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perMUbeat is a lightweight application that can be used to create sounds beats and generally, music.
perMUbeat is an essential tool for any drummer, percussionist, music educator, and others interested in making and hearing beats. It is the perfect product to develop coordination between the hands and feet. By utilizing an intuitive beat entry interface, drumset beats are easily entered.
Designed to expand your rhythmic creativity, the app creates beat patterns derived from ALL mathematical possibilities based upon the beat you enter. Enter a beat, listen to it played for you, and then select (i.e., create a permutation) of that beat to hear and see a variation of your original beat. As a side benefit, the beats are also displayed in musical notation.
The interface is playful and full of color, but it should strictly to the art itself by respecting the methodical process, without deviation. So don't be fooled by the UI's style, as you have to produce notes and determine the tempo, permutations, etc.
To sum it up, perMUbeat is a neat tool that can come in handy for drummers especially, due to its capabilities of producing beats while improving the hand-feet coordination.


Download ……… https://tiurll.com/2n38y2

Download ……… https://tiurll.com/2n38y2






PerMUbeat Product Key Full [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

◆Comes with 12 FREE Beats
◆8 free beats: Drum beats and Pads to play with them
◆6 FREE pad’s beats: Rock, classical, jazz, Latin, and Indian
◆2 FREE patterns
◆More free beats on in the store
◆With the time and free beats added in, only 12
If you bought “SoundSprite” with the app, you already have all 12. The free beat and pattern choices are all beat variations and patterns you can mix and match with the available beats to create your own unique beat. With all the permutations possible, you can put all the beats together to create your own unique beats.
◆Play mode: percussion, drum, and combo.
◆Live mode: non-stop playback.
◆Repeat: open the beat for a new playback.
◆Loop: play the beat forever.
◆Playback: check the beats you already made.
◆Free beats coming soon.
◆Ease of use: The interface is playful and full of color, but it must respect the methodical process.
◆It’s for all type of rhythms: rhythmic, classical, jazz, Latin, and Indian.
◆Sequences: Main sequence of beats, shorter sequences of beats.
◆Single notes: percussion and drum, in a cool sequence.
◆Multiple notes: Drummer is capable of playing multiple notes.
◆You can use it in the way you like!
◆Increase the sensitivity: Press your finger on the beat and the beat will begin to play. That way you can increase the sensitivity level, for example when you are playing with your whole body.
◆Save your current beat.
◆Select the beat you want to play next.
◆Make variations on the beat.
◆Print the beat.
◆Exit to the app window.
◆Drag the beats from the app to reorder in the list.
◆Add notes, vocals, and effects (see “SoundSprite” app).
◆Adjust the tempo, according to your needs.
◆Adjust the beat values.
◆Test your beat with other people or instruments.
◆Play your beats on a real drumset, with or without your hands.
◆Check the notes with the score.
◆Check the score with the beat.


• Great tool to improve your drumming skills.
• No audio effects, automation or MIDI.
• Requires and iOS version 4.0 and up.
• This application is free, but in-app purchases may be needed to unlock certain features.
• Requires a computer with iBooks or a Bluetooth enabled device.
• Supported drum instruments:
Alesis cymbals: Cymbals, Crowded, Crash, Ride and Splash
Alesis Percussion: Bell, Bells, Whistle, Backstick, Hi-Hat and Floor Tom
May we suggest you the drum books by Paul Murtha:

James Young’s “50 Best Drums”, G&G Music, 2007


James Young’s “50 Best Drums”, G&G Music, 2007

James Young – co-author of The 50 BestDrums Ever! — leads an exclusive club in which drummers can place their own names and say how they got there. It’s a way to celebrate the best drummers of all time.

Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 20/2/2011 (2344 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

James Young’s “50 Best Drums”, G&G Music, 2007

There’s a special club for drummers; it’s called “The 50 Best.” James Young, drummer with such bands as Extreme, Deep Purple and Judas Priest, has made the list. And not just of drummers — the list includes guitarists, too, like Eric Clapton, Joe Perry and Eddie Van Halen.

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The 50 Best Drums Ever! includes Young’s definition of what he means by “drums.” What makes a drum? He says it’s a sound created by a drum. And what makes a drummer great? “Drums who have other instruments in the band,” Young says. “It’s almost a cliché.”

A small world

Drummers are always chasing the next thing, dreaming of the next drummer, nursing a personal ambition they never tell anyone about. We heard similar tales of the 50 Best Guitarists Ever from Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammett and Gary Holt.

So it’s a small world. When I spoke with Young about the list, we were both in Phoenix, having

PerMUbeat Crack+ License Code & Keygen X64

“perMUbeat is a creative rhythm app for mobile to create beats and sounds. The app currently have the following features:
– Make random sounds based on your input
– Select the timbre to create drum sounds
– Customize the number of beats that are played simultaneously (8/16/32/64/128)
– Display rhythm in musical notation
– Create new patterns based on your input
– Produce Mathematically Different Beats
– Mix multiple beats and/or chords to create your own musical compositions
This is the first version of the app. I would love to hear what you have to say. I’m an avid drum and percussion student, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. It really is a breath of fresh air compared to other apps. perMUbeat is a free app that you can download via AppStore or GooglePlay. Thank you for your time. Feel free to share and enjoy.”
perMUbeat Screenshots:

perMUbeat (Windows) is an app that can be used to create and play digital drums and other music. A drumset beat is defined by a base pattern, which is a sequence of dots, lines and dashes. The base patterns can be entered either by hand or computer and the drumset beat can be played. The app will display any arrangement of these beats, in various colors, to show the variation of available patterns.
The beat can be modified by adding notes and chords. Both notes and chords can be dropped in the last bar, and notes and chords can be transposed by a certain number of beats. Modifications can be made by clicking on dots and dashes and notes, and by dragging the system around the screen. It is also possible to upload beats and melodies to the app, and to play your created composition. perMUbeat will let you add notes to a beat and convert music files to beats. It will allow you to play the beat as a drum, and as a piano, guitar, banjo, and harmonica. Other effects include a filter, reverse, turn and flange effect. Other features include MIDI export and import, recording, stopwatch, and practice mode.

perMUbeat (Mac) is an app that can be used to create and play digital drums and other music. A drumset beat is defined by a base pattern, which is a sequence of dots, lines and dashes. The base patterns can be entered either by hand or computer and the drumset beat can be

What’s New In PerMUbeat?

User interface + sounds + rhythms + permutations + musical notation + music production + drumming instruction
✔ Intuitive and easy-to-learn interface
✔ 128 beats
✔ Permutation of beats
✔ Create custom beats
✔ Simple drum percussions
✔ Staff grouping
✔ Real-time scale analysis
✔ Set Beat Time
✔ Set Key
✔ Set Tempo
✔ MIDI Keyboard mapping
✔ Create loop
✔ Set Loop Length
✔ Loop editing
✔ Key mapping
✔ PC
✔ Mac
✔ iPad
✔ Android
✔ iPhone
✔ iPod Touch
✔ Windows
✔ Linux
✔ Machine Learning
✔ Graphical Output
✔ Widgets
✔ Sound FX
✔ 15 commercial sounds
✔ Automatically create resizable MP3s
✔ Grouping of beats
✔ Basic editing of percussions
✔ 3 versions of perMUbeat: native, WP, and Widgets for iPads, iPods, Android, Windows, and Linux.
✔ Export beats to Apple Music
✔ Export beats to Fruity Loops, Reaktor, and Ableton Live
✔ Export beats to various music formats
✔ Import beats from the Apple Music app
✔ Export beat from Apple Music (formerly iTunes) to the app
✔ Export beats from iTunes
✔ Export beats from Audacity to the app
✔ Export beats from Fruity Loops and Reaktor to the app
✔ Export beats from Ableton Live to the app
✔ Export beats from Kontakt to the app
✔ Export beats from Reason to the app
✔ Export beats to Logic Pro
✔ Export beats to UVI Workbench
✔ Export beats to FL Studio
✔ Export beat from FL Studio to the app
✔ Export beats from SONAR X2 to the app
✔ Export beats from Garage Band
✔ Export beats from Reaper
✔ Export beats from Cubase
✔ Export beats from Reason from clips, mix downs, etc.
✔ Export beats from the Line 6 POD
✔ Export beats from the AUM
✔ Export beats from the Umlaut
✔ Export beats from Audiobus
✔ Export beats to GAF
✔ Export beats from the iOS

System Requirements For PerMUbeat:

Pentium 2.0 or better; memory 2MB or more; 1.3GB hard drive or more (with option to install on hard drive and use as a virtual machine); 100MB of hard drive space; Windows XP or Windows Vista; Internet connection

MSRP: $139.95
Product Details
Network Computing Company (NCC) introduces the powerful and feature-packed MATRIX 4200 PC. The MATRIX 4200 brings technology to a new level of simplicity, power and functionality to deliver outstanding PC performance and multimedia entertainment on the Web.


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