the email was sent
■ View a column that shows when the email was delivered
■ Clear invalid addresses from the email addresses list
■ Send a message to your invalid contact with the message from your valid addresses
■ View the most recent conversation between your invalid email address and yourself
■ Add emails to folders
■ Add emails to a task list
■ Add emails to a calendar
Outlook Email Address Validator Requirements:
■ Mac OS X 10.5 or later
■ Mac OS X 10.4 or later
■ Mac OS X 10.3 or later
■ Mac OS X 10.2 or later
Outlook Email Address Validator Installation:
■ Download the sfpfEmail.zip archive, unzip it and double click on the sfpfEmail.app file to install the application.
Outlook Email Address Validator License:
■ A free of charge limited license is included in sfpfEmail.zip, but you are not licensed to use all of the features.
■ Out of 30 days, 3 hours and 2 minutes of usage, sfpfEmail will check the validity of your emails automatically and alerts you for any invalid addresses that are longer than 15 days. You are not licensed to use any of the email features. You can use the contact list to send yourself an email, but it is not a valid reason to validate your contacts. Out of this period you can also clear invalid addresses from the contact list, but the invalid emails will not

What’s New in the?

Outlook Email Address Validator has been carefully designed to help in your daily routines and save time as well.
After upgrading to the newest version, your emails are now kept safe and always up to date. You can now submit multiple emails at once and even use this new feature to keep your contacts up-to-date!
“Outlook Email Address Validator” will allow you to create a new folder for each email address, you can use this feature to keep your contacts up-to-date and reduce your bounced emails rate dramatically. Keep your databases up-to-date and validate your email addresses that have changed a lot since your last submission.
Main Features:
■ Fast (real-time validation)
■ Contact Auto-update
■ Multiple Email Addresses Validation
■ Email Address Management
■ Email Address History (with email preview)
■ Multiple Scanning Options
■ Folders Sync
■ Configurable priority options
■ Change the color of newly added emails by configure in the settings
■ Tabbed Interface
■ Change the style of a new email (font, size, style,…)

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